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Rider Engine Co. Improved Ericsson Hot Air Engine - Model # 13-16

Engine Builder: Rider Engine Co., New York and Chicago
Model: Improved Ericsson Hot Air Engine - Model # 13-16
Make: Rider Engine Co.
Inboard/Outboard: Stationary
Engine Type: Hot Air Engine
Production Date:
Engine Design: Other
Overall Condition: Good
Cylinders: 1

Remarks: Painted red and yellow. Legs of supporting frame stand on four surplus pistons. Has 20" fly wheel and art deco pressure gauge. See file for additional information on this engine. Heat engines of this type were usually used to pump household water (via a side-mounted pump) from a well to an overhead tank. Pumping energy was obtained by burning fuel in the furnace chamber to heat the air. Any kind of fuel could be used, solid, liquid or gas. The same air is used continuously, and is cooled, compressed, heated and expanded in that order. The upper portion of the cylinder containing the air piston and the transfer piston is cooled by a water jacket through which all the water passes on it's way from the well to the tank. Engine imust be started by hand.


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