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Ice atlas of the nothern hemisphere; United States. Hydographic office., 1946

Journal; United States (Ship), 1843 November 27-1845 October 18

Journal ; Francis Allyn (Schooner), 1887-1888

Letter of marque ; Gamecock (Schooner), July 14, 1759.

Letters (copies); Brooks, Walter, 1850-1860

Logbook; San Marcos (Steamer) , Mar. 27-Aug. 5, 1890

Logbook; Ulysses (Ship) , 1938 October 9-1939 April 13

Memoirs; Tingley, George E. 1864-1958. , 1864-1951

Shipping documents 1768-1769.; Two Brothers (Brig),

Sailing Card Collection; Mystic Seaport Museum, ca. 1850-1860 - Sailing cards (used to advertise vessel qualifications and sailing dates) for a number of well-known vessels, including the DAVID CROCKETT, GREAT REPUBLIC, and YOUNG AMERICA, and other vessels, including several for other vessels built in Mystic, Conn.

Alaska - Description and travel
Capt. J. D. Winchester's Experience; Winchester, James D., 1900
- Capt. J. D. Winchester's experience on a voyage from Lynn, Massachusetts, to San Francisco, Cal., and to the Alaskan gold fields

Broadside; Amistad (Schooner), ca. 1840
- Advertising "A History of the AMISTAD Captives," by J.W. Barber, which purports to be a true account of that Spanish schooner's capture by slaves, the death of Capt. Ferrer and ordeals of the crew members, Ruiz and Montez; including the vessel being retak

Letter; Wilcox, Luis Norris, 1839 September 6
- Letter, 1839 September 6, from Luis Norris Wilcox, United States Marshal for the district of Connecticut of New London, Connecticut to Erastus Osborn of Binghampton, New York, asking for aid unloading cargo and processing prisoners regarding the arrival of the schooner AMISTAD.

Boat Plans
Boat Plans at Mystic Seaport; Bray, Anne and Maynard, 2000

A Series of Charts; Ringgold, Cadwalader, 1852
- A series of charts with sailing directions, embracing surveys of the Farallones, entrance to the bay of San Francisco, bays of San Francisco and San Pablo, straits of Carquines and Suisun Bay, confluence and deltic branches of the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers and the Sacramento River (with the middle fork) to the American River, including the cities of Sacramento and Boston, State of California

Adventures of a Forty-Niner; Knower, Daniel, 1894
- A historic description of California, with events and ideas of San Francisco and its people in those early days.

California life illustrated; Taylor, William, 1882

Granite crags of California; Gordon-Cumming, Constance Frederica, 1886

Illustrated London News; , 1849
- The Gold-Seekers of California

Incidents on land and water; Bates, D. B., 1857
- Four years on the Pacific coast, being a narrative of the burning of the ships Nonantum, Humayoon and Fanchon, together with many startling and interesting adventures on sea and land

Journal; Reindeer (Ship), 1849-1850
- Journal kept by Willard C. Childs, passenger, on board the ship REINDEER of Boston, Mass., John Lord, master, for a coastwise trading voyage. Contains illustrations and carried cargo of passengers. Made 2 ports-of-call, and spoke 7 vessels. (Contains description of life in the gold fields.)

Journal; Spray (Schooner), 1850-1851
- Log kept by Alexander Boyd Jr., on board the schooner SPRAY, James Hall, master, for a coastwise trading voyage. Carried passengers and cargo of lumber. Made 5 ports-of-call.

Journal; Amelia (Brig), 1849 - 1850
- Log kept by Alexander Boyd, Jr., on board the brig AMELIA [of Passamaquoddy, Maine?], Joseph. Clark, master, for a voyage to the California gold fields. Contains crew list. Made 2 ports-of-call, and spoke 9 vessels. (Contains detailed description of Juan Fernandez, Chile.)

Journal; Selma (Bark), 1849, April 11 - Oct. 12
- Journal kept by Harvey G. Brown, on board the bark Selma of New York, N.Y., Orrin Sellew, master, for a voyage to the California gold fields.. Contains crew list and list of members of the Fremont Mining and Trading Company.

Journal.; Magdala (Bark), 1849, April 29 - Mar. 1.
- Journal kept by Humphrey Hill, a passenger aboard the Bark Magdala, George Mason, master, from New York to San Francisco. Hill was a member of the Sacramento Mining & Assaying Association. Volume contains good descriptions of Callao and life aboard ship

Letter; Brewster, Benjamin, 1849 March 4-10
- Letter from Benjamin Brewster to his mother in New York, N.Y., describing his trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in the brig GEORGE EMERY bound for California and giving his impressions of Rio de Janeiro. Includes a carbon copy.

Letters; Tabele, Montgomery A., 1849
- Letter, 1849, from Montgomery A. Tabele, San Francisco, Calif., to his mother probably in New York, N.Y., describing his passage from New York to San Francisco of 186 days in an unnamed vessel. Mentions several vessels with which they sailed in company but devotes much attention to the Straits of Magellan. Also talks about meeting several other San Francisco bound vessels in the Straits and sailing several days in company with the Schooner ROE.

Letters; Hanson, Henry, 1867
- Letters, 1867, written by Capt. Henry Hanson on board the Ship Good Hope on a voyage around Cape Horn enroute to California. Letters, addressed to "Mr. Wikoff", "Friend W." and "My dear little friend" joke about the rounding the Horn and about setting up a farm in Terra del Feugo, and Patagonia with a natural grazing pasture in the Falkand Islands. Includes a map of the proposed farm with tracks for the voyages of the Ships Good Hope and Wild Pigeon.

Letters; Goldsmith, William Douglas, 1838-1849
- Letters from a young boy, William Goldsmith, to his little sister Mary, in Mystic Bridge, Conn. William and his family are in New Orleans while Mary lives with Capt. Stephen Morgan's family in Mystic. Goldsmith may be shipping agent doing business with Morgan and other Mystic ships. Letters mention local news (camp meeting, elephants, and family). William leaves for Galveston, TX (1845), and then to California gold fields (1849). Mary weds Nelson Lamb, of Mystic.

Letters; Williams, Horace., 1849, Aug. 14
- Letter written at sea aboard ship MAGNOLIA by a passenger, Horace Williams, to his sister Harriet, during a trip from New Bedford to San Francisco. Williams,and several fellow passengers from Augusta, Me., were bound for the California gold fields. His letter contains descriptions of shipboard activity, death of fellow passenger at sea, rounding Cape Horn, and Talcahuano, Chili. Mentions a two day race with Ship SWEDEN of Boston. Magnolia departed New Bedford Feb. 9 & arrived in San Francisco Aug. 28, 1849.

Letters, newspaper clippings, and notes.; Williams, John E., ca. 1896
- Letters, newspaper clippings of John E. Williams, master of Mystic built Clipper ANDREW JACKSON. Relative to record making passage (March 1860) of ANDREW JACKSON from N.Y. to San Francisco.

Logbook; Sweden (Ship), 1849
- Logbook, 1849, kept on board the ship SWEDEN bound from Boston, Massachusetts to San Francisco, California. Logbook kept by Benjamin Bailey traveling to California in company with other gold seekers. Bailey details life at sea including Sunday services, the July Fourth celebration, the bad food they were served, the birth of the Captain's child, death of a passenger, meeting the ship MAGNOLIA,

Logbook; Stevens, William Lord, 1849-1850
- Volume of verse kept by William Lord Stevens on board the ship Trescott of Mystic, Conn. Includes a poem describing the voyage of a group of Stonington and New London men to the California gold fields.

Logbook; Sabina (Ship), 1849, Feb. 8 -1850, May 11.
- Journal kept by Henry Green, master, on board the ship SABINA of Greenport, New York, for a passage to the California gold fields. Contains list of members and officers of the Southampton and California Mining and Trading Co., crew list, passenger list;

Logbook.; Gazelle (Schooner), 1850
- Logbook, 1850, kept on board the schooner GAZELLE by Orlando Stoddard, Daniel Stoddard master. The Gazelle traveled back and forth between San Francisco, California and various ports in Hawaii, transporting various cargoes including fruits, vegetables an

Map; Ensign, Bridgman & Fanning., 1855
- Map of the United States, Canada, Mexico and the West Indies with Central America showing all the routes to California, with a table of distances.

Notice to mariners; , 1858, March 18
- Broadside of a Notice to Mariners concerning the establishment of a Bell Boat just outside the bar, at the entrance to San Francisco Bay, California, includes notification that the Fog Gun Signal at Point Bonita is discontinued.

Papers; Union Association of New York, 1849-1850
- Papers including the constitution, minutes of meetings, bill of sale, inventory of the schooner PENELOPE (ex SARAH CHURCHMAN) and bills of lading for gold shipped in the steamers PANAMA and CALIFORNIA of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company by the Union Association of New York. Most items are signed by all the members including Samuel Moore, W. Vermeulen, E.F. Strolin, E. Mohr, J.H. Rutenberg, Robert Porter, F.G. Adler, M.D., R. Wunderlich, Henry Volckmann, Charles E. Schirmer, Julius Schultze, and J.H. Siemers.

Papers; Boyd, Thomas, 1852-1854
- Papers of Thomas Boyd of Boston, Mass., including a map kept by Boyd during a passage from Boston to San Francisco on board the clipper ship GOLDEN FLEECE of Boston, letters of Boyd to his daughters in Boston, and two sketches of Cape Horn.

Papers; Childs, Willard Curtis, 1849-1914
- Papers of Williard Curtis Childs of Natick, Mass., a California 49er on the maiden passage of the clipper ship REINDEER of Boston, Mass., John Lord, master. Papes include a Massachusetts passport, cabin ticket, biographical sketch from the Dec. 15, 1898, issue of the "Natick Review," and obituries

Sheet music; Moore, Edward, 1849
- Sail on, thou gallant bark or the departure of the Californians

The City of the Golden Gate; Scribner's Monthly, 1875

Charles W. Morgan
Account book; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1841
- Account book of payments for labor on "New Ship building for C.W. Morgan by J. & Z. Hillman." Book includes the names of thirty men who received wages for building the ship eventually named Charles W. Morgan.

Accounts; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1887-1893
- Voyage accounts for bark CHARLES W. MORGAN, of San Francisco, California, with agents J. & W.R. Wing. Information was prepared after the vessel returned, and lists all debits resulting from the voyages. These "inward accounts" provide a detailed financial summary of the 12th voyage, plus other income and expenses for subsequent voyages.

Accounts; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1866 Jul 14 - 1886 Apr 21
- Accounts of sperm and right whales seen by the bark Charles W. Morgan

Bill of sale; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1916
- Bill of sale for shares in the Bark CHARLES W. MORGAN of New Bedford, Massachusetts. Benjamin D. Cleveland and William G. Potter sold shares to Augustus G. Moulton.

Bills of sale; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1842-1852
- Bills of sale for shares in ship CHARLES W. MORGAN of New Bedford, Mass.

Certificate of registry; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1941 Nov 5
- Certificate of registry, issued Nov. 5, 1941 at the port of New Bedford, Massachusetts, for the whaling bark CHARLES W. MORGAN

Certificates of registry; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1841-1925
- Photocopies of certificates of registry for the bark CHARLES W. MORGAN, issued at New Bedford, Massachusetts and San Francisco, California.

Charles W. Morgan; Coope, Virginia T., 1981
- Biographical sketch of Charles W. Morgan, the man, drawn from personal diaries and accounts. A "Log of Mystic Seaport" article.

Charles W. Morgan Collection; Morgan, Charles W., 1796-1862 -
Envelope and letter; Johnston, Waldo C. M., 1971 Oct 29
- First day cover and letter sent to Mrs. Daniel F. Larkin. Envelope posted in San Diego contains commemorative stamp of the Charles W. Morgan. Letter, signed by Mystic Seaport Director Waldo Johnston acknowledges the significance of the event.

Hillman Shipyard Collection; Hillman Shipyard, 1827-1862 - Correspondence; genealogical notes, including material on early Nantucket whaling; ships' lines of the ship UNION; spar measurements for ships CHARLES W. MORGAN, ARGO, CALIFORNIA, SEA NYMPH, BONITA, and SOVEREIGN OF THE SEAS; dimensions of ship SEA WITCH and barks ELIZABETH HULL and JANE A. FALKENBERG; surveys of ships MARIA THERESA and HIAWATHA, and barks MERMAID and JOHN P. WEST; memo of charges for repairs to ship HUNTRESS; and list of vessels built by the yard.
Inventory of flags; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), nd
- Undated inventory of flags and pennants on board the ship CHARLES W. MORGAN.

Joseph Bement and the Charles W. Morgan; Littlefield, David W., 1993
- Article recounting the 1886 voyage of the Morgan through the eyes of greenhand Joseph Bement as well as from the perspective of J. & W.R. Wing & Co., and the whaling industry.

Journal; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1925 May 6-1931 Jul 21
- Journal of the "last voyage" of the whaling bark Charles W. Morgan from New Bedford, Massachusetts, to the Round Hill estate in Dartmouth, Massachusetts to be enshrined as a museum piece, George Fred Tilton, master. At dock most of this time.

Journal; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1911-1913
- Journal kept by William H. Griffith, first mate on board the bark CHARLES W. MORGAN of New Bedford, Mass., Charles S. Church, master, for a voyage to the South Atlantic Ocean whaling grounds. Contains illustrations and whale stamps, mentions finding ambergris, made 8 ports-of-call, and spoke 17 vessels during the voyage.

Journal; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1849-1853
- Journal kept by Nelson Cole Haley on board the ship CHARLES W. MORGAN of New Bedford, Massachusetts, John D. Sampson master, for a voyage to the Pacific Ocean whaling grounds. Mentions injury at sea, and native contacts.

Journal; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1863-1867
- Journal kept by Charles W. Chace on board the ship CHARLES W. MORGAN of New Bedford, Massachusetts, Thomas C. Landers, master, for a voyage to the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean whaling grounds. Contains inventory of ship's stores and whale oil, mentions family on board (Mrs. Thomas C. Landers, master's wife).

Journal; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1867-1870
- Journal kept on board the bark CHARLES W. MORGAN of New Bedford, Mass., George Athearn, master, for a voyage to the Atlantic and Pacific whaling grounds. Contains crew list, inventory of ship's stores, mentions disaster (Ship SUNBEAM of Boston on fire and bark CINCINNATI of Genoa deserted and in sinking condition).

