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City, State or Country of BirthNameAgeComplexionPort Issued
Virginia Calliver, Ambrose 25   New Haven
Virginia Conway, Chaplin 33   Salem
Virginia Dennis, Thomas 29   New Haven
Virginia Harason, James 25 Light Gloucester
Virginia Suggs, John J. 20   Salem
Virginia Thackleford, Wm. 39 Dark Gloucester
Virginia Williams, John 20 Black New London
?, Virginia Allen, Paddy? 36 Light New London
?mark?, Virginia McGo?ty, John 23 Light New London
Accomac, Virginia Warrington, William 28   Salem
Accomac, Virginia Wessels, L. C. 27   Fall River
Accomac Co., Virginia Becket, William 28   New Haven
Accomac Co., Virginia Becket, William 33   New Haven
Accomac Co., Virginia Becket, William 29   New Haven
Accomac Co., Virginia Kallum, William 21   Salem
Accomac Co., Virginia Lewis, John 26   New Haven
Accomac Co., Virginia Lewis, John 26   New Haven
Accomac Co., Virginia Lewis, John 28   New Haven
Accomack, Virginia Grant, George 28   Salem
Accomack, Virginia Haslop, George 19 Light New London
Aclamax Co., Virginia Powel, Nath'l 23   Salem
Albemarle, Virginia Tilley, Louis 47 Light New London
Alexander, Virginia Catterell, Thomas 23 Dark Gloucester
Alexandria, Virginia Brown, David 17   Salem
Alexandria, Virginia Christian, John 19 Light New London
Alexandria, Virginia Collier, John 23   Salem
Alexandria, Virginia Colman, William 21   Salem
Alexandria, Virginia Colman, William 23   Salem
Alexandria, Virginia Dulin, Gerard 22 Light Gloucester
Alexandria, Virginia Eggleston, Joseph 20 Brown Gloucester
Alexandria, Virginia Follet, William 46   Salem
Alexandria, Virginia Foren, William 23   Salem
Alexandria, Virginia Foren, Wm. 31   Salem
Alexandria, Virginia Foren, Wm. 24   Salem
Alexandria, Virginia Foren(?), William 40   Salem
Alexandria, Virginia Forren, Wm. 29   Salem
Alexandria, Virginia Fox, James 30   Salem
Alexandria, Virginia Hall, William 23 Dark New London
Alexandria, Virginia Honors, John 25 Light Gloucester
Alexandria, Virginia Junius, Thomas 32   Salem
Alexandria, Virginia Marshall, Alex'a 27   Salem
Alexandria, Virginia Marshall, Alexander 26   Salem
Alexandria, Virginia McKee, William 23   Salem
Alexandria, Virginia Parker, Robert 24 Light Marblehead
Alexandria, Virginia Payne, Richard 33   New Haven
Alexandria, Virginia Reid, John 20   Salem
Alexandria, Virginia Shane(?), Sam'l V. 14   Salem
Alexandria, Virginia Shreve, Isaac, jr. 13   Salem
Alexandria, Virginia Tardy, Daniel 24   New Haven
Alexandria, Virginia Tintley, Thomas 25 Dark Marblehead
Alexandria, Virginia Wheeler, Christopher 30   Salem
Alexandria, Virginia Wilkinson, James 19   Salem
Alexandria, Virginia Williams, Samuel 21 Black Marblehead
Camborough, Virginia Nassan, Money(?) 19 Dark Gloucester
Cambridge, Virginia Austin, William 28   Salem
Charles City, Virginia Holt, Archibald 20 Dark Gloucester
Charles City, Virginia Holt, Archibald 18 Dark Gloucester
Charles City, Virginia Royster, John 20 Dark Gloucester
Charles City, Virginia Royster, John 19 Dark Gloucester
Charles City Co., Virginia Manning, William Taylor 46   Salem
Charles City Co., Virginia Tobey(?), Henry B. 13 Dark Gloucester
Chereystone, Virginia Slade, John 27   New Haven
Clarks City Co., Virginia Manning, William T. 54   Salem
Cobharn, Virginia Gray, David 22   Salem
Dexter Co., Virginia Martin, Wm. 21 Sandy Gloucester
Dist. of Columbia, Virginia Thomas, Samuel 30   Salem
Drummond, Virginia Dix, John 45   Salem
Drummond(?), Virginia Dix, John 38   Salem
Drummondtown, Virginia Dix, John 37   Salem
Dummond, Virginia Dix, John 30   Salem
Fairfax, Virginia Williamson, Tho's 26   Salem
Fairfax Co., Virginia Williamson, Thomas 29   Salem
Franktown, Virginia Powell, Thomas H. 19   Fall River
Frederickburg, Virginia Moore, Wm. Apperson 28   Salem
Fredericksburg, Virginia Moore, Samuel 19   Salem
