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Stonington (Ship), Log 335

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Teusday June 18th Remarks on board ~
This day light E wind. Saw a number of whales. Struck 2 and lost one. And got the other and cut him in Lat Obs 55.20 Long 153.30

Wed June 19
This day first part light N breeze. Saw several whales and chased got on top of one and capsized. Went on board and stowed 54 bbls down. Last part strong winds and raining Lat 55.25 Lon DR 153

Thurs June 20th
First part of this day strong E winds. Last part light wind. Saw a number of whale and chased. Stowed down 60 bbls of oil. Lat 55.30 Long DR 153.00

Fri June 21st
This day light breeze and fogg. Chased 2 whales. Then sails in sight Lat noon 55.36 Long by Chro 151.30

Sat June 22
First part light winds and pleasant. At 6 AM saw 2 whales lowered and struck them both. One sunk. Cut the other in last part strong winds and rain. Lat 55.30 Long DR 152.20

Sun June 23
Strong gales and thick fogg. Stowed down 60 bbls of oil. Saw 2 whales Lat DR 55.20 Lon DR 152.40

Mon June 24
This day strong E gales. With a heavy sea lay to all day. Lat 55.20 Long DR 152.10. At 6 PM wore ship

Teus June 25
This day light winds and cloudy. Stowed down 50 bbls of oil Lat 55.20 Long DR 152.00

Wed June 26th
First part of this day light winds and cloudy. Saw several whales and chased. At 1 PM saw land to the N dist 20 miles. Spoke a ship of Fairhaven. Last part strong gales and rain. Lat DR 55.40 Long DR 152.20

Thurs June 27
This day strong gales and fogg. Saw several whales. Also 2 sails. Lat 55.00 Lon by Chro 156.00

Fri June 28
This day strong winds. Saw plenty of whales. Struck 2 got of from one. Took the other along side and cut him in. Broke one of shivers in the upper cutting block. Lat 55.16 Long 155.20