Wakeman Family Papers (Coll. 156)

An Inventory of the Collection at the G. W. Blunt White Library, Mystic Seaport

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Mystic Seaport Museum, Inc.
Mystic, Connecticut

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Wakeman family
Title: Wakeman Family Papers
Dates: 1799-1892 (bulk 1830-1852)
Abstract: Papers relating to the New York shipping interests and western land speculation of the Wakeman family, including Jesup Wakeman and his sons Maurice and Zalmon. Chiefly papers relating to the economics of 30 voyages between New York, Savannah, Ga., and Galveston, Tex., by Zalmon's bark TEXAS, 1848-1852, including Zalmon's daybook for every voyage; freight lists, bills of lading, and disbursements for nearly every voyage; and a representative sample of articles of agreement, marine insurance policies, accounts, and other miscellaneous receipts, bills, etc., as well as smaller amount of similar material for Zalmon's brig EMPIRE, 1847-1852. Also includes land deeds and transfers (ca. 1810) for property in Ohio and Illinois involving Jesup, Maurice, and Zalmon.
Quantity: ca. 750 pieces
Identification: Coll. 156

Biography of Wakeman family

Jesup Wakeman, a resident of Fairfield County, Connecticut, was involved in western land speculation. Between 1800 and 1840 he bought and sold land in such places as Jesup, and Wakeman, Ohio (in Huron County), and in Cook County, Illinois. Three sons, Maurice, William, and Zalmon were also involved in the land deals, but did not seem to be as successful as their father. The sons also owned shares in the Schooner CAMBRIDGE of Southport in 1833.

Zalmon B. Wakeman became a shipmaster by 1838, and later was employed by the shipping firm of Dunham and Dimon in New York. Evidence indicates that between 1853-1864 "Wakeman-Dimon & Co." operated vessels in the south and Gulf coast coastal trade. This became "Wakeman, Gookin, and Dickinson" during 1864-1867. Together these firms operated 82 vessels, among them the Bark TEXAS and Brig EMPIRE, which traded between New York, Savannah, and Galveston. By the mid 1860's Zalmon and Sarah Wakeman had moved from New York back to Southport, CT.

The last Wakeman mentioned in this collection is Miss Francis Wakeman in 1882.

Index Terms

Wakeman family
Corporate Bodies (Including Vessels):
Empire (Brig)
Texas (Bark)
Coastwise shipping--Georgia--Savannah
Coastwise shipping--New York (State)--New York
Coastwise shipping--Texas--Galveston
Insurance, Marine--Policies
Land speculation--Illinois
Land speculation--Ohio
Land titles--Registration and transfer--Illinois
Land titles--Registration and transfer--Ohio
Real property--Illinois
Real property--Ohio
Document Types:
Bills of lading
Family papers--Connecticut--Southport
Family papers--New York (State)--New York
Insurance policies
Ship's papers

Detailed Description of the Collection

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

Wakeman family papers; 1799-1892
Box Folder
1 1 Papers; 1799-1819
2 Papers; 1820-1840
3 Papers; 1841-1860
4 Papers; 1861-1892
5 Diagrams of Wakeman property, and lots in Florence, Ohio; ca. 1830
6 Marine insurance policies; Ships HARTFORD & STAR REPUBLIC, and Brig AMERICAN; 1846-1848
7 A list of vessels owned by "Wakeman, Dimon & Co.; and Wakeman, Gookin & Dickinson; 1853-1864, 1864-1857
8 Items; undated
Bark TEXAS; freights lists, bills of lading, disbursements & port charges, and accounts for 30 coastal trading voyages; 1848-1852
Box Folder
2 1 Bark TEXAS; voyage 1; ca. 1848 Aug-Sep
2 Bark TEXAS; voyage 2; ca. 1848 Oct-Nov
3 Bark TEXAS; voyage 3; undated
4 Bark TEXAS; voyage 4; ca. 1849 Jan-Feb
5 Bark TEXAS; voyage 5; ca. 1849 Mar-May
6 Bark TEXAS; voyage 6; ca. 1849 May-Jun
7 Bark TEXAS; voyage 7; ca. 1849 Jul-Aug
8 Bark TEXAS; voyage 8; ca. 1849 Aug-Oct
9 Bark TEXAS; voyage 9; ca. 1849 Oct-Nov
10 Bark TEXAS; voyage 10; ca. 1849 Nov
11 Bark TEXAS; voyage 11; ca. 1850 Jan-Feb
12 Bark TEXAS; voyage 12; ca. 1850 Feb-Mar
13 Bark TEXAS; voyage 13; ca. 1850 Apr
14 Bark TEXAS; voyage 14; ca. 1850 May-Jun
15 Bark TEXAS; voyage 15; ca. 1850 Jul-Sep
16 Bark TEXAS; voyage 16; ca. 1850 Sep-Oct
17 Bark TEXAS; voyage 17; ca. 1850 Oct-Nov
18 Bark TEXAS; voyage 18; ca. 1850 Nov-1851 Jan
19 Bark TEXAS; voyage 19; ca. 1851 Jan-Feb
20 Bark TEXAS; voyage 20; ca. 1851 Mar-Apr
21 Bark TEXAS; voyage 21; ca. 1851 May-Jun
22 Bark TEXAS; voyage 22; ca. 1851 Jun-Aug
23 Bark TEXAS; voyage 23; ca. 1851 Aug-Sep
24 Bark TEXAS; voyage 24; ca. 1851 Nov-Dec
25 Bark TEXAS; voyage 25; ca. 1851 Dec-1852 Jan
26 Bark TEXAS; voyage 26; ca. 1852 Jan-Mar
27 Bark TEXAS; voyage 28 (#27 missing); ca 1852 Apr-May
28 Bark TEXAS; voyage 29; ca. 1852 Jun-Jul
29 Bark TEXAS; voyage 30; ca. 1852 Aug-Oct
Bark TEXAS; general papers and documents relative to the 30 voyages; 1848-1852
Box Folder
3 1 Bark TEXAS; papers; 1848
2 Bark TEXAS; papers; 1849 Jan-Mar
3 Bark TEXAS; papers; 1849 Apr-Jun
4 Bark TEXAS; papers; 1849 Jul-Sep
5 Bark TEXAS; papers; 1849 Oct-Dec
6 Bark TEXAS; papers; 1850 Jan-Mar
7 Bark TEXAS; papers; 1850 Apr-Jun
8 Bark TEXAS; papers; 1850 Jul-Sep
9 Bark TEXAS; papers; 1850 Oct-Dec
10 Bark TEXAS; papers; 1851
11 Bark TEXAS; papers; 1852
12 Bark TEXAS; misc. bills, receipts, crew lists, etc.; ca. 1848-1852, undated
Bark TEXAS; Articles and Daybook; 1848-1852
Box Folder
4 1 Bark TEXAS; Articles of Agreement; 1848-1852
1 Bark TEXAS, "Daybook"; 1848-1852
Brig EMPIRE; shipping papers and documents; 1847-1852
Box Folder
5 1 Brig EMPIRE; Marine Insurance Policy; 1847 Jun
2 Brig EMPIRE; Disbursements & port charges; 1848 Dec-1849 Jan
3 Brig EMPIRE; Articles of Agreement; 1849-1850
4 Brig EMPIRE; Freight Lists; 1848-1852
5 Brig EMPIRE; Bills of lading; 1852 Jul
6 Brig EMPIRE; misc. bills, accounts, receipts, etc.; 1850-1852