Fredericksburg, Virginia Parrot, Robert 16   New Haven
Fredersburg, Virginia Mayfield, George 37   Salem
Fredric Co., Virginia Sidney, Richard M. 19   Salem
Fredricksburg, Virginia Silver, Robert 25 Light Gloucester
Georgetown, Virginia Bussard, Lewis A. 25   Salem
Georgetown, Virginia Davis, Thomas 35   Salem
Georgetown, Virginia Davis, Thomas 36   Salem
Givens Island, Virginia Hutchins, Joshua 24 Dark Marblehead
Givens Island, Virginia Smith, Charles 23 Light Marblehead
Gloucester Co., Virginia Allman, Francis 36   Newport
Gloucester Co., Virginia Harvey, John 24 Light Gloucester
Gloucester Co., Virginia Miller, James W. 23 Light Gloucester
Gosport, Virginia Bew, R. H. 43   New Haven
Guinns Island, Virginia Smith, Charles 24 Light Marblehead
Gwins? Island, Virginia Cato, John 68 Negro New London
Hackamack County, Virginia Burton, Edward 23 Yellow New London
Hampton, Virginia Balfour, James 22 Light Gloucester
Hampton, Virginia Briant, George W. 12   Salem
Hampton, Virginia Jason, Peter 24 Light New London
Hampton, Virginia Rogers, Robert B. 23   Salem
Hampton, Virginia Washington, William Henry 27   Newport
Hampton, Virginia Washington, William H. 30   Newport
Hamshire Co., Virginia Bo?arh, Michael 25 Dark New London
Hanover, Virginia Brudley, Isam 14 Black Gloucester
Hanover Co., Virginia Caliver, Ambrose 21   New Haven
Horntown, Virginia Grant, George 31   Salem
Horntown, Virginia Grant, John 22   Newport
Isle of White(?) Co., Virginia Randolf, Axom 41   Salem
Isle of Wright Co., Virginia Randolf, Adam(?) 43   Salem
James City, Virginia Jenson?, Elias 24 Yellow New London
King & Queen, Virginia Boyd, Thomas 28   Salem
King & Queen Co., Virginia Harris, William 24   Salem
King George Co., Virginia Dade, Langhorn 32   New Haven
King William Co., Virginia Fillbey, William 30   Salem
Knights Co., Virginia Smith, Wm. 16 Dark Gloucester
Lancaster, Virginia Dagget, Wm. 28 Light Gloucester
Lancaster, Virginia Lawson, Bailey? 20 Dark New London
Lancaster, Virginia Martin, William 20 Sandy Gloucester
Lancaster, Virginia Snow, Thomas 17 Dark Marblehead
Lancaster Co., Virginia Bell, Sam'l 29   Salem
Lancaster Co., Virginia Martain, William 23 Sandy Gloucester
Lancaster Co., Virginia Paine, John 23   Salem
Leesburg, Virginia Winters, George 23   Salem
Louden Co., Virginia Roberts, John 25   Newport
Loudon Co., Virginia Brown, John 26   New Haven
Luizer(sic), Virginia Dixon, Robert 24   Salem
Manchester, Virginia Christopher, Isaac 64   Newport
Maryland, Virginia Crook, William 26 Light New London
Nansemond Co., VA, Virginia Johnson, William J? 27 Colored New London
Nansumond, Virginia Munson, John 22   Salem
New Town, Virginia West, John 27   New Haven
Norfolk, Virginia Abbot, James 35 Light Gloucester
Norfolk, Virginia Anderson, William 21 Light New London
Norfolk, Virginia Baker, Henry 23 Light Gloucester
Norfolk, Virginia Boyle, John 21 Light New London
Norfolk, Virginia Brown, Charles 21   Newport
Norfolk, Virginia Bu?, ? 18 Light New London
Norfolk, Virginia Condon, William 20 Light Marblehead
Norfolk, Virginia Cook, John 36 Light Marblehead
Norfolk, Virginia Dixon, Thomas 43 Black New London
Norfolk, Virginia Dun, Edward J. 35   Salem
Norfolk, Virginia Dunn, Ed. J. 27   Salem
Norfolk, Virginia Dunn, Edward J. 25   Salem
Norfolk, Virginia Frazer, John 28   New Haven
Norfolk, Virginia Gray, George 16 Darkish New London
Norfolk, Virginia Gund?ay, Samuel 17 Light New London
Norfolk, Virginia Hagall, James 24 Light Marblehead
Norfolk, Virginia Harrison, Thomas 22   Salem
Norfolk, Virginia Hawkins, John 28   Salem
Norfolk, Virginia House, John 44   Newport
Norfolk, Virginia Jenkins, William 19 Light Marblehead
Norfolk, Virginia Johnson, Peter 20   New Haven
Norfolk, Virginia Johnson, Peter 22   New Haven
Norfolk, Virginia Jourdan, William 18   Salem
Norfolk, Virginia Laroque, Benj’a 33 Light Gloucester