Journal; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1901-1902
- Journal kept by E. G. Morgan first officer on board the bark CHARLES W. MORGAN of New Bedford, Mass. Thomas Scullan, master for a voyage to the Japan and Okhotsk Seas whaling grounds.

Journal; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1911-1913
- Journal kept by William H. Griffith on board the bark CHARLES W. MORGAN of New Bedford, Mass., Charles S. Church, master, for a voyage to the South Atlantic and Indian Ocean whaling grounds. Contains ship stamps and whale stamps, mentions finding ambergris, made 7 ports-of-call, and spoke 16 vessels during the voyage.

Journal; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1916-1917
- Journal kept by John D. Lopes on board the bark CHARLES W. MORGAN of New Bedford Mass., Benjamin D. Cleveland, master, for a voyage to the South Atlantic and Indian Ocean whaling and sealing grounds.

Journal; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1918 Jul 18-1919 Sep 7
- Journal kept on board the bark Charles W. Morgan of New Bedford, Mass., Joseph F. Edwards, master, for a voyage to the Atlantic Ocean whaling grounds.

Journal; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1897-1898
- Journal kept by E. F. Morgan (1st mate) on board the bark CHARLES W. MORGAN of New Bedford, Mass, (sailing out of San Francisco, Calif.), for a voyage to the Pacific Ocean and Okhotsk Sea whaling grounds.

Journal; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1870-1871
- Journal kept by Alvan H. Davis on board the bark CHARLES W. MORGAN of New Bedford, Mass., George Athearn, master for a whaling voyage to the Atlantic whaling grounds.

Journal; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1871-1874
- Journal kept by Hiram W. Look, on board the ship Charles W. Morgan of New Bedford, Massachusetts, John M. Tinkham, master, for a voyage to the Indian Ocean whaling grounds.

Journal; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1906-1908
- Journal of the bark Charles W. Morgan, James A. M. Earle, master, for a voyage to the South Atlantic and Indian Ocean whaling grounds.

Journal; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1881-1886
- Journal kept on board the bark Charles W. Morgan of New Bedford, Massachusetts, Charles F. Keith, master for a voyage to the Pacific Ocean whaling grounds.

Journal; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1909-1910
- Journal, 1909-1910, kept by Charlotte Church on board the bark CHARLES W. MORGAN of New Bedford, Mass., Charles S. Church, master, for a voyage to the Indian Ocean and South Atlantic whaling grounds.

Letter; Earle, James, 1965
- Letter written by James Earle, describing a bathtub that was used aboard the Charles W. Morgan while his father, James A. Earle, was master (from 1900-1906).

Letter; Gifford, Daniel W., 1890 Dec 1
- Letter from Daniel W. Gifford in San Francisco, mate aboard the whaling bark CHARLES W. MORGAN, to his wife in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Mentions "Mr. Wing", and his son Lester, and says his ship will depart the next day (Dec. 2).

Letters; Betchel, Walter, 1955
- Letters written by Walter Betchel to John L.E. Pell describing a few details of his whaling voyage on the Charles W. Morgan

Letters and postcard; Loughlin, Edward, 1916-1917
- Letters, and postcard, 1916-1917, written by Ed Loughlin, a seaman who deserted the whaleship CHARLES W. MORGAN at Brava. Letters detail Loughlin's reason for deserting, written from St. Vincent, Cape Verde Island, and his signing aboard a British Steame

Logbook; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1841-1845
- Journal kept by James C. Osborn on board the ship CHARLES W. MORGAN of New Bedford, Massachusetts, Thomas Adams Norton, master, for a voyage to the Pacific Ocean whaling grounds.

Logbook; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1911 May 10 - 1912 Dec 31
- Logbook kept on board the bark Chalres W. Morgan by Charles S. Church, master.

Logbook; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1913 Jan 1 - 1913 Aug 9
- Logbook kept on board the bark Chalres W. Morgan by Charles S. Church, master.

Logbook; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1878 Jul 17 - 1881 May 10
- Logbook kept on board the bark Chalres W. Morgan by William L. Baker, Thomas L. Ellis, master.

Logbook; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1920 Sep 9-1921 May 27
- Logbook kept on board the bark CHARLES W. MORGAN of New Bedford, Massachusetts, John Theophelus Gonsalves, master, for a voyage to the Atlantic Ocean whaling grounds. This was the Morgan's last official whaling voyage, the 37th of her career.

Logbook; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1896-1897
- Logbook of the whaleship CHARLES W. MORGAN of New Bedford, Massachusetts, John S. Layton, master, for a voyage from San Francisco to the South Pacific and Okhotsk Sea whaling grounds. Contains whale stamps, mentions assistance rendered to the stranded bark CAPE HORN PIGEON, mutiny, and sickness, made 6 ports-of-call and spoke 10 other vessels during the voyage.

Logbook; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1904-1906
- Logbook of acts in breach of discipline kept on board the bark CHARLES W. MORGAN of New Bedford, Massachusetts, Edwin J. Reed, master, and E.F. Morgan, mate, for a whaling voyage out of San Francisco, California. Contains description of breaches, punishments, accounts of pay docked, and the United States Consul's (William F. Daly) review of cases involving the more serious charges at Tahiti, Society Islands.

Logbook; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1878-1881
- Logbook kept by first mate William Shockley on on board the whaling bark Charles W. Morgan, Thomas Ellis, master.

Logbook; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1841 Sep 6-1842 May 25
- Logbook kept by James C. Osborn on board ship CHARLES W. MORGAN of New Bedford, Massachusetts, Thomas A. Norton, master, for a voyage to the Pacific Ocean whaling grounds

Navigation workbook; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1896-1897
- Navigation workbook kept by John S. Layton, master on board bark CHARLES W. MORGAN of New Bedford, Massachusetts, during a voyage to the Pacific Ocean whaling grounds.

Newspaper clippings; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1908 Jul 9
- Photocopy of an article from an unidentified Massachusetts newspapers, describing the return of the whaling bark Charles W. Morgan to New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Papers; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1863-
- Accounts, correspodence and receipts relating to whaling voyages of the Charles W. Morgan

Papers and correspondence; Morgan, Charles Waln, 1831-1911
- Miscellaneous papers and correspondence relative to the shipping and personal business of Charles Waln Morgan. Includes invoices and receipts for ship expenses andn bounties due crew of bark CHARLES W. MORGAN for sperm whales taken.

Postage stamp presentation folder; Norfolk Island, 1976
- Containing eight postage stamps (4 denominations - cancelled and uncancelled) commemorating "Norfolk Island's historic association with the United States of America in the celebration of the Bicentenary of American Independence". One of the stamps features the whaleship CHARLES W. MORGAN.

Publicity Materials; Marine Historical Association, ca. 1940
- Miscellaneous publicity including brochures and postcards, promoting the story of the Charles W. Morgan.

Ship's accounts and cash books; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1880-1842
- Photocopies of accounts and cash books for the ship CHARLES W. MORGAN, including accounts of construction costs and bills payable.

Ship's papers; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1901, Oct-Dec
- Ship's papers for the bark Charles W. Morgan at San Francisco, California, Thomas Scullen, Master.

The Magnificent Morgan; Bray, Maynard, 1974
- First person account of the refloating of the Charles W. Morgan.

Whalemen's shipping paper; Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841), 1925, May 6
- Whalemen's shipping paper for the Bark CHARLES W. MORGAN of New Bedford, Massachusetts, George Fred Tilton, master. The voyage was for an indefinate duration, and the document includes the signatures of thirty-nine persons who signed aboard.

Whaleship Owner's Flags, Displayed on the Charles W. Morgan; Charles W. Morgan, ca. 1930
- Scrapbook of houseflags. Contains clippings of nearly 100 house flags that were displayed aboard the whaleship Charles W. Morgan between July 22 and Oct. 31, 1926

Whaleships in port and at sea; Beetle, Charles, 1900

Coastwise shipping
Beebe Family Collection; Beebe family, 1761-1904 - Letters, personal accounts, and other papers, of Silas Beebe (1782-1863), shipmaster from Groton, Conn., and other members of the family; together with ship's papers for the coastal schooner LAGRANGE, out of Mystic, Conn.
Edward P. Stinson collection; Stinson, Edward P., 1828-1869
- Correspondence, accounts, receipts, commercial drafts, notes, crew lists, bills of lading, freight lists, charter-parties, and clearance papers, reflecting Stinson's activities as master of the ships ANNIE RICHMOND, GEORGE F. PATTEN, MARY SAWYER, OMAR PASHA, TEMPEST, and THALATTA. Includes correspondence between Stinson and his wife, Emily T. Stinson.

Journal; Francis Ester (Schooner), 1847 Aug. 3-26
- Journal kept on board the schooner Francis Ester by Thomas Benedict III, Cunningham, master, during a coastal trading voyage from New York to Virginia. Various notes regarding voyage: mate's poor navigation skills, captain's lack of judgement and differen

Logbook; James Monroe (Brig), 1815 April 23-June 8
- Logbook kept on board the brig James Monroe of New York, N.Y., Joseph Skinner, master, for a coastwise shipping voyage.

Logbook; James Monroe (Brig), 1815 July 25-September 6
- Logbook kept on board the brig James Monroe of New York, N.Y., Joseph Skinner, master, for a coastwise shipping voyage.

Papers; Harden, John F., 1849-1893

Papers; Charles S. Pennell (Ship), 1858-1865
- Of the ship Charles S. Pennell of Bath, Maine, Robert Giveen, master, including receipts, bills accounts, letters, custom house records, certificate of measurement, and some italian bills. Also contains insurance policy for bark

Wakeman Family Papers; Wakeman family, 1799-1892 - Papers relating to the New York shipping interests and western land speculation of the Wakeman family, including Jesup Wakeman and his sons Maurice and Zalmon. ‚b Chiefly papers relating to the economics of 30 voyages between New York, Savannah, Ga., and Galveston, Tex., by Zalmon's bark TEXAS, 1848-1852, including Zalmon's daybook for every voyage; freight lists, bills of lading, and disbursements for nearly every voyage; and a representative sample of articles of agreement, marine insurance policies, accounts, and other miscellaneous receipts, bills, etc., as well as smaller amount of similar material for Zalmon's brig EMPIRE, 1847-1852. Also includes land deeds and transfers (ca. 1810) for property in Ohio and Illinois involving Jesup, Maurice, and Zalmon.

Customs administration
Customs declaration; Nabby (Schooner), Nov. 25, 1802
- Customs declaration for merchandise imported aboard the schooner NABBY, John Girdler, master, from Malaga, Columbia, by David Pearce at the port of Gloucester, Massachusetts.

David Gelston Papers; Gelston, David, 1800-1843 - Correspondence, reports, accounts, and other papers, mostly from Gelston's service as collector for the port of New York, including letters and reports between Gelston and collectors at other ports, the U.S. Treasury and State departments, and merchants and officials involved with importing, exporting, and smuggling goods through the port of New York; inspectors' and surveyors' reports regarding smuggling activities; U.S. District Court, New York (later U.S. District Court, New York, Southern District), papers for embargo violation cases; revenue cutter papers; and material relating to the operations of the New York Customs House.
Robert J. Walker Letters; Walker, Robert J., 1846-1848 - Letters to C.W. Lawrence, customs collector for the port of New York, dealing with the interpretation of tariff acts and enforcement of customs regulations, including information concerning import duties, drawbacks, expenses for maintaining revenue vessels and customs property, and the names of many vessels.

Diplomatic and consular service
Fulwar Skipwith Papers; Skipwith, Fulwar, 1793-1807 -
Henry W.B. Willis collection; Willis, Henry W. B., 1846-1865
- Chiefly correspondence, including many love letters, between Willis and his wife, Sarah (Freeman) Willis, before and after their marriage and between members of the Willis and Freeman families, reflecting family relationships and domestic activities for two middle class New York/New Jersey families; together with articles of agreement, two ships logs, and other documents relating to the SUNNY SOUTH, mastered by Willis, including a consular document (1857) issued at Rio de Janeiro listing crew members discharged, shipped, and deserted form the ship at that port. ‚b Subjects include San Francisco, Calif., and other ports-of-call; Willis' duties as a young seaman on the ships EXCHANGE and ENTERPRISE; and his work at the railroad freight office in New York, N.Y., after retirement from the sea.

Letter; Fessenden. C.B.H., 1854, July 26
- Letter from C.B.H. Fessenden at the customs house in New Bedford, Ma., to W. Belcher. Letter concerns consulate at Hawaii, stating unsavory reputation, and political influences of same.

Case of the Somer's mutiny; Mackenzie, Alexander Slidell, 1843
- Defence of Alexander Slidell Mackenzie, commander of the U.S. brig Somers, before the court martial held at the Navy yard, Brooklyn

Domestic life
Reminiscences; Farnsworth, Mary E.,, 1830 - 1875.
- Reminiscences of Mary E. Farnsworth, nee Weaver, of her childhood and family in New London, Connecticut, her adult life in Southern California and several voyages between the two coasts. Mary Farnsworth was the wife of E. Seymour Farnsworth an employee

Reminiscences; Farnsworth, Mary E.,, 1875 - 1904.
- Reminiscences of Mary E. Farnsworth, nee Weaver, of her childhood and family in New London, Connecticut, her adult life in Southern California and several voyages between the two coasts. Mary Farnsworth was the wife of E. Seymour Farnsworth, an employee

Encyclopedias and dictionaries
A New Universal Dictionary of the Marine; Falconer, William, 1815

American Maritime Documents, 1776-1860; Stein, Douglas L., 1992

Dana's Seamen's Friend; Dana, Richard Henry, 18--

From Keel to Truck: A Marine Dictionary; Paasch, H. (Heinrich), 1885

Firearms industry and trade
Letter; , 1871 Nov 29
- Anonymous letter from Boston, Massachusetts, discussing various types of shoulder weaponry and the superiority of a bolt action weapon recently developed in Boston. Includes description of the new weapon.

Fisherman's Own Book; Procter Brothers, 1882
- List of men and vessels lost from the port of Gloucester, Mass., from 1874 to April 1, 1882, and a table of losses from 1830, together with valuable statistics of the fisheries, also notable fares, narrow escapes, startling adventures, fishermen's off-hand sketches, ballads, descriptions of fishing trips and other interesting facts and incidents connected with this branch of maritime industry.

