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Index to Rudder Magazine: 1891-1950: Index to Designers

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O'Brien, P.J.
sloop, 26' [no name]   May 01:213
steam launch, 77'1" [no name]   May 01:217
Olmsted, Charles
cutter, 20' Asthore Montauk Construction Co. Jun 97:184
Olsen, H.M.
sloop, 25' [no name]   Jan 07:35
Ostlund, Ben
cruiser, 28' [no name] Bush, A.M. Jan 48:62
Owen, George
ketch, 93' Oriole IV George Lawley & Son Corp. Jan 22:26
schooner, 68' [no name] Hodgdon Brothers May 16:228
sloop, 34'6" Little Rhody Chase Pulley Co. Aug 04:443
Owens Yacht Co.
cruiser, 42' [no name] Owens Yacht Co. May 48:38
sloop, 38' Clipper 27   Aug 44:48
Owens, C.C.
schooner, 50' [no name]   Jul 11:33
Oxford Boatyard Co.
sloop, 29'8" [no name]   Apr 49:48