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Ferro Machine & Foundary Co. Type 7

Engine Builder:
Model: Type 7
Make: Ferro Machine & Foundary Co.
Inboard/Outboard: Outboard
Engine Type: Gasoline
Production Date: 1914-1917
Engine Design: Two-Stroke
Overall Condition: Good
Rebuilt/Restored: Restored
Horsepower: 2.5 @ 850 RPM
Cylinders: 1
Bore: 2 - 5/8"
Stoke: 2 - 5/8"

Remarks: The Ferro Machine and Foundry Company of Cleveland, Ohio built outboard motors only between the years 1914 t0 1917. Apparently they produced one basic model, the flywheel knob started, 2.5 HP rowboat motor described above. Their advertisements suggested "Don't go rowing, go FERROwing!" Ferros could be adapted to canoe use by installing them in a special "well" cut into the center of one's craft. The "carpenter's plans" were available free from the manufacturer. Ferro also bragged that their engines were equiped with a "genuine float feed carburetor", rather than the usual simple fuel-mixing valves of their counterparts. Buyers could choose between battery ignition or Bosch gear-driven, high-tension magneto ignition. (Above information taken from "The Old Outboard Book", Third Edition, by Peter Hunn.) Donated on 5/14/05 by Mr. Tuthill.


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