Marine Engine Collection of Mystic Seaport

Evinrude Motor Co. B-1914

Engine Builder:
Model: B-1914
Make: Evinrude Motor Co.
Inboard/Outboard: Outboard
Engine Type: Gasoline
Production Date: 1914
Engine Design: Two-Stroke
Overall Condition: Good
Rebuilt/Restored: Restored
Horsepower: 2.0
Cylinders: 1
Bore: 2 - 5/8"
Stoke: 2 - 1/2"

Remarks: Original exhaust manifold from 1990.46, the 1914 Evinrude engine, removed during the 1993 restoration of engine; see restoration report in MSM shipyard for more details; manifold is cast with "EVINRUDE/DETACHABLE ROW-BOAT MOTOR",and stamped on opposite end with "45B". The shipyard report of the 1990.46 restoration is not clear as to whether or not the original exhaust manifold was reinstalled. No mention is made of a replacement manifold. Current Registrar's Office records state that 1990.46 and 1990.46.1 are stored in different locations within MSM.


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