Marine Engine Collection of Mystic Seaport

Detroit Diesel, (GM) 7124-7202N, (12V-71N)

Engine Builder:
Model: 7124-7202N, (12V-71N)
Make: Detroit Diesel, (GM)
Inboard/Outboard: Inboard
Engine Type: Diesel
Production Date:
Engine Design: Two-Stroke
Overall Condition: Good
Rebuilt/Restored: Rebuilt
Horsepower: 350
Cylinders: 12

Remarks: Engine was purchased by Chester Westcott of Narragansett, RI, from the Prelude Corporation, Offshore Lobsters, of Westport Point, Mass on July 16, 1970. Sales price was $10,000. Engine was installed in ROANN 30 October 1970. Engine and vessel were sold by Mr. Westcott to Thomas E. Williams of Westerly, RI in 1981. Mr Williams maintained ownership of the ROANN until 1997, when she was purchased by Mystic Seaport with funds given by an anonymous donor. Engine is equiped with twin superchargers. Subsequent to this engine being assigned the temporary accession number of "Misc Inbd 11", it was found that Temorary Card 1997.137.1 had been assigned to this engine in 1998. (See "Mystic Seaport Watercraft with engines/motors list for George King III from Rodi York 11/28/00.") Ship and engine are currently (2005) undergoing a complete rebuilding on a 2 year schedule.


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