Marine Engine Collection of Mystic Seaport

Gray Motor Co. 3 port, jump-spark

Engine Builder: Gray Motor Co., Detroit, Michigan
Model: 3 port, jump-spark
Make: Gray Motor Co.
Inboard/Outboard: Inboard
Engine Type: Gasoline
Production Date: See Remarks
Engine Design: Two-Stroke
Overall Condition: Fair
Rebuilt/Restored: Untouched
Horsepower: 6.0
Cylinders: 2
Bore: 3 -1/2"
Stoke: 3 - 1/2"
Accession:Misc Inbd 35

Remarks: Called the "Mud Engine". Boat with engine installed was found sunk in Lake Zoar, Newtown, CT., apparently on purpose (boat filled with stones). Engine external surfaces were badly corroded, but internal surfaces were in good condition, thus making the engine suitable for restoration. Carburetor and timer are missing from engine. Production date is likely in the 1920's, or earlier. Values for model, horsepower, bore and stroke (bore was confirmed by measurement) were taken from data for a similar Gray Motor Co. engine as listed on page 47 in a December, 1915 issue of "Motor Boating". Engine is presently (Feb 2009) disassembled in the Machine Shop undergoing exterior resurfacing with POR-15 Straight Line Body Filler.


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