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Navy (Mare Island) Navy Type K Steam Cutter Engine

Engine Builder: Mare Island Naval Shipyard
Model: Navy Type K Steam Cutter Engine
Make: Navy (Mare Island)
Inboard/Outboard: Inboard
Engine Type: Steam - Compound (2 Cyl)
Production Date: 1918
Engine Design: Other
Overall Condition: Good
Rebuilt/Restored: Restored
Horsepower: 15 IHP
Cylinders: 2
Bore: 3.75" & 7.75"
Stoke: 6.00"

Remarks: Navy K engines were used in launches of about 28 feet in length. Engines were rated at 15 IHP with 165 psi steam (at boiler) and 300 rpm. They were designed to turn a propeller of 30" dia. X 36" pitch. The boiler had a heating surface of 140 sq. ft. and 7 sq. ft. of grate area. It utilized a keel type condenser. These engines were built at Mare Island Naval Shipyard. This engine was restored by James T. Van Voast 1940-41: see "Van Voast" in 1980-G correspondence file for additional information. Engine height 59", length of base 67", width of base 20". On loan from Yale University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering.


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