Fishermen's Memorial and Record Book; Procter, George H, 1873
- Containing a list of vessels and their crews, lost from the port of Gloucester from the year 1830 to October 1, 1873

The Fisheries and Fishery Industries of the United States. Section I and IP; Goode, G. Brown, 1884-1887

The Fisheries and Fishery Industries of the United States. Section II; Goode, G. Brown, 1884

The Fisheries and Fishery Industries of the United States. Section III; Goode, G. Brown, 1884

The Fisheries and Fishery Industries of the United States. Section IV; Goode, G. Brown, 1884

The Fisheries and Fishery Industries of the United States. Section V, Plates; Goode, G. Brown, 1884

The Fisheries and Fishery Industries of the United States. Section V, volumes I and II; Goode, G. Brown, 1884

Directory of Private Signals Flown by American Merchant Sail; Crothers, William L., 2001
Lloyd's Book of House Flags and Funnels; , 1912

Granite industry and trade
Daniel Ventres Papers; Ventres, Daniel, 1838-1852 - Shipping agent for granite and stone quarries in Haddam, Conn. Chiefly incoming business letters, primarily 1840-1848, including letters from agents in New York, N.Y., and New Orleans, La. The names of numerous Gulf Coast packets and Connecticut River coasters appear throughout, along with those of several ship captains.

Great Lakes trade
Journal; Richard Mott (Schooner), 1857
- Journal kept on board the schooner RICHARD MOTT for a Great Lakes trading voyage. Contains illustration and carried cargos of wheat, salt, staves, lumber, hickory wood and coal.

Logbook; Perseverance (Schooner), 1859 April 5 - Oct. 8
- Journal kept on board the schooner PERSERVERANCE for a Great Lakes trading voyage. Contains illustration, and carried cargos of sand, salt, and staves.

Logbook; Perseverance (Schooner), 1858, April 19 - Nov. 14
- Journal kept on board the schooner PERSERVERANCE for a Great Lakes trading voyage. Contains illustration, and carried cargos of molasses, sugar, bricks, grain, wood, staves, lumber, slate, marble, and coal. Made 13 ports-of-call. (Contains detailed description of the vessel as to measurements, sail, etc.)

A Residence in the Sandwich Islands; Stewart, Charles Samuel,, 1839

A Residence of Twenty-one Years in the Sandwich Islands; Bingham, Hiram, 1847

History of the Sandwich Islands Mission; Anderson, Rufus, 1870

Invitation; Haley, Nelson Cole, 1883, Feb. 12
- Invitation issued to Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Cole Haley for the coronation ceremonies of the King and Queen of Hawaii

Journal; Andrews, Robert Wilson, 1870, Jan. 1 - December 26
- Journal kept by Robert Wilson Andrews relating daily social and work evenst in Honolulu, Hawaii, primarily in the Fort Street area, and a small amount of time serving on board the Hawaiian Steamship Kilauea. Andrews often mentions religious activities such as meetings as well as the arrivals and departures of various vessels as well as the Kilauea.

Letters; Wood, N.H., 1872, Mar. 6
- Description of a trip to the Kilauea Crater on the Island of Hawaii; written by N.H. Wood. Includes pencil illustration of the crater, and details of activity.

Logbook; Kilauea (Steamship), 1870, Dec. 26. - 1871, April 16
- Logbook, kept by engineer Robert Wilson Andrews on board the steamship KILAUEA of Honolulu, Hawaii,Thomas, master, for a voyage to Ocean Island to rescue the stranded crew of the Steamship Saginaw. Captains Harrison and Brown took success commands. Contains illustrations, made 2 ports-of-call.

No. 4 view of Honolulu [Art print]; Emmert, Paul., 1854
- View over roofs of buildings with Honolulu harbor and sveral vessels in distance. Border has individual buildings framed by simulated wooden poles.

Costumes of the Mediterranean; Young, Edward C., 1830
- Book contains handcolored drawings by Young. These include the costumes of several nationalities as seen in a number of Mediterranean ports, primarily Smyrna, Turkey. Clergy, military, merchants, townspeople, and servants of the Sultan's court are pictured as well as several uniforms of crew aboard the USS Concord. Also includes 7 Italian costume plates, not drawn by Young.

Sketch book; , ca. 1900
- Twelve water colors of Chinese vessels of various types. Artist unknown.

Sketchbook; Tobin, George, 1794-1818
- Sketchbook of Lieutenant (later Captain) George Tobin, R.N., containing 73 marine water colors made in various parts of the world.

Letter; Gallatin, Albert, 1761-1849, 1803 Jul 6
- Printed form letter from Albert Gallatin, Washington, D.C., to William Webb, Collector of Customs at Bath, Maine, giving instructions for preparing a certificate for American seamen to protect them from impressment.

Insurance, Fire
Fire insurance maps; Phenix Insurance Co. (New York, N.Y.), 1891 Apr
- Maps of Mystic, Connecticut, prepared for the Phenix Insurance Co., of Brooklyn, N.Y. by the Sanborn-Perris Map Co., Ltd. of New York, N.Y.

Insurance, Marine
Insurance policy; Morning Star (Schooner), 1810, May 24
- Issued by the Washington Insurance Co. to Richmond & Andrews for Stephen Hathaway, William Babbit, and Peter B. Richmond, for property aboard the Schooner MORNING STAR, bound from Providence, R.I., to the West Indies, in the amount of $1,500, and signed b

Insurance Policy; Pythagoras (Sloop), Sept. 22, 1810
- Insurance policy issued by the Washington Insurance Co., to Jonathan Congdon, and Perrin & Capron, for property aboard the sloop PYTHAGORAS, bound from Boston Mass., to Providence, R.I., in the amount of $1,800, and signed by Richard Jackson.

Insurance Policy; Success (Ship), 1789, April 21
- Insurance policy issued by Stewart & Nesbitt for the Ship SUCCESS, John Cadenhead, master, for 450 pounds, on a passage from Philadelphia to Madeira, Portugal.

Papers; Hoyt, George A., 1860-1865
- Papers of George A. Hoyt of Stamford, Conn., and New York, N.Y., including insurance policies on the steamboat DUNCAN S. MAGEE, receipts for payment of insurance premiums, and a letter regarding payment of the premiums by Capt. D.P. Dey. The DUNCAN S. MAGEE operated on Seneca Lake, N.Y.

Photocopy of Insurance Policy; Hannah (Sloop), 1756, Dec. 28
- Photocopy of insurance policy issued by Timothy Kimbat of Hartford, Conn., for the sloop HANNAH, Asias Goodwin, master, for 100 pounds, on a passage from New London, Conn., to Barbados, W.I.

Protest; Liberty (Ship), 1808
- Protest, April 25, 1808, of Isaac Hand, master of the Ship LIBERTY, given to George W. Strong, Notary Public of New York, and Pertaining to damages suffered by the ship in gales on March 18, 19, and 25, in addition to April 10 and 14, 1808, while on passa

Records of the Warren Insurance Company; Warren Insurance Company, 1801-1846 - Business papers, ship's papers (arranged alphabetically by vessel) insurance policies, check stubbs, correspondence, and other records of this marine insurance company chartered in Warren, RI. Vessels represented include schooner MAGNOLIA, ZEPHYR, and HARRIET and ship JASON.
Special Survey; Dauntless (Ship), 1870, Jan. 5
- By Register Veritan for Certificate of Classification on the Ship DAUNTLESS, R. P. Wilbur, Master, J.D. Fish & others, owners, built at Mystic, Conn., and valid for nine years.

International trade
A view of the commerce between the United States; Baker, John M., 1838

Abstract log; Whirlwind (Ship), 1855, March 28,
- Abstract log of the ship WHIRLWIND, John N. Giet , Commander, on a passage from N.Y. towards Melbourne, Australia.

Certificate; Baker, L. D., nd
- Certificate of recognition, undated, issued by the citizens of Kingston, Jamaica to L. D. Baker for efforts in promoting the banana trade.

Collection of Howard A. Krumwiede; Krumwiede, Howard A., ca. 1800-1953 -
Crew list; Regulator (Schooner), April 26, 1826
- Crew list for the Schooner REGULATOR of Saco, Maine, Robert Paterson, master, for an outbound passage to Antigua, West Indies.

George W. Dow Papers; Dow, George W., 1847-1863 -
Henry Wadsworth Fletcher Collection; Fletcher, Henry Wadsworth, 1775-1890 -
Isaiah Larabee Collection; Larabee, Isaiah, 1845-1940 - Chiefly business papers, correspondence, and documents relating to Larabee's maritime career and the vessels he commanded, including bills, receipts, cargo invoices, charter-parties, articles of agreement, bills of lading, and crew lists; documents regarding the Alabama claims case filed by Larabee and the owners of bark AMANDA; seamen's protection certificates (21 items, 1845-1861), including seven issued to black seamen; and family papers, including insurance policies, estate papers, tax receipts, and miscellany of Larabee's descendants in the 1900s. ‚b Trading ports represented include Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Cardiff, London, Kingston, Messina, and Genoa, Italy. Family members represented include his wife, Mary (d. 1878) and children Mary E., Alice, and Isaiah L. Larabee.
James Lowell Papers; Lowell, James, 1817-1855 -
John F. Harden Collection; Harden, John F., 1831-1888 - Chiefly personal, business, and family letters (1849-1877) to Harden. Also includes ship-related bills, accounts, receipts, consular certificates, and general clearances. Topics include Harden's activities as a commander of coasting vessels; his transportation of a locomotive to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; maritime trade; and cargoes, generally lumber. Correspondents include shipowners who engaged Harden as a captain, fellow shipmasters, and business owners.
John H. Brower Papers; Brower, John Hamil, 1838-1926 -
John Palmer Papers; Palmer, John, 1775-1839 - Included in this collection are letters to John Palmer at Newport during 1776 from family and friends. Two diaries kept by John Palmer between 1775 and 1777 provide insights into the Revolutionary Period, as do the 2 sea journals from the Privateer REVENGE. Present also are logs and journals for the Snow BLACK PRINCESS, Schooner LITTLE REBECCA, Sloop COUNT D'ESTAINGE, Brig BETSEY, and the Ship READYMONEY. Most of the material after 1800 (about 10% of the total) involves other members of the Palmer family.
John Turner Collection; Turner, John, 1797-1804 -
Joseph King Papers; King, Joseph, 1782 -1806 -
Joseph Williams Collection; Williams, Joseph, 1779-1899 -
Journal; Charles (Ship), 1840-1851
- Journal kept on board the ship CHARLES, Thomas Andrews, master for an Oriental and Trans-Pacific trading voyage. Mentions wives and children at sea, and carried cargos of passengers, bricks, cement, wine, sugar, cigars, cotton, opium, sandalwood, shark fins, gum tea, and silk. Made 9 ports-of-call, and spoke 8 vessels.

Journal; Indramayoe (Brig), 1823
- Journal kept on board the brig INDRAMAYOE of Batavia (Jakarta), Java, Barker, master, for an East Indies trading voyage. Carried cargos of planks, arrack and rice. Made 1 port-of-call. (Log book contains constitution and laws of the Cicerocian Society.)

Journal; Cicero (Brig), 1827 June 1-July 20
- Journal kept by Ebenezer Nye, master, of the brig Cicero for a trading voyage from New York to Maracaibo, Venezuela. Mentions shipboard routine, and navigational information. Cicero was driven ashore and wrecked while approaching Maracaibo. The crew fought off Indians and salvaged part of the cargo. (Nye then spent 4 months in Bogata, returing to Maracaibo in November 1827.)

Journal; Economy (Schooner), 1827-1828
- Journal kept by Ebenezer Nye, master of the schooner ECONOMY, for a South American trading voyage from Maracaibo, Venezula to Philadelphia. Vessel was chased by a suspected pirate schooner, carried cargo of dyewookd, hides and skins, coffee, and beeswax.

Journal; Cicero (Brig), 1826 April 6-1827 January 12
- Journal kept by Ebenezer Nye, master, of the brig CICERO for a trading voyage from New York, New York to Maracaibo, Venezuela and Bordeaux, France. Mentions shipboard activity, navigational information nad activity in ports visited.

Kermit family collection; Kermit family, 1790-1860 - Manuscripts relating to the business and domestic activities of shipmaster Capt. Henry Kermit, who also owned a store and wharf in New York, and members of the Kermit family, including letters, bills, accounts, receipts, and documents from seaports in England, Europe, and the United States relating to the shipping activities of Capt. Kermit and his merchant shipowner sons Henry and Robert; items relating to family/house expenses, running a retail store, property rentals, and the settlement of estates; correspondence from shipmasters, agents, and commercial firms in European and American ports relating to ships' business, market conditions, voyages, and political and social news; ships' papers relating to purchase, outfitting, voyages, etc.; and estate papers of shipmaster Thomas Orange.
Letter copybook; Blake, Joshua, 1819-1822
- Letter copybook of Joshua Blake, merchant and shipping agent of Boston, Mass., involved in trans-Atlantic trade.

Letters; Wood, Aaron H., 1873-1895
- Letters, primarily written by shipmaster Aaron H. Wood and his wife, Isabel during trading voyages from N.Y. to Liverpool, San Francisco, and other ports, aboard the Ships SAGAMORE & SOVERIGN OF THE SEAS II. All letters were to George & Hattie Wood in Warren, R.I., including the four written by John B. Wood. Isabel & son, Oscar, traveled aboard ship with Aaron. Letters detail shipping and domestic activities. We are now at the Birkenhead dock (across a ferry from Liverpool) where we are to discharge our cargo I wrote you Wed. 27th. We took pilot aboard nine that evening, and anchored in the river yesterday morning, just a year from the day we sailed from Eng. This morning we came to dock. Aaron went on shore yesterday as soon as the anchor was down, and last night, brought off about thirty friendly letters, and several business letters. You have all been so very good, we were quite overjoyed, and so thankful to hear, (on the whole) good news, all seem as well as usual &c. We read letters (rather I read, for Aarons eye was very bad, so he could read none of them. he always likes to do his share of reading them aloud)

Logbook; Mary and Louisa (Bark), 1858-1859

Logbook; Challenge (Ship), 1853
- Logbook, 1849-1850, of the ship CHALLENGE for a voyage from Hong Kong to London. The CHALLENGE leaks considerably on the voyage to London, pumps are manned constantly and forces the ship to put into Fayal for repairs where the entries end.

