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Hanson, Henry, VFM 1925

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Friend W.
      Allow me to present you with a sketch of Cape Horn. It is not what an artist would call a good one, still it is as good as I could make it with a pencil. On it you will find two tracks the one in Red is of the Good Hope. The Blue is one of my tracks in the clipper Ship Wild Pigeon on which voyage I had Mrs H. with me. And she has seen that awful Horn. On the sketch you will also see what place I have selected for you, and hope it will suit you. The Name of it is Tierra Del fueg o so named by the Spaniards meaning The Land of Fire. I believe when first discovered there was a volcano on it, but in 1653 they had quite a smart rain-shower which put it entirely out. And it has never been lit since. But should you settle here you may start it again with a little kindling wood as I know a little fire feels good in this part of our little Globe. In regards to the quantity of Land which I have chosen for you. I think it will be as much as you can take care of, nay, I think a littl e more, but then you have children there is Maggie. I suppose she will marry a farmer some day, and you can give her a nice little farm, and there will still be some left for Frank & Helen. South of your farm are several Islands (see sketch) all of wh ich you can take at the same time. But as you will have Land enough on your farm, you can give the Islands to your friends. They are nice & cold in the Summer and no mosquitos. I believe to put up Fences on a farm cost money & labor, but here nature has done it for you. It is one of the Creator's own make, viz, a water Fence, so you will have no trouble about your cattle trespassing on your Neighbors farm, and I will guaranty that no one will trouble you from the South