Roderick Stephens Collection (Coll. 163)

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Mystic, Connecticut

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Stephens, Roderick (1909-1995)
Title: Roderick Stephens collection
Dates: 1931-1990
Abstract: Logs, navigator's notebooks, scrapbooks, guest registers, notes, correspondence, newspaper and magazine articles, and other papers, chiefly relating to Stephen's activities as navigator and/or captain of various vessels in long distance racing, but also reflecting his and his brother, Olin Stephens' personal and business affairs. Includes materials relating to the yawls DORADE and STORMY WEATHER, winners of the Transatlantic and Fastnet races, and races aboard his personal sloop MUSTANG; his assistance in the design and sailing of America's Cup defenders, sloops COLUMBIA and CONSTELLATION; receipt of a U.S. Medal of Freedom for his role in the design of the DUKW, an amphibious Army vehicle during World War II; and presidency of the yacht design firm Sparkman & Stephens.
Quantity: ca 4000 items
Identification: Coll. 163

Biography of Roderick Stephens

Roderick Stephens, Jr. (1909-1995) was a renown yachtsman of the twentieth century. Born in New York City in 1909 Stephens began his sailing career off Cape Cod in 1919. In 1928 Roderick Stephens left Cornell University after one year to work up through the ranks at the Henry Nevins boat yard on City Island. In 1933 he joined the yacht design firm of Sparkman and Stephens which had been co-founded by his brother Olin Stephens, II and Drake Sparkman. As a member of the firm Roderick Stephens oversaw domestic and foreign construction of all Sparkman and Stephens boats, and later became president. During World War II, he played a major role in the design of the DUKW, an amphibious Army vehicle that subsequently earned Mr. Stephens a United States Medal of Freedom.

In yachting, Roderick Stephens' racing career is legendary. One of his most notable wins was aboard DORADE, an innovative 52-foot yawl he and Olin designed and built in 1930. The yawl won numerous long-distance races, including the 1931 British Fastnet Race and in that same year, the Trans-Atlantic Race from Newport, R.I. With Olin as Captain the DORADE sailed a Northern route while the other contenders sailed South. DORADE arrived at the finish forty-eight hours before the other contenders. Stephens then proceeded to win the British Fastnet race. On the crew's return home, the DORADE crew was given a ticker-tape parade in New York City.

Roderick Stephens also aided in the design and sailing of the America's Cup defenders, RANGER in 1937; COLUMBIA in 1958, and CONSTELLATION in 1964, and was a member of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. He belonged to several yacht clubs, including the New York Yacht Club, and was a former commodore of the Cruising Club of America. He was also an honorary member of the United States Naval Academy Fales Committee and was chairman of the New Ship Committee of the Sea Education Association.

Scope and Content

The collection contains 34 logs, 8 navigator's notebooks, 7 scrapbooks, 2 guest registers as well as notes, correspondence, newspaper and magazine articles.

The logs, navigator's notebooks and guest registers are primarily arranged by vessel: DORADE (Yawl); 1931 - 1934 for the Trans-Atlantic/ Fastnet Races, STORMY WEATHER (Yawl); 1935 for the Trans-Atlantic/ Fastnet Races, MUSTANG (Sloop); 1947 - 1968 Rod Stephens' personal yacht, and other yachts; 1940 - 1968 on which Stephens acted as navigator and or captain.

The remainder of the collection; 3 boxes, contains general papers, magazine and newspaper clippings, some bound in scrapbooks, regarding Roderick and Olin Stephens' (Roderick's brother) personal, business and yachting activities.

Index Terms

Stephens, Olin
Corporate Entities:
Columbia (Sloop)
Constellation (Sloop)
Dorade (Yawl)
Mustang (Sloop)
Sparkman & Stephens
Stormy Weather (Yawl)
America's Cup races
Fastnet Yacht Race
Medal of freedom
Military trucks
Naval architecture
World War, 1939-1945--Amphibious operations
Yacht building
Yacht racing
Document Types:
Guest registers
Naval architects