Logbook; Cicero (Brig), 1827 January 13-May 16
- Journal kept by Ebenezer Nye, master of the brig Cicero, for a trading voyage from N.Y. to Maracaibo, Venezuela. Mentions shipboard routine, navigational information, and port activities. Spoke 5 vessels and mentioned several others.

Lord family collection; Lord family, 1800-1880
- Business and personal correspondence, accounts, bills, receipts, shipping and cargo records, marine insurance policies, articles of agreement, charter parties, bills of lading, and other documents, chiefly relating to the shipping activities of Daniel Walker Lord (1800-1880) and other family members, including William Jefferds (1753-1820), Nathaniel Lord (1776-1815), Lt. Tobias Lord (1748-1808), and Tobias Lord (1778-1854), the family's shipping agent in New York City. ‚b Includes published freight circulars and market reports (1810-1867) for various ports; and miscellaneous information concerning the Lord family domestic activities.

Mallory Family Collection; Mallory Family, 1808-1958
- Includes records (1886-1908) of the New York & Texas Steamship Company which operated between New York and Galveston, Tex.; materials on the Charles H. Mallory and Elihu Spicer trust funds; genealogical notes on the Pynchon family; unpublished family history by Carl C. Cutler; and correspondence of Clifford D. Mallory with Julius F. Mallory and Carl C. Cutler (ca. 1920-1940) regarding family history and genealogy, William P. Stephens relating to yachting, William U. Swan on racing records of family yachts, and members of the Campbell family in Great Britain (ca. 1939-1942) concerning family matters and the war situation. Vessels represented include clipper Charles Mallory, ships Annie M. Smull, Blackstone, Hound, and Haze, yachts Bonnie Dundee and Mallory, and whaleships Robin Hood, Aeronaut, and Coriolanus. Correspondents include Clara Barton, Henry Ward Beecher, Herbert Hoover, Edward N. Hurley, Frank C. Munson, and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Mediterranean passport; Sally Ann (Schooner), July 3, 1810
- Proclamation to pass without hinderance or molestation for the Schooner SALLY ANN, Semion Hayley, Master, issued at Richmond, Virginia, and signed by President James Madison.

Mediterranean passport; William Rotch (Ship), 1819
- Mediterranean passport, Nov. 8, 1819, issued to the ship William Rotch of New Bedford, Lewis Tobey, master. Document signed by President James Monroe.

Orne-Cushing-Baldwin-Tappan Family Collection; Orne-Cushing-Family, 1723-1889 - Business and personal papers of four related families, of Salem, Duxbury, Roxbury, and other locations in the Boston, Mass., area, principally engaged in the maritime trades, although members of the Orne and Cushing families operated a brickworks in Salem in the early 1800s. Personal papers reflect domestic life and include letters from Elizabeth Orne to her daughter "Peg" (Margaret (Peggy) Orne) detailing social life and customs in 18th century Salem. Persons represented include Capt. Timothy Orne (1683-1752), merchant and landowner; his son, Timothy Orne (1717-1767), merchant; and grandson, Timothy (d. 1789), Salem merchant involved in coastal and international trade, and his wife, Elizabeth Sewall (Pynchon) Orne (1752-1822), daughter of Salem attorney William Pynchon (d. 1789), who after the death of her husband and father, continued to live in Salem, managing both business and domestic affairs, operating a brickyard with her son-in-law Col. Thomas Cushing (d. 1808), son of Hon. Thomas Cushing (1725-1788) and husband of Catherine Orne. Other family members represented include Catherine (Orne) Cushing, who married Elisha Mack after Thomas Cushing's death; the children of Catherine and Thomas Cushing: Capt. Timothy Orne Cushing (merchant who often worked with stepfather Elisha Mack and brother-in-law Luke Baldwin), and Catherine Orne (Cushing) Baldwin; Luke Baldwin, Jr., also a Boston merchant; and Catherine Orne (Baldwin) Tappan and her husband John Tappan.
Peter Strickland Collection; Strickland, Peter, 1864-1920
- Letter books (1883-1922) and diaries (6 v., 1894-1920, chiefly after 1907), with information of Strickland's daily life in Africa and business, political and social conditions there; journal logs (1864-1870) of the schooner INDIAN QUEEN; brig ROBERT WING, and barks RAPID and ZINGARELLA of which Strickland was shipmaster; business ledger; 1883 consular report; and published grammar of the Wolof language (1878) and book entitled Trading Monopolies in West Africa (1901).

Records of William R. Bowers & Co.; William R. Bowers & Co., 1818-1837 - Correspondence, accounts, bills, receipts, and other papers of Providence, R.I., merchant shipowners and agents. The papers relate to the ships MARY ANN, PANTHER, PROVIDENCE, and TRUMBULL, and the brigs AGENORIA, DIAMOND, and SMYRNA, which carried cotton, flour, coffee, rice, rum, and wine, and traded in the ports of Amsterdam, Netherlands, Cadiz, Spain, Java, Malava, Batavia (now Jakarta, Indonesia), Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia), Canton, China, Lime, Peru, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Turks and Caicos Islands, West Indies, New York City, New Orleans, La., and Mobile, Ala. Names represented include William C. Boardman, Lloyd Bowers, Cyrus Butler, Edward Carrington, Josiah Chafee, Benjamin Fish, George H.Hoppin, Thomas C. Hoppin, William J. Hoppin, Nathaniel Lightbourne, William J. McCutcheon, John L. Perry, and Wetmore, Hoppin & Co.
Samuel Thompson's Nephew & Co. collection; Samuel Thompson's Nephew & Co., 1827-1965
- Chiefly records of the company's business as conducted by partner John W. Mason (1820-1903), including correspondence, accounts, bills, and insurance policies, relating to particular vessels; general business accounts, bills, receipts, letters, and documents; and Mason's letter copybooks, ledgers, personal accounts, and memorandum books; together with 2 cashbooks of Samuel Thompson; 4 ledgers and a letter copybook kept by Jeremiah Thompson (1782- 1855), including plans for the establishment of the Black Ball Line of packets between New York and Liverpool; materials concerning the wire rope and cordage business established by Mason in association with the company; a small amount of information relating to personal property and investments by John W. and William P. Mason (the latter being one of the last officers of the company in the early 20th century); and journal (1863-1864) of a voyage by the ship LUCY THOMPSON. ‚b Vessels represented include the ships ARGO, CALEB GRIMSHAW, CHARLES H. MARSHALL, CITY OF NEW YORK, EXCELSIOR, JERMIAH THOMPSON, JOSEPH WALKER, LADY FRANKLIN, LUCY THOMPSON, ORIENT, SARDINIA, STAR OF THE WEST, and TWILIGHT I.

Labrador (Nfld) - Description and travel
Explorations in the interior of the Labrador peninsula; Hind, Henry Youle, 1863
- Descriptions of the Montagnais and Nasquapee Indians and Labrador, Newfoundland.

Letter; Crawford, J.W., 1837
- Letter from J.W. Crawford, New London, Conn., to William Potter, Stonington, Conn., authorising him "to make the necessary repairs of your dwelling and light house provided that the expense shall not exceed thirty dollars." Bears a single line round brown New London postmark.

Papers; Thompson, Merit, 1856-1861
- Papers, 1856-1861, of Merit Thompson, lighthouse keeper at New London and New Haven. Includes accounts of apparatus, fixtures, & supplies at New Haven Light Station, 1860-1861; a letter from 3rd Light House District (N.Y,) authorizing purchase & delivery of coal to New London Light, 1856; & a bill of sale for Sloop MARY purchased by Merit Thompson for $75.00.

Connecticut (Map); Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co, 1850
- Map of Connecticut, published by Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co., of Philadelphia, Penn.

North America (Map); John Senex, 1710
- Published by John Senex in London, England.

Xerox copies of maps; EDR Sanborn Inc., 1884-1939
- Maps show areas of Mystic, with streets and numerous businesses such as the Greenmanville Mfg. Co. Standard Machine Co and Mystic Twine Co. indentified. Homes are described as "dwellings", and some sheets have keys to other information. Water pipes locati

Marine art
Sketchbooks; Wasson, George Savary, 1875-1932
- Four original sketch books by George S. Wasson, marine artist and writer

Maritime documents
Affidavit; Providence (Ship), 1807-1808
- Affidavit, 1807-1808, of Notary Public, Philadelphia, plus attached sheet of sworn statements, relative to the loss of a cargo of coffee with the foundering at sea of the Ship PROVIDENCE, Holbrook, Master. Vessel was bound for Bremen, and document swears that no revenue is due customs.

American ship-master's guide, and commercial assistant; Clarke, Francis Gedney, 1838
- Being an enlargement of the Seaman's Manual

An Act Concerning Letters of Marque, and Prizes; Monroe, James, 1812
- "An Act Concerning Letters of Marque, Prizes & Prize Goods"; attached with a printed form "Instructions for the Private Armed Vessels of the United States", which has autograph signature of James Monroe, Sec. of State. This act details the creation & conduct of U.S. Privateers during the War of 1812.

Articles of agreement; Revenge (Sloop), 1778
- Articles of agreement, 1778, for a six week privateering voyage by the Sloop REVENGE, New London. Articles established the amount or shares of any potential profits realised during the cruise, that would be proportioned to the owners, officers, and crew members. The document, however, was never executed, since no signatures appear in the space provided.

Bill of lading; Olive Branch (Sloop), 1802 Sep 24

Bill of sale; Lautarro (Ship), 1814, Nov. 15
- For one-sixth part of the ship LAUTARRO, executed by Samuel B. Redfield and conveyed to Timothy Southenayd, both of Middletown, Conn.

Bill of sale; Snow, Benjamin, 1811 Feb 22
- Bill of sale for one eighth part of the sloop ANN & SARAH and appurtenances, from Benjamin Snow to Giles L'Hommedieu, both of Norwich, Conn.

Bond; Quantibaycook (Brig), 1799 Mar 25

Bond; Crary, Joseph, 1812

Catalogue of Library; New England Navigation Company, ca. 1920
- Printed by the New England Navigation Company for patrons aboard Fall River Line Steamer COMMONWEALTH. Contains 254 book titles broken down under 12 subjects. Photograph of COMMONWEALTH appears on back cover.

Certificate; Morning Star (Brig), 1856
- Boston, issued by the Amercan Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, showing that Vernilia Lewis contributed $.10 (1 share) to the missionary packet MORNING STAR. Certificate contains illustration of a brig along island shore.

Certificate; Durant, John W., 1823
- Certificate, 1823, giving an account of the services of John W. Durant as Inspector for the Port of Philadelphia from April through June, 1823. Document includes a receipt for $273.00. Durant's wages for the quarter. Payment was received through the Customs Collector, John Steele.

Certificate; White, William P., 1878
- Certificate of graduation for William P. White from the United States Naval Academy.

Certificate of Classification; American Lloyds, 1831-1865
- Certificates of Survey and Classification for the schooner E. ARCULERIOS, Y. Jackson, master, issued by American Lloyds Register of Shipping; the schooner AMARANTH, Robert Gay, master, issued by the surveyors at the Port of Charleston, South Carolina; and the ship GERMANIA, Charles H. Townsend, master, issued by Universal Lloyd, and American Lloyd's.

Certificate of Membership; Wheaton, William, 1771 May 17
- Membership certificate of William Weaton for the New York Marine Society.

Certificate of registry; Hawke (Schooner), 1784 Apr. 29
- Certificate of registry for the Schooner Hawke, Samuel Stone, master, issued in Salem, Massachusetts. Contains seal and carries signature of John Hancock, governor of Massachusetts.

Certificates; United States Consul, 1834
- Owners/manufactures oaths,1834, indicating that their goods were properly loaded, shipped and consigned. Documents were issued through customs at Manchester, England, and St. Croix. Includes U.S. Consuls certificates and invoice of cargo. Consulate seal is present on both documents.

Certificates; District and Port of New York, 1829, 1841
- On the Exportation of Goods, from a District other than the District of original importation.

Charter party; Tom Paine (Brig), 1847 Nov 10
- Between Peter Clinton and Charles P. Williams for passage from Bucksville, South Carolina to Mystic and Stonington, Connecticut. Clinton was owner of Brig TOM PAINE. Cargo consisted of approximately sixty thousand board feet of lumber.

Clearance; Hound (Ship), 1958, Oct. 5
- Clearance issued by the District and Port Of San Francisco, Calif., to the ship HOUND, L.D.(Lorenzo Dow) Baker, master, outbound to Hong Kong, China.

Clearance Papers; Baker, Hiram, 1845-1851
- Clearance papers issued to Hiram Baker, master of the brigs HARRIET and OSCEOLA, for the ports of Mobile, Malaga, and Canarias.

Coasting permit and cargo manifest; Polly & Nancy, 1809 Apr 8
- Coasting permit and cargo manifest issued for the sloop POLLY & NANCY of Egg Harbour to New York and Philadelphia with a cargo of sheathing, lath and sea stores.

Collection of Louis F. Middlebrook; Middlebrook, Louis F., ca 1812 -
Consular certificate; Juno (?), 1801 Nov 3
- Stating that the vessel JUNO of Bristol (R. I.?), John Kindrich, master, "in consequence of additions since her arrival... is now armed with Ten Carriage Guns." and signed by James Maury, Consul.

Crew List Certificate; Dragon (Bark), 1834
- Crew list certificate for the bark DRAGON of New Bedford, Mass., Enos Pope, master.

Customs papers; Susan (Brig), 1804, May 5-18

Customs papers; Ceres (Brig), 1913 July 17-28

Declaration; Stanwood, Winthrop, 1795 Dec 9
- Sworn to by Winthrop Stanwood of Gloucester, Mass., that his "boat" LUCY will not be employed in trade to defraud the United States of Revenue.

Discharge certificates; United States Consular Agency, 1844-1893
- Discharge certificates for various merchant mariners and six different vessels, primarily in the Pacific Ocean area.

Documents; Fish, Walter Sands, 1923
- Documents of Walter Sands Fish, including commission as ensign in U.S. Coast Guard, and certificate of completion of course at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.

