Marine Engine Collection of Mystic Seaport

J.W. Lathrop & Co. LH - 4

Engine Builder:
Model: LH - 4
Make: J.W. Lathrop & Co.
Inboard/Outboard: Inboard
Engine Type: Gasoline
Production Date:
Engine Design: Four Stroke
Overall Condition: Fair
Rebuilt/Restored: Untouched
Horsepower: 31@1800 RPM
Cylinders: 4
Bore: 3.25"
Stoke: 4.0"
Accession:Misc Inbd 3

Remarks: Mr. Kimberly's donation was accepted on 5/11/93. The saltwater cooled exhaust manifold is rusted and cracked. Engine will not be accessioned, but rather should be stripped of parts for use on 1987.138.1. In addition to the engine, the donation included a shaft, prop and rudder. Mr. Kimberly started the Kimberly Boat Works when he was 17 years old (73 years old in 1994), and eventually designed and built 500 boats. He was also was a dealer for other boat builders, including Penn Yan, Old Town and Thompson. When he retired, he started a museum featuring boats, engines and other nautical related items. He claims to have approximately 200 outboards, 100 in running condition and the rest not.


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