G. W. Blunt White Library

The following Grants have been provided in support of the Collections and Research Department:

Immigration Vessels

The Gladys Brooks Foundation provided funding for the digitization of the Immigrant Steamship Collection.

Enabling Electronic Access to the Daniel S. Gregory Ships Plans Library

Formally established in 1965, the Ships Plans Library collects, preserves, and makes accessible the documentary history of American naval architecture from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. With a museum-wide collections access project coming to culmination, NHPRC has funded the retrospective conversion of selected design records from the card catalog and worksheets to the collections database as well as the creation of additional access points via MARC catalog records and EAD collection level finding aids.

Connecticut Customs House Records

A database of Connecticut Customs House records covering the period from 1789 to 1939 and representing approximately 15,000 vessels as well as the associated people, was created with support from the National Park Service and presented online through the Library web-site. The records currently contain such information as vessel name, vessel type, when, where and by whom the vessel was built; the size of the vessel in feet and tons; the rig, etc. as well as the names of owners and masters. Funding was provided by the Maritime Heritage Grants Program

The 19th Century American Merchant Marine Digital Library

In 1999 the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in made possible the creation of "The 19th Century American Merchant Marine Digital Library". Over 100,000 digital images have been created under this auspices.

Exploring Digital Resources for Historiography and Instruction

This project will poll scholars of American history in general and, more specifically, American maritime history, Museum and Library professionals and others with a stake in simplifying research resource discovery in the appropriate disciplines. By opening up a dialogue with scholars in the field and the repositories of pertinent collections it is hoped that this project will make a worthwhile impact on new scholarship in the humanities and other areas of study.

Digital Collections and Finding Aids

The Gladys Brook Foundation provided funding to digitize over 20,000 images and to create and enhance thousands of records and finding aids for the manuscript collections.

Early United States Crew Lists

As early as 1797 vessels leaving American ports were required to file a crew list with the recognized Customs Official, and seamen were encouraged to obtain Protection Certificates to avoid impressment by the English. The Institute of Museum and Library Services is funding a project that will result in the creation of a database containing crew names for vessels leaving Salem, Mass., New London, Connecticut and Newport, Rhode Island. In addition the Protection Register for New London will also be digitzed.

Westward by Sea

The G. W. Blunt White Library was selected to contribute over 10,000 images, related finding aids and transcripts to the Library of Congress' American Westward Expansion project.