Drawback forms and certificates; United States Customs, 1802-1848
- Printed forms & certificates,1802-1848, relative to drawbacks and issued by the Customs Administration at various American ports. These documents were required for drawback payments of duties on foreign goods re-shipped out of the U.S. They usually carried the signatures of the Port Collector and Naval Officer. Cargos included nankeens, linen, silk, camphor, tea, Russia sheetings, olive oil, crepe shawls, Linseed oil, and raisins.

Drawback forms and certificates; Port authority (Penn.), 1807, 1826
- Printed drawback forms relative to cargo aboard the Ship PILGRIM (April 6, 1807), Brig JAMES COULTER (April 27, 1826), and Brig STEPHIN GIRARD (April 26, 1826), through the Port of Philadelphia. These forms were required for drawback of duties on foreign merchandise re-shipped out of the U.S. Cargo included raisins, wine, and barrels of makeral.

Engineers Licenses; Steamboat Inspection Service, 1896-1927

Hillman, Owen; Pilot's certificate, 1828 Jan 15
- Pilots certificate of Owen Hillman, New Bedford, Mass., for the harbors of New Bedford and Fairhaven, Mass.

Letter agency; Robin Hood (Ship), 1782
- Letter agency by the officers and seamen of the ship ROBIN HOOD, appointing William Parsons of Boston, Mass., as lawyer and agent for disposal of prizes.

Manifests and entry papers; Caroline (Brig), 1796 Mar
- Relative to cargo of Brig CAROLINE, Elihu Cotton, Master, on her return to Middletown, Connecticut from a voyage to Jamaica. Cargo consisted of rum and sugar.

Mediterranean passports; , 1823-1841
- Documents, authorizing the safe passage of said vessels and crew "without any hinderance, seisure, or molistation" over the seas. Under the U.S. seal and with the signature of the Secretary of State and the President of the United States, documents for the Brig NEPTUNE, Seth Barton, master; Ship GALEN, Luther M. Bourder; Ship ANNE, Gouslove; Brig AMERICA, Benjamin Lake; Ship MARNET, George F. Usher; Ship ASPASIA, M. Bennett; Ship GOVERNOR FENNER, Stephen Martin; Ship CANTON PACKET, Benjamin W. Bradford; Barque SARAH LEE, William Weeks; Ship JANE, John L. Clark; Ship AVERICK, Thomas Michell; Brig O. C. RAYMOND, Samuel Dennison; and Ship MARCIA, Edward P. Mosher, master., are present.

Membership certificate; New York Marine Society, 1838 Jan 9

Notarized sworn statement; Niagara (Brig), 1809
- Notarized sworn statement, July 25, 1808, by the owner, master, and mate of Brig NIAGARA of Philadelphia, that the vessel did not violate its Bond during her voyage from Philadelphia to Havana and back.

Passport; Iselin, Charles Oliver, Jan. 28, 1898
- Passport of Charles Oliver Iselin and his wife, issued by the United State Department of State, and signed by John Sherman bearing Serial No, 1490.

Port papers; New Bedford Customs District, 1819-1860
- For the customs district of New Bedford, Mass., including a declaration of no interest in the ship FRANCES, a warehouse bond for champagne, and entry manifests for the brigs BULL, EMILY, and RESOLUTION.

Protection certificate; Shaw, Ceasar, 1795
- Seaman's Protection Certificate, Dec. 30, 1795 issued to Caesar Shaw "a free Negro Mariner," at New London, Ct. Document indicates that Shaw was about to sail aboard the Sloop BETSEY, John Webb, master, for a voyage from New London to the West Indies. Signed by Lyman Law, Public Notary, and Richard Law, Mayor of New London.

Provisioning List; , c. 1870
- Blank copy of list of provisions and stores in both Arabic and English. [marked on back- Mystic River, Conn., Thomas C. Forsyth]

Quarantine rules; Bogota (Brig), 1826, 1828
- Quarantine rules for New York, New York, issued by John T. Harrison, Health Official. Rules apparently given to John Somers of the brig BOGOTA. Clearance certificate, March 31, 1828, given to James P. Sheffield, master of the brig BOGOTA bound from New York to Gibralter with a general cargo including tobacco, cocoa, flour, and rice.

Receipt; Emily Morgan (Ship), 1857, Oct. 26
- Receipt issued to the ship EMILY MORGAN of New Bedford, Mass., Prince W. Ewer, master, from Thomas W. Everett, deputy sheriff, Lahaina, Hawaiian Islands, for arrest and detention of deserted seaman.

Records of Lawrence & Co.; Lawrence & Co., 1822-1904 - Whaling, sealing, and shipping firm (trading on the Atlantic Coast, South American, and European ports); began operations under the personal management of Joseph Lawrence (1788-1872) using the same name; after his retirement, operated by sons Francis Watson Lawrence and Sebastian Duffy Lawrence and associate Sidney Miner under the name Miner, Lawrence & Co.; after Miner's retirement in 1833 business carried on by the Lawrence brothers under the name Lawrence & Co. Correspondence, accounts, bills, receipts, freight lists, freight receipts, bills of lading, whalemen's shipping lists, outfitting and labor account books for individual vessels, insurance policies, agreements between shipmasters to work together, cashbooks, general store daybooks, salesbooks, inventory book, invoice books, ledgers, check stub books, slops account books, miscellaneous account books, logbooks, and other materials, reflecting all aspects of the firm's activities. includes daybooks and ledgers of Joseph Lawrence; and late letters to Sebastian D. Lawrence, chiefly regarding railroad securities held in his own name and by the estate to Francis W. Lawrence. Vessels represented include the ships ATLANTIC, AVIS, BENJAMIN MORGAN, BOSTON, CATAWBA, HELVETIA, ISAAC HICKS, JEFFERSON, NEW ENGLAND, PEMBROKE, PHEONIX, and WEBSTER; the barks CLEMENT, LYDIA, TENEDOS, and WHITE OAK; the brigs DAMERS COVE and LOUISA BEATON; the schooners ANN HOWARD, BETWEY CHARLES COLGATE, DANIEL WEBSTER, FLORENCE P. HALL, FLYING FISH, FRANKLIN, GOLDEN WEST, JOSEPH LAWRENCE, MARY E. HIGGINS, MARY POWELL, MARY PRICE, PACIFIC, RED EAGLE, SOMERSET, and TRINITY.
Scattered papers; Morning Glory (Ship), 1855-1860
- Papers of ship MORNING GLORY, of Portsmouth, N.H. Hiram H. Hobbs master, including correspondence, disbursements, charters, Lloyd's inspection, bottomry bonds, repair bill, bills of lading, average bond, and loss inventory

Shipmaster's license; Post, Charles, 1861 Nov 20
- Shipmaster's license for Charles Post issued by the American Shipmasters' Association in New York.. Certificate is illustrated with four engravings of ships at sea, and figures of a woman and sailor.

Shipping articles; , 1873-1878
- Shipping articles of vessels from Honolulu, Hawaii, including the schooners FAIRY QUEEN, SEAHE, and HALEAKALA

Shipping articles; Tenedos (Bark), 1808
- Shipping articles for the bark TENEDOS of New London, Conn., King, master, signed at the port of Lahaina, Maui, H.I., Lawrence & Co., owners.

Shipping articles; , 1800-1860
- Shipping articles relative to the following vessels: Bark ABBOT LORD (1841-'42), Bark AUSTIN (1851-'53), Brig COM. PREBLE (1825-'32), Bark DANA (1846), Brig FEROX (1819), Ship GEN. BERRY (c. 1845), Sloop GEORGE (c. 1820), Ship HAMLIN (1860-'63), Ship HARVEST (1860), Ship LINCOLN (1861), Brig MERCHANT (1805), Brig SUTTON (1849), Brig TRAVELLER (1805-'07), Brig UNION (1823-'31), Brig VENGEANCE (1802), and Brig WILLIAM (c. 1805).

Shipping Articles; Kamehameha V (Bark), 1863
- Hawaiian Shipping Articles for a whaling voyage to the California coast. Contains names of crew and mentions previous vessel name as being Bark Zoe.

Shipping papers; Chelsea (Ship), 1828
- For Ship CHELSEA, of New York, Acors Barns (1774-1862), master, for voyage from New York to London. Includes N.Y. General Clearance certificate, U.S. Consulate's bill, victualling bill, cargo manifest, passenger manifest, passenger list, and several bills of lading.

Ships' papers; Loan (Ship), 1838
- For ship Loan of Edgartown, Massachusetts, issued at Port of Edgartown & signed by John P. Norton, collector. Documents contain vessel's specifications and description, owners' names and master, Henry H. Merchant.

Statement; Splendid (Ship), 1824 Aug. 10

Stock Certificate; Black Star Line, Inc., 1920

Certificate of Appointment for Collector of the Port of New York; George, King of England, 1718
- Certificate of Appointment, 1718 May 24, issued to Thomas Byerly as Collector of the Port of New York. Signed by four of the royal customs commissioners at the Customs House in London: John Stanley, Thomas Walker, John Pulteney, and Charles Peers. There are three blue tax stamps along the left-hand side of the document, elaborate pen and ink depiction of the royal seal is located in the top left corner, the royal seal in red wax is present but partially removed, a revenue stamp and early owner's inscriptions are on the back of the document.

Mariner's Medical Guide; Folsom, James, 1884

Mystic (Conn.)
Diploma; Packer Manufacturing Company, 1875
- Diploma awarded by the American Institute to the Packer Manufacturing Co., of Mystic, Conn., for exhibiting tar soap.

Mystic Seaport Pilot; Mystic Seaport, July 19, 1957.
- Vol. 1, No. 1, of Mystic Seaport Pilot, published in Mystic, Connecticut.

Plan view drawing; Mystic Manufacturing Company, 1915, June 8.
- Plan view draing of the Mystic Manufacturing Company's building layout and water distribution system.

Nautical charts
[Chart of Cape Horn]; Laurie, Richard Holmes, 1833

Maury's wind and current chart; Maury, Matthew Fontaine, 1852
- The winds are denoted by small brushes, the head of the brush pointing to the direction whence the wind blows, the character of the brush designating the character of the wind and the divergence of its sides the extreme variation in direction of wind. Squalls are represented by dashes appended to the character with which they are connected.

Nautical chart; Apollo (Ship), 1849, Jan. 10-Sept.
- Chart of the track for the ship APOLLO, on a passage from New York via Rio de Janeiro and Callao to San Francisco. [Also see VFM 528 for typed copy of excerpts from a journal kept on board by Joseph Perkins Beach.

Pilot chart for Cape Horn; Maury, Matthew Fontaine, 1852
- Includes notes on use of chart which begins: "The object of this chart is to show the relative number of times in every Lat. x Long. of the passage around Cape Horn that the wind blows from the several points of the compass for each month..."

South-eastern part of Tierra del Fuego; Hydrogrpahic Office of the Admiralty, 1841
- The South-eastern part of Tierra del Fuego with Staten Island, Cape Horn and Diego Ramirez Islands, surveyed by Captain Robert FitzRoy R.N. and the officers of H.M.S. Beagle 1830-1834, Staten Island surveyed by Lieutenant E.N. Kendal in 1828.

Track chart; Andalusia (Ship), 1849, April 18-Sept. 21.
- Track chart of the ship ANDALUSIA from Baltimore, Md., to San Francisco, Cal., in which Edward Thompson Effinger age 21, was a first class passenger.

Track of four passages; Andrew Jackson (Ship), 1856-1860
- Chart with tracks of the clipper ship ANDREW JACKSON between New York, N.Y., and San Francisco, Calif., via Cape Horn, including one original chart and three photostatic copies of a different chart. The photostatic copies indicate an incorrect latitude for the Cape Horn area.

Naval architecture
Engineering record book; Cornell, Howard E., ca. 1915-1936
- Engineering record book, setting forth the boilers, leg boilers, and propeller sizes, dimensions, and specifications for approximately 900 hulls.

Nautical Almanac; Great Britain. Nautical Almanac Office., 1804
- American impressions in which "no pains have been spared to make [them] perfectly correct by comparing with the original London editions" published in the U.S. [1802-1851] at varying locales and by various publishers. Binder's title on American editions thus appears as "Blunt's nautical almanac" or "Patten's nautical almanac."

Navigation workbook; Robinson, Joseph, ca. 1820
- Navigation workbook kept by Joseph Robinson of Ellenborough, England. Contains rules and problems for plane, traverse, Mercator's current and middle latitude sailing, instructions for keeping a journal, description and use of Hadley's quadrant, use of log line and half-minute glass, rules for correcting dead reckoning, illustration, and sketches.

New and Complete Epitome of Practical Navigation; Norie, J. W., 1828
- Containing all necessary instruction for keeping a ship's reckoning at sea ... to which is added a new and correct set of tables.

Oriental Navigator; , 1794
- New directions for sailing to and from the East Indies : Also for the use of the country ships, trading in the Indian and China seas; to New Holland, &c &c. Collected from the manuscripts, journals, memoirs, and observations of the Hon. East India company's service, and from the last edition of the French Neptune Oriental

The Navigation of the Pacific Ocean, China Seas, etc.; Labrosse, F., 1875

Connecticut Courant; George Goodwin and Sons, 1818, March 31
- Connecticut Courant of Hartford, Conn., Vol. LIV, No. 2775, printed by George Goodwin and Sons.

Illustrated Newspaper; , Oct. 15, 1859
- Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper. No. 2 vol VIII. New York, Saturday, October 15, 1859.

Spirit of the Times; Newspaper, 1950
- Vol. 92, No. 24, of the Spirit of the Times, originally printed in New York, N.Y., with Mystic, Conn., re-printing date of May 26, 1950.

Nineteenth century life
Fish Family Letters; Fish Family, 1849-1894 - Chiefly letters written to Simeon G. Fish (son of shipbuilder Nathan G. Fish, owner of Maxon, Fish & Co.), containing descriptions of social life and daily activities in Mystic during the mid-19th century. Includes letter from Simeon's aunt, Phebe Denison Miner, announcing the birth of his younger brother on Jan. 10, 1839; correspondence from brothers and sisters while on board the ship B.F. HOXIE (1857) and serving with the 26th Connecticut Regiment during the Civil War, detailing ships built in Mystic, social life, and daily events; letters fom a brother in Wisconsin, reflecting life in a small lumber town and homesickness for his family; and two letters from Robert H. Clift describing fighting at Belmont, Miss. (Nov. 1861) and Murphysboro, Ill. (Jan. 1862). Other persons represented include members of the Miner and Randall families.
James W. Egleston Papers; Egleston, James W., 1832-1891 -

Offical documents
Agreement; Clift, Amos, 1804 Nov 19.
- Agreement between Amos Clift, of Stonington, Conn. and Thomas B. Gray, Groton, Conn., concerning building an addition to a house in Groton and giving specifications for construction.

