Marine Engine Collection of Mystic Seaport

Evinrude Motor Co. Zephyr - 4404

Engine Builder: Evinrude Motors, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Model: Zephyr - 4404
Make: Evinrude Motor Co.
Inboard/Outboard: Outboard
Engine Type: Gasoline
Production Date: 1948
Engine Design: Two-Stroke
Overall Condition: Good
Rebuilt/Restored: Untouched
Horsepower: 5.4@4000 RPM
Cylinders: 4
Bore: 1 -1/2"
Stoke: 1 -3/8"

Remarks: Part of the "Shaw Collection" as SHAW 8, donated by Florence Shaw of Stamford, CT, from the collection of Richard Shaw Jr. Originally listed under Temporary Card 2001.1.temp.1. Ten cubic-inch quad opposed-cylinder construction. Weight: 43 lbs. Original price: $182.50. Note: RPM, Bore, Stroke, Weight and Original price taken from "Beautiful Outboards" by Peter Hunn, page 79. This engine was designed as a smooth running fishing motor, and as such was very popular during the 1940's. However, a lack of routine maintenance and extended exposure to salt water could turn it into an extremely troublesome machine.


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