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The following is a list of items included in the digital initiative that have been transcribed as well as scanned and can be keyword searched.

; Shipping articles, 1873-1878
Amelia (Brig); Logbook, 1849 Nov. 12 -1850 May 3
Amelia (Brig); Journal, 1849 - 1850
Anderson, Rufus, History of the Sandwich Islands Mission 1870
Andrews, Robert Wilson; Journal, 1870, Jan. 1 - December 26
Baker, Hiram; Clearance Papers, 1845-1851
Barber, Jane G.; Two letters, c. 1852
Bates, D. B., Incidents on land and water 1857
Bolles, Nancy; Letter, 1851
Boyd, Thomas; Papers, 1852-1854
Bray, Fuller and Vermilya, Mystic Seaport watercraft 2001
Brewster, Benjamin; Letter, 1849 March 4-10
Challenge (Ship); Logbook, 1853
Charles I, King of England; Warrant (photocopy), 1648
Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841); Logbook, 1841-1845
Charles W. Morgan (Ship : 1841); Journal, 1871-1874
Childs, Willard Curtis; Papers, 1849-1914
Cicero (Brig); Journal, 1826 April 6-1827 January 12
Cicero (Brig); Logbook, 1827 January 13-May 16
Cicero (Brig); Journal, 1827 June 1-July 20
Cleveland, Richard J., Voyages and commercial enterprises 1855
Colange, Leo de, Voyages and travels, or, Scenes in many lands 1887
Colton, Walter, Deck and port 1850
Denison, Frederic; Narrative of Capt. Jeremiah Holmes of Mystic Bridge, Conn, 1859
Drake, Kelly S.; Colonization or Deportation, 1999
Earle, James; Letter, 1965
Economy (Schooner); Journal, 1827-1828
Edwards, Eliza T.; Eliza T. Edwards Papers, 1857-1865
Emily Morgan (Ship); Receipt, 1857, Oct. 26
Fessenden. C.B.H.; Letter, 1854, July 26
Folsom, James, Mariner's Medical Guide 1884
Francháere, Gabriel, Narrative of a voyage to the northwest coast of American 1820
Francis Allyn (Schooner); Logbook, 1891-1893
Goldsmith, William Douglas; Letters, 1838-1849
Gordon-Cumming, Constance Frederica, Granite crags of California 1886
Hanson, Henry; Letters, 1867
Hind, Henry Youle, Explorations in the interior of the Labrador peninsula 1863
Houstoun, Matilda Charlotte, Texas and the Gulf of Mexico 1845
Jewitt, John Rodgers, Narrative of the adventures and sufferings of John R. Jewitt 1849
Kamehameha V (Bark); Shipping Articles, 1863
Kearsarge (Sloop of war); Journal, 1862-1864
Kearsarge (Sloop-of-war); Logbook, 1864
Kearsarge (Sloop-of-war); Logbook, 1863-1864
Kilauea (Steamship); Logbook, 1870, Dec. 26. - 1871, April 16
Knower, Daniel, Adventures of a Forty-Niner 1894
Lamson, Joseph, Round Cape Horn 1878
MacMichael, Morton, A Landlubber's Log of His Voyage Around Cape Horn 1883
Marchant, Abiah; Poem, 1849, Feb. - July
Marion (Ship); Journal, 1858
Mary and Louisa (Bark); Logbook, 1858-1859
Maxson, Maud; Letter, 1870, June 25-Aug. 25
Meany, Edmond Stephen, Vancouver's discovery of Puget Sound 1907
Minor, James; Diary, 1849 March 24-June 5
Morrison (Ship); Journal, 1844-1846
Mulford, Prentice, Life by land and sea 1889
Mystic Seaport Museum; Sailing Card Collection, ca. 1850-1860
Newton, George H.; George H. Newton collection, 1880-1884
Otis, Fessenden Nott, Isthmus of Panama 1867
Selma (Bark); Journal, 1849, April 11 - Oct. 12
Sheffield (Ship); Logbook, 1849-1850
Spray (Schooner); Journal, 1850-1851
Stark, Mary Rathbun; Letters, 1855, April 5 - 1856, Jan. 27
Stevens, William Lord; Logbook, 1849-1850
Stewart, Charles Samuel,, A Residence in the Sandwich Islands 1839
Stonington (Ship); Logbook, 1843, Aug. 17 - 1845, April.
Stonington (Ship); Logbook, 1846, Febuary 28 -1847, September 29
Stover, Calista M.; Calista M. Stover Papers, 1859-1881
Sweden (Ship); Logbook, 1849
Tabele, Montgomery A.; Letters, 1849
Taylor, William, California life illustrated 1882
Victoria (Brig); Journal, 1858, April 20 - October 5
Waterman, Lucius A.; Journal, 1869, Jan. 19 - March 23
Williams, Horace.; Letters, 1849, Aug. 14
Willis, Henry W. B.; Henry W.B. Willis collection, 1846-1865
Winchester, James D., Capt. J. D. Winchester's Experience 1900
Winthrop, Theodore, The Canoe and the Saddle 1866
Wood, Aaron H.; Letters, 1873-1895
Wood, N.H.; Letters, 1872, Mar. 6

The following is a list of items that have been partial transcribed. These items that have been will also be included in the search.

Barstow, John E.; John E. Barstow Collection, 1870-1890
Fish Family; Fish Family Letters, 1849-1894
Herreshoff, L. Francis; L. Francis Herreshoff Collection, 1925-1971
Iselin, C. Oliver; Charles Oliver Iselin Papers, 1893-1903
Krumwiede, Howard A.; Collection of Howard A. Krumwiede, ca. 1800-1953
Mallory Family; Mallory Family Collection, 1808-1958
Morgan, Charles W.; Charles W. Morgan Collection, 1796-1862
Strout, Robert Bruce; Robert Bruce Strout collection, 1855-1880