Official documents
Certificates; Stillman, Charles Kirtland, 1904, 1907
- Certificates, 1904 and 1907, issued to Charles Kirtland Stillman; a Doctor of Medicine Diploma, 1904, from Columbia University and a certification of completion of internship, Jan. 1 1907, issued by the Trustees of the Bellevue Hospital, New York ,N.Y.

Commission; Harwood, P. LeRoy., June 6, 1917
- P. LeRoy Harwood as adjutant of Connecticut Home Guard, with the rank of Captain.

Deed; Williams, Joseph S., 1850, Oct. 18
- Deed executed by Joseph S. Williams of Stonington, Conn., conveying a tract of land to the trustees, George Greenman, Clark Greenman, and Ellery Maxson, and to their successors in office, for the Seventh Day Baptist Church of Mystic Bridge, Conn.

Deed; Burrows, Nathan,, 1805 Apr 3.
- Deed from Nathan Burrows of Groton, Conn. to Amos Clift of Stonington, Conn. for a tract of land in Groton, Conn; witnessed by Starr Chester and Elisha Packer.

Memorials; Blunt, George W., 1878
- Issued by the Board of Commissioners of Pilots, the Union League Club, the Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York, and the New York and Sandy Hook Pilots Association, upon the death of George W. Blunt.

Resolution; Congregational Church (Stonington, Conn.), 1937 Nov 21.
- Resolution of the Congregational Church of Stonington, Conn., also known as the Road Church, regarding accepting the sword of James Noyes, first minister of the church, from Mrs. Esther Cornwall of Mystic, Conn., signed by Seth N. Williams, clerk.

Testimonial; Republican Central Campaign Club, (The), 1860, June 21
- Issued by the Republican Central Campaign Club of New York, N.Y., upon the announcement of the death of Joseph Blunt.

Warrant (photocopy); Charles I, King of England, 1648
- Photocopy of warrant for the findings and judgings of Charles Stuart before the High Court of Justice, and warrant of execution.

Maps of Oyster Grounds; , 1910,1920 and 1924
- Maps of Oyster grounds in Long Island Sound, "Part of the Biennial Report of the State Shell Fish Commission" of Connecticut. These include: Greenwich-Fairfield, 1910; Bridgeport-Madison, 1910; New Haven Harbor (New Haven & Orange), 1920; Quinnipiac & M

Isthmus of Panama; Otis, Fessenden Nott, 1867
- History of the Panama Railroad and of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company, together with a traveller's guide and business man's hand-book for the Panama Railroad, and the lines of steamships connecting it with Europe, the United States, the North and South Atlantic and Pacific costs, China, Australia, and Japan

Passenger ships
Colonization or Deportation; Drake, Kelly S., 1999
- Article outlining the maritime logistics of emigration of Black Americans to Liberia as carried out by the African Colonization Society

Information Booklet for Passengers; Hamburg-American Line, nd

Journal; Waterman, Lucius A., 1869, Jan. 19 - March 23
- Journal kept by Lucius A. Waterman during voyages on the Pacific Mail Steamship Company's Ships CHINA, CONSTITUTION, and OCEAN QUEEN, from Hong Kong to New York. Contains illustrations, photographs, menus; mentions death at sea.

Menu; Baltic (Steamship), 1905 Sep 10

Pamphlet; North German Lloyd Steamship, nd

Passenger list; George Washington (Steamship), 1913

Passenger Logbook; Lusitania (Steamship), ca. 1910

Passenger Logbook; Lusitania (Steamship), 1909

Passenger Ship Pamphlets; , ca. 1920

Postcard; Merion (Steamship), 1904

Program; Parisian (Steamship), 1906 Sep 21

Sailing Schedule; Clyde's Steamship Lines, 1894

Specifications; Providence and Stonington Steamship Co., 1887
- Specification for the machinery of a side wheel passenger steamer for the Providence & Stonington S.S. Co. The specifications are said to be for the steamship CONNECTICUT.

The Cunard Passenger's log-book; Cunard Steamship Company, ltd, 1895

Polar exploration
Henry Grinnell Letters; Grinnell, Henry, 1860-1871 - Correspondence and other papers relating primarily to Charles F. Hall's polar expedition aboard the Polaris (U.S. North Polar Expedition, 1871-1873). Includes letters from Grinnell to Hall relating to Arctic exploration and Hall's work in securing a congressional appropriation for an expedition and a list of donations to the Hall Franklin expedition of 1860.

Protection certificates
Protection Certificate; Case, Levi, 1817
- Protection certificate issued to Levi Case by Thomas Cushing, Collector of the district of New London, Conn.

American Lloyd's Register of American and Foreign Shipping; 1859
American Lloyd's Register of American and Foreign Shipping; 1861
American Lloyd's Register of American and Foreign Shipping; 1862
American Lloyd's Register of American and Foreign Shipping; 1863
American Lloyd's Register of American and Foreign Shipping; 1865
American Lloyd's Register of American and Foreign Shipping; 1870
American Lloyd's Register of American and Foreign Shipping; 1868
American Lloyd's Register of American and Foreign Shipping; 1869
American Lloyd's Register of American and Foreign Shipping; 1864
American Lloyd's Register of American and Foreign Shipping; 1866
American Lloyd's Register of American and Foreign Shipping; 1867
American Lloyd's Register of American and Foreign Shipping; 1871
American Lloyd's Register of American and Foreign Shipping; 1872
American Lloyd's Register of American and Foreign Shipping; 1873
American Lloyd's Register of American and Foreign Shipping; 1874
American Lloyd's Register of American and Foreign Shipping; 1875
American Lloyd's Register of American and Foreign Shipping; 1876
American Lloyd's Register of American and Foreign Shipping; 1877
American Lloyd's Register of American and Foreign Shipping; 1878
American Lloyd's Register of American and Foreign Shipping; 1879
American Lloyd's Register of American and Foreign Shipping; 1880
American Lloyd's Register of American and Foreign Shipping; 1881
American Lloyd's Register of American and Foreign Shipping; 1882
American Lloyd's Register of American and Foreign Shipping; 1883
American Yacht List; 1874
American Yacht List; 1885
American Yacht List; 1891
American Yacht List; 1881
American Yacht List; 1875
American Yacht List; 1882
American Yacht List; 1883
American Yacht List; 1884
American Yacht List; 1886
Fox's Yachting Annual; 1872
Lloyds Register of American Yachts; 1903
Lloyds Register of American Yachts; 1906
New-York Marine Register; 1857
New-York Marine Register; 1858
Record of American and Foreign Shipping; 1872
Record of American and Foreign Shipping; 1873
Record of American and Foreign Shipping; 1875
Record of American and Foreign Shipping; 1886
Record of American and Foreign Shipping; 1889
Record of American and Foreign Shipping; 1891
Record of American and Foreign Shipping; 1893
Record of American and Foreign Shipping; 1894
Record of American and Foreign Shipping; 1896
Record of American and Foreign Shipping; 1897
Record of American and Foreign Shipping; 1898
Record of American and Foreign Shipping; 1899
Record of American and Foreign Shipping; 1876
Record of American and Foreign Shipping; 1877
Record of American and Foreign Shipping; 1878
Record of American and Foreign Shipping; 1879
Record of American and Foreign Shipping; 1881
Record of American and Foreign Shipping; 1882
Record of American and Foreign Shipping; 1883
Record of American and Foreign Shipping; 1884
Record of American and Foreign Shipping; 1892
Record of American and Foreign Shipping; 1900
Record of American and Foreign Shipping; 1871
Record of American and Foreign Shipping; 1885
Record of American and Foreign Shipping; 1890
Record of American and Foreign Shipping; 1895
Record of American and Foreign Shipping; 1887
Record of American and Foreign Shipping; 1888
Record of American and Foreign Shipping; 1874

Diary, Christopher Prince; American Seamen's Friend Society, 1821-1825
- Diary kept by Christopher Prince a member of the Bethel Union and supporter of Mariner's Church

Images from the illuminated Bible; Unknown, 1845
- Images, 1845, from the illuminated Bible

School discipline
Deposition; Pride, Ezra, undated
- Undated depostion of Ezra Pride concerning the alleged unreasonable whipping given a son of Isaac Denison by Simeon Gallup, teacher of a district school in Groton, Conn.

Seafaring life
A Forty-Niner Fourth of July; Schultz, Charles R.,

A Landlubber's Log of His Voyage Around Cape Horn; MacMichael, Morton, 1883
- A journal kept during a four months' voyage on an American merchatman, bound from Philadelphia to San Francisco

Diary; Minor, James, 1849 March 24-June 5
- Minor's narrative describes his passage, and that of other members of the New Haven Mining Association aboard the bark ANN SMITH on a voyage to California. Includes description of fellow passengers and crew, shipboard life, and his two week stay at Rio de Janeiro. Drinking passengers he called the 'liquor party"; crossing the line ceremony detailed; music and songs; opinions regarding ship's captain and his officer, etc., last entry at sea towards Cape Horn.

George Blunt Wendell Collection; Wendell, George Blunt,

George C.Bugbee Collection Bugbee Collection; Bugbee, George C., 1866-1917 - Chiefly papers (1866-1869) from Bugbee's voyages as an ordinary seaman aboard the ship PREMIER, of Bangor, Me., and the bark LOCH LAMAR, including journal, 3 vols. of his poetry,3 letters between Bugbee and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. James R. Bugbee, of Boston, and miscellaneous notes and sketches; together with clippings of Bugbee's poems printed in newspapers (1916-1917). ‚b Bugbee's journal describes life at sea and at port and social condition in cities visited, including Calcutta, India, Pernambuco, Brazil, and Simonstown, South Africa.
John E. Barstow Collection; Barstow, John E., 1870-1890 - Reminiscences (1 v.) by Barstow of his command of the merchant ship CELESTIAL EMPIRE, 1874-1876, containing illustrations; vol. of sketches, original poems, navigation computation, and clippings; and transcripts (typewritten) of Barstow's sea stories and sketches, many of them watercolor.
Joseph J. Fuller collection; Fuller, Joseph J., 1880-1920 - Memoirs containing descriptions of the sea elephant industry (principally in the Indian Ocean) and the year Fuller spent shipwrecked with the crew of the schooner PILOT'S BRIDE in the Kerguelen Islands; together with a scrapbook of clippings relating to Fuller and other subjects of maritime interest in the New London area.
Journal; Houqua (Ship), 1846 April 4-Dec. 6
- Journal kept by Thomas Benedict III on board ship Houqua of New York, N.Y., Nathaniel Brown Palmer, master, for a trading voyage to China. Details homesick greenhand's experiences on board ship, daily routine at sea and in port, ceremony upon crossing the

Journal.; Vesper (Ship), 1846 September 15 -1849 June.
- Journal, Sept. 15, 1846-June 1849, kept by Alfred Terry aboard the ship VESPER of New London, William W. Clark, master, for a whaling voyage to the North Pacific Ocean, and California coast.

Journal.; Odd Fellow (Schooner), 1849
- Journal, 1849, kept on board the Schooner ODD FELLOW, Captain Daniel Stoddard, by crew member Orlando Stoddard. Stoddard's daily entries list shipboard activities including brief mention of conversations regarding California gold, tent making, and religi

Life by land and sea; Mulford, Prentice, 1889

Logbook; Rialto (Schooner), 1849
- Logbook kept on board the schooner RIALTO bound from Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts to San Francisco, California. Logbook kept by George Denham a minister traveling to California with a company of gold seekers. Denham comments extensively on life aboard

Logbook; Amelia (Brig), 1849 Nov. 12 -1850 May 3

Logbook.; Sarah (Bark), 1849-1850
- Logbook kept on board the Bark SARAH bound from Edgartown, Mass. to San Francisco, California. Logbook kept by William Pent traveling to California in company with other gold seekers. Journal includes land profiles and drawings of whales and porpoises.

Narrative of Capt. Jeremiah Holmes of Mystic Bridge, Conn; Denison, Frederic, 1859
- Biographical sketch, entitled "Narrative of Capt. Jeremiah Holmes of Mystic Bridge, Conn., as told to Frederick Denison.

Poem; Marchant, Abiah, 1849, Feb. - July
- Poem written by Abiah Marchant, describing her experiences on board the Ship MAGNOLIA on a passage to California. The diary mentions illness and death at sea, food conditions, storm damage to the vessel, stops at Rio de Janiero and Talcahuano Bay (Chile), and the California gold rush. Also mentions the SOO CHOO (Boston) bound for Valparaiso and San Francisco.

Round Cape Horn; Lamson, Joseph, 1878
- Voyage of the passenger-ship James W. Paige, from Maine to California in the year 1852

Sailors' Valentines; Johnson, Jennifer Sheperd, Winter, 1992

The Log of an Ancient Mariner; Wakeman, Edgar, 1878

Voyages and commercial enterprises; Cleveland, Richard J., 1855

Logbook; Francis Allyn (Schooner), 1891-1893
- Logbook, including inventory of elephant seals taken and oil onboard, 1891-1893, detailing seal and elephant seal hunting voyage to South Atlantic islands. Frequently mentions Captain Fuller's boy, ie playing with dog, fishing, hunting, etc. Contains description of Tristan da Cunha and its people, alteration of the captain's captain, diner with officers on board a French Man-of-War, temperature and barometric pressure. Final catch for voyage totaled 101 casks and 23 barrels of oil in addition to seal and penguin skins.

Articles of Agreement; , May 29, 1703
- Articles of Agreement concluded in Boston, County of Suffolk, Province of Massachusetts, between John Parker and John Wakefield, shipwrights, and Thomas Palmer, Esq., and Benjamin Edmonds, merchants of Boston, for the construction of a vessel, and witness

Invitation; U.S.S. Connecticut (Battleship), 1904, Sept. 29
- Papers issued by the Secretary of the Navy to attend the lauching of the U.S.S. CONNECTICUT.

