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PHOTO PRICE LIST makes available photographs from its collections and of its buildings and grounds for study purposes, personal use, and for publication. Orders are fulfilled only upon receipt of full payment. Personal photography of Museum artifacts is strictly prohibited. SCANNING Images are scanned as a 300 dpi at 7MB for B/W, 20MB for Color (approximately 8x10 output size) saved as a tif file unless otherwise requested. All images are retouched. Extreme image retouching $25 per hour. Web Scan Up to 1 MB: $25.00 (6 or more $20.00) Small Scan Up to 30 MB: $40.00 (Wholesale $30, Inhouse $20) (6 or more $35.00) Medium Scan Up to 72 MB: $60.00 (6 or more $50.00) Large Scan Over 72 MB: $150.00 (6 or more $125.00) Re-size existing scan: $12.50 File transfer to a CD: $12.50 RUSH SURCHARGE for turnaround service of less than 3 days for existing scan: $25.00 RUSH FEES FOR NEW SCANS 24-hour service up to less than 3 days 500% 3 working days 200% 6 working days 100% Overtime service - evenings, 500% weekends, and holidays Files may be emailed to clients on request. *All color negative and scanning fees do not include print price. All negatives and scans are retained by the Museum. No original Museum negative, or copy negative will loaned or sold. Files burned on a CD must be returned. All color transparencies are rented only and must be returned SHOOTING FEES New Photograph /Print Not Included Black & White Shooting: Original Negative Fees-Exterior, Interior, Paintings, Portraits- 2-1/4” or 4 x 5 Format $ 75.00 (Inhouse $37.50 $56.25 Wholesale) Black & White Copying : Illustrations & photographs- 4 x 5 Format $ 25.00 (Wholesale $18.75 Inhouse $12.50) Color Shooting: Original Negative or Transparency Fees- Exterior, Interior, Paintings, Portraits 35mm & Digital Format $75.00 (Wholesale $56.25 Inhouse $37.50) 2-1/4” or 4 x 5 Format $150.00 (Wholesale $112.50 Inhouse $75.00) Color Copying: Digital Camera - Photographs, Illustrations, Books $ 25.00 Lectures: $18.75 Color slide duplicates are now done digitally by scanning slide and having a duplicate made for dig file: $25 each Power Point lectures: $250 InHouse $125 Film Processing: Price On Request (InHouse: 1- roll of 2 1/4 120/220 film $10 each does not include contact) RUSH FEES 24-hour service up to less than 3 days 500% 3 working days 200% 6 working days 100% Overtime service - evenings, 500% weekends, and holidays PRINTS All hand-printed black and white research prints are produced on RC paper. Hand-printed fine art decorative prints are produced archivally on double-weight, fiber-based paper. Pigment prints will be provided for digital orders. Research prints are available only on 8x10 paper, printed full frame without cropping or retouching. Special crops are available upon request at an increased price. Decorative prints are cropped to specifications and retouched. Publication prints are for rental only and must be returned following use. All prices listed are per print. Each additional print from the same negative, within the same work order is one-half the base price. Additional fees are charged when stock negatives or scans are not available. The negative will be retained by the Museum. No negative is ever loaned or sold. Black & White Fine Art Decorative Prints All sizes up to & including 8x10 $ 50.00 11 x 14 $ 75.00 16 x 20 $ 95.00 Larger sizes: price upon request Hand-printed Black & White Research Prints: $40.00 Special crop research prints: $50.00 Digital B/W & Color Prints: tentitive pricing 8.5 x11 Geneology $25.00, 11x14 $45.00 16x20 $50 (sheet or roll paper) 2nd print of same image -1/2 price Larger sizes price upon request Color Prints: price upon request Black & White Contact Prints 4x5, 5X7, 8X10 (hand printed) $ 15.00 (Wholesale $12.00 In house $7.50 Bulk $5.00) Large Orders: $ 7.50 Digital Thumbnails (20 images per page) $ 25.00 per sheet Digital contact sheet $40.00 per sheet If the prints need to be scanned individually –$40.00 Rosenfeld Collection and Carleton Mitchell Collection Fine Art Prints: Outside fees Hand printed on fine art archival paper. *Members price 8x10 $ 175.00 * $157.50 11x14 $ 250.00 * $225.00 16x 20 $$375.00 * $337.50 DUE DATES Normal production time for most orders is 15 working days per service, i. e., 15 working days for a scanning order, 15 working days for a print order. In order for a day to be counted toward the 15 working days, the work order must be received by 12:00 noon by Production Services. For a work order which involves two steps, i. e., someone orders a print for which a copy negative must first be produced, a total of 30 working days should be allowed. Large work orders may also require additional time, and should be discussed with Production Services. RUSH FEES 24-hour service up to less than 3 days 500% 3 working days 200% 6 working days 100% Overtime service - evenings, 500% weekends, and holidays RESEARCH FEES A flat fee of $10.00 will be levied for all inquiries that require a written response. A research fee of $20.00 per hour will be charged for all archive and collections research that is complex. Commercial requests will be charged at $40.00 per hour. Xerox copies of photo cards will be provided for the client’s selection at 25 cents per copy. Research fees are quoted and paid in advance. PROVISION OF SALES Photographs are not normally kept in stock. They are custom printed to fit specifications of the client’s order. No orders will be sent on approval. All orders are final and not to be returned for credit. All orders are filled upon receipt of payment, and are subject to a 6% Connecticut Sales Tax where applicable. A rush surcharge will apply where necessary. Additional charges for shipping and handling are also levied. POSTAGE & HANDLING FEES FEDX Charged to your account