Detailed Description of the Collection

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

Dorade (yawl), logs and papers; 1931-1935
Box Folder
1 1 Log, Dorade (yawl); 1931 Jul 4-21
2 Log, Dorade (yawl); 1932 May - Aug
3 Log, Dorade (yawl); 1933 May - Jul
4 Log, Dorade (yawl); 1933 Jul - Aug
5 Log, Dorade (yawl); 1934 Jun - Jul
6 Dorade (yawl), dinner menu; Larchmont Y.C.; 1931 Sep 11
7 Dorade (yawl), misc. bills, etc. for Norway - England Trip; 1933
8 Roderick Stephens Jr., notes on Dorade (yawl) and Fastnet/Transatlantic; nd
9 Navigator's notebook; Dorade (yawl) and Stormy Weather (yawl); 1933. 1935
Stormy Weather (yawl), logs and papers; 1935
Box Folder
1 10 Log, Stormy Weather (yawl); 1935 Jun - Jul
11 Log, Stormy Weather (yawl); 1935 Jul - Sep
Mustang (sloop), logs, navigator's data, guest registers, clippings; 1947-1968
Box Folder
2 1 Log, Mustang (sloop); 1947 Aug - 1948 May
2 Log, Mustang (sloop); 1948 Jun - Oct
3 Log, Mustang (sloop); 1949 Apr - Oct
4 Log, Mustang (sloop); 1950 May - Oct
5 Log, Mustang (sloop); 1951 Apr - Oct
6 Log, Mustang (sloop); 1952 May - Oct
7 Log, Mustang (sloop); 1953 May - Jun
8 Log, Mustang (sloop); 1954 May - Jun
9 Log, Mustang (sloop); 1955 May - Oct
10 Log, Mustang (sloop); 1956 Apr - Oct
11 Log, Mustang (sloop); 1957 May - Oct
12 Log, Mustang (sloop), fall Off - Soundings; 1957
13 Log (photo copy) Mustang (sloop); 1959
14 Navigator's notebook, Mustang (sloop); 1950
15 Navigator's data, Mustang (sloop); 1959
16 Navigator's data, Mustang (sloop).; 1963
17 Info. on radio, Mustang (sloop); 1958
Box Folder
3 1 Guest register, Mustang (sloop); 1950 - 1952
2 Guest register, Mustang (sloop); 1953 - 1968
3 Clippings, Mustang (sloop), Bermuda Race; 1946 - 1948 & 1950
4 Newspapers, Mustang (sloop), Bermuda Race; 1950
Other yachts, logs, navigator's data, and related papers; ca 1938-1971
Box Folder
4 1 Logbook, Viking (Sept. 1940), White Heron (Nov. 1940), Mustang (sloop); 1940, 1946
2 Logbook, Blitzen (June - July 1938), Good News (Feb. 1940), Mustang (sloop); 1938, 1940, 1947
3 Logbook, Revonoc; 1949 Jul - 1951 Feb
4 Log and Navigator's data, Branta, Halifax to N.Y.; nd
5 Log (unidentified yacht); 1959
6 Log (unidentified yacht); 1960
7 Log (unidentified yacht); 1961
8 Log (unidentified yacht); 1962
9 Log (unidentified yacht); 1963
10 Log (unidentified yacht); 1964
11 Log (unidentified yacht); 1965
12 Log (unidentified yacht); 1966
13 Log (unidentified yacht); 1967
14 Log (unidentified yacht); 1968
15 Notebook of navigator's data kept by Rod Stephens, "Bloodhound Navigation"; 1939 Aug
16 Navigator's notebook by Rod Stephens; ca. 1950 - 1952
17 Navigator's notebook by Rod Stephens; ca. 1952
18 Navigator's notebook by Rod Stephens; ca. 1971
Roderick Stephens, Jr. General papers, etc.; 1931-1993
Box Folder
5 1 Diary, Roderick Stephens Jr.; 1931
2 DUKW, final Report; 1944 Nov
3 DUKW, misc. correspondence, photos, data, etc.; ca. 1991 - 1993
4 Cert. of Appreciation to R. Stephens Jr. from National Defense; 1945 Mar 1
5 Honorary MA Degree, Brown University; 1959 Jun 1
6 Membership certificate, International Maritime Technical Institute; 1968
7 America's Cup, "Race Committee Report and Sailing Instructions"; 1958
8 America's Cup, "Race Instructions and Conditions Governing Race"; 1964
9 America's Cup, log data yacht Constellation; 1964 Aug - Sep
10 America's Cup, clippings; 1964 Aug - Sep
11 "Standing Rigging", re. yacht Ranger, final draft; 1990 Sep
12 Roderick Stephens Jr., misc. correspondence; ca. 1956 - 1992
13 Roderick Stephens Jr., misc. papers, etc.; nd
Magazine articles, clippings, re Stephens brothers and their yachting activities; 1930-1964
Box Folder
6 1 Yachting Magazine; 1939 - 1958
2 Sports Illustrated; 1958 - 1964
3 Miscellaneous sailing magazines; 1958 - 1964
4 Magazine articles (unbound); ca. 1930 - 1960
5 Newspaper clippings; ca. 1950 - 1960
Scrapbooks; 1931-1968
1 Scrapbook DORADE (yawl) and 1931 Trans-Atlantic Race.; 1931
2 Scrapbook Rod Stephens Jr; WWII career, marriage; ca. 1945 - 1950
3 Scrapbook Rod Stephens Jr; yachting activity and family life; ca. 1950 - 1960
4 Scrapbook yacht PALAWAN; 1968
5 Scrapbook America's Cup trials and yacht COLUMBIA; 1958
6 Scrapbook America's Cup and Yacht COLUMBIA; 1958
Position Plotting Charts; ca. 1930-1950
Box Folder
9 1 Charts of Bermuda Races