Joseph Holmes collection; Holmes, Joseph, 1797-1887
- Correspondence, accounts and financial papers, insurance policies, charter-parties, deeds, writs, wills, vessel bills of sale, and other papers, concerning shipbuilding, shipowning, and the affairs of a merchant family of the 19th century. ‚b Includes materials relating to Holmes' sons, Alexander, Edward, Horace, and Paraclete; his sea captains and business agents; the family's interest in the Alabama claims, and West Indian, coastwise and trans-Atlantic trade; and vessel accounts, disbursements, etc., for various Holmes' vessels, including brig TRIDENT (built in Bridgewater), ships LUCY, NATHAN HANNAU, BRUNETT, JOSEPH HOLMES, and RARITAN, and schooners NOVEMBER and RISK.

Records of the Holmes' Shipyard; Holmes Shipyard, 1820-1886 -
Treatise on Marine and Naval Architecture; Griffiths, John Willis, 1856
- Theory and practice blended in ship building.

Samuel Watts Collection; Watts, Samuel, 1840-1970
- Correspondence, customs declarations, accounts for outfitting and cargoes, bills, ledgers, scrapbook, dividend books, and other records, formed around each of ca. 100 vessels built and managed by Watts (and his brother Capt. Alfred Watts, with whom he was associated); together with other business and personal correspondence, business records, prints of vessels, and photos. ‚b Includes research and notes (ca. 1940-1970) by Watts's grandson, Samuel W. Lewis and his nephew, C. Winslow Lewis, Jr.

Timothy M. Benson Collection; Benson, Timothy M., 1865-1911
- Correspondence (2 boxes), chiefly between Benson and merchant shipowners Charles Brewer (Charles Brewer & Co.) , discussing cargoes, provisions, repairs and other business matters involving the MARTHA DAVIS, including some letters between Benson's wife, Rebecca W. Benson, and the company regarding his estate and financial matters; shipping papers for the VIKING (1865-1869) and MARTHA DAVIS (1873-1877); stamped and addressed envelopes (ca. 1876-1888) of the MARTHA DAVIS; and miscellaneous materials, including a few domestic bills, land deeds, and several issues of The Friend, a newspaper from Honolulu. ‚b Papers written by his daughter, Clara Benson are also included in the collection. The Bensons visited ports such as Hong Kong, Honolulu, and Boston.

Enoch Silsby Collection; Silsby, Enoch, 1788-1841
- Papers chiefly relating to Silsby's business activities, principally in Boston and New York, and to a lesser degree, his personal or household expenses.

Andrew T. Judson Collection; Judson, Andrew T., 1825-1861 - Andrew T. Judson (1784-1853) lived in Canterbury, Connecticut, and served the state of Connecticut as a public official holding the offices of States Attorney for Windham County, Representative to the Connecticut House and U.S. District Court judge. From 1839 to 1840 Judson presided over the case of the schooner AMISTAD, out of Havana, Cuba, which sailed from Africa carrying slaves, who several days out of port, rose and murdered the captain and crew, hoping to use the vessel to return to Africa, ending up adrift at sea; responsible for freeing the African captives. AMISTAD documents include: rough notes of testimony from the two Cuban slaveowners taken aboard the brig WASHINGTON (U.S. revenue cutter responsible for the capture of the AMISTAD) at New London, Conn. (1839 Aug. 29); transcript of first day testimony (10 items, 1839) at District Court, Hartford, Conn.; copy of Judson's decision regarding the location of the AMISTAD when it was seized (6 items, 1840 Jan. 13); rough copy of his decision regarding the status of the Africans aboard (4 items, 1840 Jan. 13); and rough notes concerning issue of the specific location of AMISTAD's capture with possible references to legal precedents used by attorneys involved in the trial.
Journal; Marion (Ship), 1858
- Journal, Jan. 1858-Sept. 1860, kept by Henry Eason, a seaman aboard U.S. Sloop of War MARION (U.S. naval vessel with 16 guns), Captain Brent, during an anti-slaving naval cruise off the African coast. ‚b MARION patroled near the Congo River, and the volume contains descriptions of searching and seizing vessels, activity aboard ship, and places visited. Many American and British naval vessels are mentioned. A good account of naval life at sea and the African slave trade. Mentions death at sea, burial at sea, discipline, native contacts, food at sea. Contains accounts of crew wages, illustrations, prose and verse.

Certificates; Old Colony Steamboat Company., 1890-1895.
- Two bonds, one held by Mrs. Sarah A. Goodnow, and the other by the Boston Marine Society and a printed form letter to Mrs. Goodnow (Worcester, Mass.), regarding payment of the bonds.

Ocean steamships; , 1891
- A popular account of their construction, development, management and appliances

Schedule; Martha (Steamboat), 1902 Jul 14

Steamboat Ephemera; , 1880-1920

Steamboat Sailing Card; Hart Line, 1890

Turret ships
Letters; Hanscom, William L., 1870 Nov 16-ca. 1871 Dec
- Letters from William L. Hanscom of New York, N.Y., to W.O. Giles and Henry Steel Olcott, also of New York, N.Y., offering to build a monitor to specifications he gives; also describes other monitors owned by the United States Navy.

U.S. Navy
Edward Lupton Papers; Lupton, Edward, 1862-1917 - Correspondence, contracts, accounts, legal documents, specifications, and other papers, relating to Lupton's claims against the U.S. Navy Dept. for cost overruns during the building of the gunboat LENAPEE during the Civil War. The claims were continued by his estate.
Letter; Johnston, William F.,, 1849 Dec 14
- Letter from Pennsylvania Governor William F. Johnston to Secretary of the Navy William B. Preston, Washington, D.C., regarding restoring the rank of midshipman in the United States Navy to James Bredin who resigned his rank in San Francisco, California, p

Roderick Stephens Collection; Stephens, Roderick, 1931-1990 - Logs, navigator's notebooks, scrapbooks, guest registers, notes, correspondence, newspaper and magazine articles, and other papers, chiefly relating to Stephen's activities as navigator and/or captain of various vessels in long distance racing, but also reflecting his and his brother, Olin Stephens' personal and business affairs. Includes materials relating to the yawls DORADE and STORMY WEATHER, winners of the Transatlantic and Fastnet races, and races aboard his personal sloop MUSTANG; his assistance in the design and sailing of America's Cup defenders, sloops COLUMBIA and CONSTELLATION; receipt of a U.S. Medal of Freedom for his role in the design of the DUKW, an amphibious Army vehicle during World War II; and presidency of the yacht design firm Sparkman & Stephens.
Silas Talbot Collection; Talbot, Silas, 1767-1867 - Correspondence, accounts, account books, bills, receipts, genealogical notes, and printed material reflecting Talbot's career, especially his command of the U.S.S. CONSTITUTION (1798-1801). Other subjects include the impressment of American sailors by the British Navy; activities as U. S. agent in the West Indies assisting American seamen; captain of the privateer ship GENERAL WASHINGTON (1780), and his supervision of the outfitting of the sloop HAWK (1778), the U.S.S. CONSTITUTION (1798, 1800), and the ship GEORGE WASHINGTON (1798) which was purchased by the U.S. Navy and under the Talbot's authority converted into a sloop which was used during the quasi-war with France (1797-1801). Printed materials include a preliminary printing of "Rules for the Regulation of the Navy of the United Colonies", thought to be a draft version of the rules adopted by the Continental Congress (1775 Nov. 18) and two broadsides relating to uniforms for the U.S. Navy (1797, 1798). Correspondents include Benjamin Bourne, Isaac Hull, Timothy Pickering, Robert Morris, Benjamin Stoddert, George Washington Talbot, and Stephen Higginson & Co.

U.S. Navy - Revolution
Records of the sloop Hancock; Hancock (Sloop), 1777-1783 - Correspondence, articles of agreement, accounts, crew account books, crew lists, bills, receipts, and other papers. The crew account books include divisions of the prize brigs FRIENDSHIP and CORNELIUS, the prize schooner COMET, and the prize sloops HIBERNIA and VENUS. Other persons represented include Giles Mumford, agent, of Groton, Conn.

U.S. Navy- Civil War
Charles Lewis Richards Collection; Richards, Charles Lewis, 1873-1888 - Whale ship owner, of Norwich, Conn. Correspondence, depositions, newpapers and clippings, petitions, court orders, memoranda; and printed testimony, bills, and acts, relating to claims filed before the Alabama Claims Court by Richards for losses suffered during the Civil War. Chief parties were the whaling bark PEARL, of New London, Conn., destroyed by the C.S.S. Shenandoah at Ascension Island, 1865; the whaling bark RICHMOND, of New Bedford, Mass., which was compelled to return crew to Honolulu from vessels taken by the Shenandoah
Journal; Kearsarge (Sloop-of-war), 1861-1863
- Journal kept by Charles A. Poole on board the U.S.S. KEARSARGE, Charles Pickering, commanding (until April 8, 1863), and John A Winslow, commanding for a Naval cruise.

Journal; Kearsarge (Sloop of war), 1862-1864
- Journal kept by Carsten B. DeWitt, yeoman, on board the U.S.S. KEARSARGE, Pickering, master, for a naval cruise in search of the Confederate steamer SUMPTER. Mentions death at sea.

Legal Records of the Smack L. A. MACOMBER; L. A. Macomber (Smack), 1861-1875 -
Logbook; Kearsarge (Sloop-of-war), 1864
- Journal kept by William Wainwright on board the U.S.S. KEARSARGE, Captain John A. Winslow, commanding for a Naval cruise during which she sunk the Alabama. Mentions injury at sea.

Logbook; Kearsarge (Sloop-of-war), 1863-1864
- Journal kept by Charles A. Winslow, commanding for a Naval cruise.

Logbook; Kearsarge (Sloop-of-war), 1861 Nov 21 - 1864 Jun 17
- Journal kept by William Wainwright on board the U.S.S. KEARSARGE, Captain Pickering, and later Captain John A. Winslow, commanding for a Naval cruise. A detailed and descriptive journal, including details of burial at sea.

Voyages and travels
Deck and port; Colton, Walter, 1850
- Incidents of a cruise in the United States frigate Congress to California; with sketches of Rio Janeiro, Valparaiso, Lima, Honolulu, and San Francisco

Voyages and travels, or, Scenes in many lands; Colange, Leo de, 1887
- With eight hundred and fifty illustrations on wood and steel of views from all parts of the world

Voyages to the Pacific coast
Narrative of a voyage to the northwest coast of American; Francháere, Gabriel, 1820

On shore in a foreign land :; Malley, Richard C.,

Washington (State)
Narrative of the adventures and sufferings of John R. Jewitt; Jewitt, John Rodgers, 1849
- John R. Jewitt was the only survivor of the crew of the ship Boston, during a captivity of nearly three years among the savages of Nootka Sound: with an account of the manners, mode of living, and religious opinions of the natives. Embellished with engravings.

The Canoe and the Saddle; Winthrop, Theodore, 1866
- A narrative of travel in Washington Territory in 1853 and on the Isthmus of Panama in the preceding year.

Vancouver's discovery of Puget Sound; Meany, Edmond Stephen, 1907
- Portraits and biographies of the men honored in the naming of geographical features of Northwestern America. Contains reproductions of sections of Vancouver's original journals.

Mystic Seaport watercraft; Bray, Fuller and Vermilya, 2001

Account book.; Morrison (Ship), 1844-1846.
- Account book kept by Samuel Green, Jr., shipmaster of Ship MORRISON of New London, Conn. (Havens & Smith agents) during a voyage to the Pacific Ocean whaling grounds. Contains crew list and accounts of accounts with other ships, ship's stores, expenses an

George Dunn Gilderdale papers; Gilderdale, George Dunn, 1831-1890
- Correspondence, accounts, logbooks, notebooks, shipping documents, home remedies for ailments and diseases, etc. ‚b Topics include Gilderdale's command of the bark PERU on a whaling and sealing voyage to the South Shetland Islands, the steamships EUTERPE and GENERAL SEDGEWICK, and the ship MARY AND SUSAN; his Civil War service in the U.S. Navy on board the U.S.S. ADOLPH HUGEL, ARLETTA, COMMODORE READ, and YANKEE; and flags and signals.

George H. Newton collection; Newton, George H., 1880-1884
- Correspondence, bills, clippings, advertisements, tickets, and other materials, relating to Newton's whale show which featured the carcass of a 60' right whale, weighting 40 tons, which was transported on a railroad flatcar to Chicago, Ill., for the exhibition. ‚b After its arrival in Chicago, the exhibit was managed by Fred J. Engelhardt who purchased half interest in the show, entering into a partnership with Newton known as Pioneer Inland Whaling Association. The whaling exhibition toured the midwest and other parts of the U.S., but in Sept. 1882, the partnership was dissolved in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., due to insolvency.

Journal; Victoria (Brig), 1858, April 20 - October 5
- Log kept on board the Honolulu brig VICTORIA, Milton Fish, master, for a whaling and trading voyage to the Arctic Ocean. The VICTORIA traded with Arctic natives for sable skins, otter skins, mink skins, fox skins, ivory, and whalebones, while hunting for whales. Logbook records required navigational data, Captain Fish's philosophical musings, details regarding the loss of French ship NAPOLEON III in the Arctic Ice, a crew list and the rescue of the two sole survivors from INDIAN CHIEF which was lost the previous year.

Journal; Morrison (Ship), 1844-1846
- Journal kept by Rev. Thomas Douglass on board the ship MORRISON of New London, Conn., Samuel Green, Jr., master, for a voyage to the Indian and Pacific Ocean whaling grounds. Journal details shipboard life including a death at sea (Richard Francis, seaman), the religious affairs of sailors and captains, gams with other whaling vessels, whaling in general, descriptions of ports visited, problems with the food and an attempted mutiny. Also contains whale stamps.

Journal; Weir, Robert, 1855 Aug 18-1858 May 5
- Journal kept by Robert Weir on board the bark CLARA BELL of Mattapoisett, Massachusetts, Charles H. Robbins, master, for a voyage to the Atlantic and Indian Ocean whaling grounds.

Journal; Tahmaroo (Ship), 1852 -1856
- Log kept by George F. Neil, master, on board the ship TAHMAROO of Fairhaven, Mass., for a Pacific Ocean whaling voyage. Contains ship's accounts, whale stamps, and mentions wives and children at sea, injury at sea and death at sea.

Journal; Atlantic (Ship), 1835-1837
- Journal kept by Theodore Lewis, M.D., on board the ship Atlantic of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Hunting Cooper, master, for a voyage to the Atlantic and Indian Ocean whaling grounds. Contains illustrations (pencil sketch), mentions death at sea, native contacts, shipboard life. Made 6 ports-of-call and spoke 53 vessels. Contains detailed descriptions of species of whales, whaleboats and whaling gear, cutting and boiling; also the history, government, people, customs and religion of the Falkland Islands; Azores; Tristan da Cunha; Inaccessible Island; Capetown, South Africa; Sandy Island (Rodrigues Island) (off Madagascar); Saint Paul Island (Ile St. Paul); Amsterdam Island; Saint Helena and Ascension Island.

Logbook; Jireh Perry (Ship), 1874-1875
- Copy of a logbook kept by J. J. O'Donnell on board the ship Jireh Perry of New Bedford, Massachusetts. Leander C. Owen, master, for a voyage to the Pacific Ocean whaling grounds. Mentions native contacts. Made 3 ports-of-call and spoke 8 vessels.

Logbook; Janet (Bark), 1887-1879
- Logbook kept by Henry M. King, third mate, on board bark Janet of New Bedford, Massachusetts. Peter Gartland, master for a voyage to the Atlantic Ocean whaling grounds. Contains whale stamps, crew list, mentions death at sea and injury at sea. Made 10 ports-of-call and spoke 50 vessels. King discharged on October 20, 1879 and returned home on bark Veronica of New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Logbook; Hibernia (Ship), 1866 May-1869 Nov 26.
- Journal kept by Wilson Andrews on board the whaling ship Hibernia of New Bedford, MA, Jeremiah Ludlow, master, on a voyage to the Pacific Ocean whaling grounds. Contains whale oil and whale bone inventories, ship's accounts, boat caught record, and mentions scrimshaw.

Logbook; George Howland (Bark), 1869-1870
- Journal kept by Wilson Andrews on board the bark George Howland of New Bedford, Mass. James H. Knowles was master on a return passage from the Pacific Ocean whaling grounds.

Logbook; Sheffield (Ship), 1849-1850
- Logbook, 1849-1850, kept by Isaac M. Jessup on board the ship SHEFFIELD of Cold Spring Harbor N.Y., Thomas M. Roys, master, for a voyage to the Pacific Ocean whaling grounds. Contains personal accounts, mentions death at sea (Justin Pratt, seaman), attempted mutiny, resulting discipline, carried cargo of lumber and wheels, made 5 ports-of-call.

Logbook; Stonington (Ship), 1843, Aug. 17 - 1845, April.
- Logbook kept on board the ship STONINGTON of New London, Conn., by George W. Hamley, master, for a whaling voyage to the Indian, Pacific, and South Atlantic Ocean whaling grounds. Contains whale stamps. Made 17 ports-of-call and spoke 25 vessels.

Logbook; Stonington (Ship), 1846, Febuary 28 -1847, September 29
- Logbook kept by Abanson Fournier on board the ship STONINGTON of New London, Conn., George W. Hamley, master, for a voyage from Tasmania to the Pacific Ocean whaling grounds and during the time the ship was commandeered at San Diego, Calif., for Mexican war service. Capt. Hamley was captured at San Blas, Mexico, and Alanson Fournier took command for the passage home. Contains whale stamps.

Logbook; Bingham (Ship), 1839-1840
- Logbook for the ship Bingham on a whaling voyage in the Atlantic Ocean. Ezra G. Bailey commanded the voyage, William Bailey served as first mate and log keeper. Entries include a detailed description of a fight between crew members, a stopover in the Azores, and a knockdown. William Bailey became ill and left the ship at St. Helena.

Logbook; Halcyon (Bark), 1843-1844
- Logbook of the bark Halcyon for an Indian Ocean whaling voyage. William Bailey commanded the voyage which ended in Geographe Bay, Australia when the Halcyon broke her third anchor chain and wrecked on the beach. The crew and 500 barrels of oil were transfered to the ship Charles Henry of New London.

Logbook; Helen Mar (Bark), 1871-1873
- Copy of a logbook kept by J. J. O'Donnell on board the bark Helen Mar of New Bedford, Massachusetts. William H. Koon, master, for a voyage to the Arctic Ocean whaling grounds. Mentions injury at sea, native contacts, and women at sea. Made 9 ports-of-call and spoke 33 vessels. Mentions shipwrecks in Arctic of whalers caught in the ice in 1871.

Logbook; Sea Breeze (Bark), 1873-1874
- Copy of a logbook kept by J. J. O'Donnell on board the bark Sea Breeze of New Bedford, Massachusetts. R. D. Wicks, master, for a voyage to the Pacific Ocean and Arctic Ocean whaling grounds. Mentions death at sea, injury at sea. Made 10 ports-of-call and spoke 9 vessels.

Logbook page; Aeronaut (Ship), 1833, 1839, or 1850, Feb. 20-25,
- Logbook page, 1833, 1839, or 1850, kept on board the whaling ship Aeronaut of Mystic, Conn., on a voyage to the South Atlantic whaling grounds. Contains 3 whale stamps.

Marine Mammals of the North-western Coast of North America; Scammon, Charles Melville, 1874
- The marine mammals of the north-western coast of North America : described and illustrated, together with an account of the American whale-fishery

Memo book; Dering, Charles T., 1839-1851
- Memo book,1839-1851, containing records of provisions and outfits for whaling vessels of Sag Harbor, N.Y., Charles T. Dering, Agent. Vessels mentioned include Ships CAMILLUS, NIMROD, HAMILTON, HELEN, SABINA, NIANTIC, NOBLE and ITALY, Barks FRANKLIN and B

More Decency and Order; Druett, Joan,

Papers; Pacific (Ship), 1849-1851
- Papers of ship PACIFIC. Asa Hoxie, master, including Whalemen's Shipping Paper, U.S. consulate certification of crew members signed aboard and deserters at the port of Callao, Peru, and U. S. Consular agency certification of crew members signed aboard and

Papers; Anne (Ship), 1843
- Papers of Ship ANNE, including memorandum of oil & bone delivered from voyage no. 3, June 16, 1831, whaleman's shipping paper out of Bristol, R.I., Francis Moore, master, and portage bills by consulate of the U.S., Society Islands, March 31, 1843, and Bay of Islands, New Zealand, Dec. 8-25, 1843.

Photocopy of crew list.; Clara Bell (Bark), undated
- Photocopy of crew list for the Bark CLARA BELL of Mattapoisett, Mass., Charles H. Robbins, master, signed at New Bedford, Mass., for an Atlantic Ocean Passage. Robert Weir sailed on this voyage.

Records of the Sea Queen (Bark); Sea Queen (Bark), 1884-1888 -
Robert Bruce Strout collection; Strout, Robert Bruce, 1855-1880 - Sea journals, diary, account book, obituaries, and related papers. ‚b Includes journal describing Pacific whaling voyages (1855-1862), out of New Bedford, Mass., by ship ALICE MANDELL and barks CLEONE, MARTHA, and SALAMANDRE; diary detailing voyage of the CLEONE, chiefly an indictment against the master and first mate; and ships accounts (1868-1871) of the brig CAMILLE, engaged in West Indian trade. Persons represented include Strout's wife, Jane F. Strout.
Scenes in Honolulu - No. 9 Sad Accident; Twain, Mark,
- Article written by Twain as a correspondent for the "Sacramento Daily Union" describing the peculiarities of whaling and seafaring life. Twain was born Samuel Longhorn Clemens.

Whalemen's Shipping Paper; Martha (Ship), May 12, 1848.
- Whalemen's Shipping Paper for the whaling Ship MARTHA of Fairhaven, Mass., Heman N. Stewart, master, on a voyage to the Pacific and Indian Oceans whaling grounds, Atkins Adams, agent, including a certification attesting a true copy issued by James Truman,

Whaling contract; Atlantic (Ship), 1845, Jul 29
- Whaling contract for the ship ATLANTIC of New London, Connecticut, Lawrence Miner, master, and William Jones of New York, New York, shipping agent.

Whaling Contract; Atlantic (Ship), July 31, 1845
- For the ship ATLANTIC of New London, Conn., Miner, Lawrence & Co., owners, executed by John Smith, carpenter; Thomas Jones, Ordinary seaman; William (Irvin?), blacksmith, at New York, N.Y. by William Jones, agent, and witnessed by George Bradley.

Women at sea
Calista M. Stover Papers; Stover, Calista M., 1859-1881
- Diaries and journals (1882-1891) kept by Stover and her daughter Maria (b. 1875) while on voyages aboard the ship DANIEL BARNES, whose master was Stover's husband, Joseph Stover, of Bucksport, Me.; and other papers. Ports of call included Honolulu, Hawaii, Japan and Australia.

Diary; Barney, Eliza (1799-1885), 1849 - 1852
- Diary of an unknown woman. Entries describe life at sea as experienced by passengers on an unnamed vessel, followed by domestic and social activities in Callao, Peru and Santa Barbara, California. Diary keeper makes her home in Santa Barbara, receiving d

Eliza T. Edwards Papers; Edwards, Eliza T., 1857-1865 - Correspondence, including letters written by Edwards in Hawaii to her husband at sea and family members in New York State; "Reminiscences of a Trip to the Sandwich Islands"; and legal documents, including deed, mortgage payment receipt, and husband's death notice.
Journal; Ohio (Bark), 1875-1878
- Journal kept by Sallie G. Smith on board the bark OHIO of New Bedford, Mass., Fred H. Smith, master, for a voyage to the Atlantic Ocean Whaling grounds. Contains whale stamps, illustrations, inventory of whale oil. Mentions deaths at sea and shipwreck

Journal; Andrew Hicks (Bark), 1908, April 14 - Aug. 5
- Logbook, 1908, kept by Charlotte Church on board the bark ANDREW HICKS of New Bedford, Mass., Charles S. Church, master, for a voyage to the South Pacific Ocean whaling grounds.

Letter; Maxson, Maud, 1870, June 25-Aug. 25
- Letter from Maud Maxson to her mother, Mrs. Arthur L.Maxson, Mystic, Conn., describing her trip to San Francisco, Calif., in an unnamed vessel of which her uncle, Charles Wheeler, was master.

Letter; Bolles, Nancy, 1851
- Letter describes events at sea, from departure at New London, June 1850 to arrival at Maui 9 months later. Also describes officers and crew, and places visited, including Pitcairn Island. Bolles frequently mentions her children, John & Isable, who accompanied her on the voyage. Nancy Bolles and children remain on Maui while the Alert goes whaling in the Northwest Pacific.

Letters; Stark, Mary Rathbun, 1855, April 5 - 1856, Jan. 27
- Letters written by Mary Rathbun Stark in the clipper ship B.F. HOXIE of Mystic, Conn., of which her husband, Henry S. Stark, was master on a voyage from Philadelphia, Pa., to San Francisco, to Honolulu, Hawaii, to New York, N.Y. Most of the letters are to daughter, Lizzie Stark, in Mystic. Letters describe life on board ship and in port and Mrs. Stark's concerns for her husband and family. The vessel was owned by N.G. Fish & Company of Mystic. Among other things, she carried gun powder to San Francisco. Her cargo from Honolulu included whale oil, whale bone, goat skins, and hides. Includes also one letter from Henry S. Stark to his father.

Logbook; Tiger (Ship), 1845 - 1848
- Journal, 1845-1848, kept by Mrs. William E. Brewster on board the ship TIGER of Stonington, William E. Brewster, master, Durcott, first mate, during a whaling passage to the Indian Ocean and Northwest Coast. Made 18 ports-of-call, spoke 32 other vessels, reports sighting a shipwreck, reports death of John Perkins when a whale stove the bow boat

Logbook; Tiger (Ship), 1848 - 1849
- Journal, 1848-1849, kept by Mrs William E. Brewster on board the ship TIGER of Stonington, CT, William E. Brewster, master, Durcott, first mate, during a whaling passage to the Northwest coast and Arctic Ocean. Made 6 ports-of-call, spoke 23 other vessels, contains whale stamps, and reports sighting a shipwreck.

Texas and the Gulf of Mexico; Houstoun, Matilda Charlotte, 1845

Two letters; Barber, Jane G., c. 1852
- Written by Jane G. Barber [of Westerly, R. I.?] to her parents, describing her experiences at sea. Along with her husband, William, she sailed from New York to Galveston aboard the Ship OCEAN EAGLE. She also describes a passage from New York to St. Marks, which includes her description of the crew.

A Testimonial to Charles J. Paine and Edward Burgess; Boston City Council, 1887
- A testimonial to Charles J. Paine and Edward Burgess : ‚b from the City of Boston, for their successful defence of the America's Cup.

Certificate; Adams, Charles Francis, 1921
- Certificate issued by the New York Yacht Club to C. F. Adams, II, for his successful defense of the America's Cup onboard the yacht RESOLUTE.

Certificates; James, Arthur Curtiss., 1889-1934
- Certificates of Arthur Curtiss James, including those for first-class navigator, defense of America's Cup, and master of steam and motor vessels.

Charles G. Davis Collection; Davis, Charles G., 1890-1950 -
Charles Oliver Iselin Papers; Iselin, C. Oliver, 1893-1903 -
L. Francis Herreshoff Collection; Herreshoff, L. Francis, 1925-1971 - Yacht designer and author, of Marblehead, Mass. Correspondence, descriptions, specifications, documents, etc., relating to Herreshoff's designs for racing yachts, cruising yachts, canoes and small sailing craft; drafts of his articles for Rudder magazine and his books, The Common Sense of Yacht Design (1946-1948), The Compleat Cruiser (1956), An Introduction to Yachting (1963), and Capt. Nat Herreshoff, the Wizard of Bristol (1953); and memos and monographs.
Log of the Columbia, Season of 1899; Leeds, Herbert Corey, 1899

Rudder Magazine; ,

So many nice boats to build and so short a voyage; Price, Andrew, 2003
- Biographical sketch of boat designer William Garden and details of how his plan collection came to Mystic Seaport.