Norfolk, Virginia Lightbottom, James 26   Salem
Norfolk, Virginia Martin, Peter 22 Light New London
Norfolk, Virginia May, Andrew 25   Salem
Norfolk, Virginia Mitchell, Henry 18   Newport
Norfolk, Virginia Page, William 22 Dark New London
Norfolk, Virginia Palmer, Justus 23   New Haven
Norfolk, Virginia Parr, Samuel 29   Salem
Norfolk, Virginia Parson, John 21 Light Marblehead
Norfolk, Virginia Pray, Joshua 26   Salem
Norfolk, Virginia Rathey, James 18   Salem
Norfolk, Virginia Renuff, Peter 22 Dark Marblehead
Norfolk, Virginia Reynolds, William 21   Salem
Norfolk, Virginia Rickson, Samuel 14 Light New London
Norfolk, Virginia Robinson, John 26   Newport
Norfolk, Virginia Robinson, William 22   Newport
Norfolk, Virginia Ross, Thomas W. 14   Salem
Norfolk, Virginia Simmons, Benjamin 21 Dark Marblehead
Norfolk, Virginia Simons, Henry 30 Mulatto New London
Norfolk, Virginia Smith, John 20 Dark New London
Norfolk, Virginia Smith, John 30 Darkish New London
Norfolk, Virginia Smith, Charles 23 Light New London
Norfolk, Virginia Thompson, Joseph 19 Light New London
Norfolk, Virginia Thompson, James 20 Light New London
Norfolk, Virginia Tyler, William 31   Salem
Norfolk, Virginia Vittles, John 15   Salem
Norfolk, Virginia Webber, John 24   New Haven
Norfolk, Virginia Whitehead, James H. 16   Salem
Norfolk, Virginia Williams, John 19   New Haven
Norfolk, Virginia Williams, John 17 Light Gloucester
Norfolk, Virginia Winter, William 23 Light New London
Norfolk, Virginia Woodard, John 19   Salem
Norfolk Co., Virginia Cox, Andrew 23   Salem
Norfolk Co., Virginia Manly, Willey 20   Newport
Northampton Co., Virginia Hitchings, George W. 25   Newport
Northcumberland, Virginia Ellison, Thomas 24 Light New London
Northumberland, Virginia Clayton, Joseph 19   Salem
Northumberland, Virginia Clayton, Joseph 22   Salem
Northumberland, Virginia Clayton, Joseph 36   Salem
Peterbury, Virginia Nelson, Geo. 23   Salem
Petersburg, Virginia White, Richard 43   Newport
Petersburgh, Virginia Winants?, John 41 Light New London
Peterson, Virginia Nelson, George 28   Salem
Point Comfort, Virginia Young, Pompey 22 Black Gloucester
Port Royal, Virginia Parker, Philip 25   Salem
Portsmouth, Virginia Garioon, Edward C. 20   Newport
Portsmouth, Virginia Harvey, James 17   Salem
Portsmouth, Virginia Lord, Nath'l B. 13   Salem
Portsmouth, Virginia Preston, Joseph 28   Salem
Portsmouth, Virginia Smith, Thomas 44   New Haven
Portsmouth, Virginia Waite, William 23   Salem
Portsmouth, Virginia Wreyford, William 25   Newport
Potomac Co., Virginia Bradford, Robert 19 Light Gloucester
Prince County, Virginia Morris, James 26 Light New London
Prince Edward Co., Virginia Randolf, Daniel L. 14   Newport
Prince Edward Co., Virginia Waddil, Christopher J. M. 19   Newport
Princes Ann Co., Virginia Cooper, John 51   Newport
Richmond, Virginia Anesworth, Robert 18   Salem
Richmond, Virginia Bandley, Issam(?) 42 Negro Gloucester
Richmond, Virginia Bascome, Daniel 17   Newport
Richmond, Virginia Boid, Ephraim 34 Black man New London
Richmond, Virginia Christopher, Isaac A. 53   Newport
Richmond, Virginia Cole, William 26   Salem
Richmond, Virginia Elliot, Henry 18 Negro New London
Richmond, Virginia Gibson, Thomas 36 Negro New London
Richmond, Virginia Hill, Amos 23   Salem
Richmond, Virginia Jones, John 24   Salem
Richmond, Virginia Luce, Henry 28 Light New London
Richmond, Virginia Mason, Richard 20 Light New London
Richmond, Virginia Riley, Edward     Salem
Richmond, Virginia Scott, Jesse 22   Newport
Richmond, Virginia Stuart, Edward P. 24   Salem
Richmond, Virginia Thomas, Henry 24   New Haven
Richmond, Virginia Thomas, George 23 Light Gloucester
Richmond, Virginia Thornhill, John 17   Salem
Southampton Co., Virginia Evans, Newit 24   Newport
St. Anns, Virginia Fisher, Robert 22 Light Marblehead
Stafford Co., Virginia Begile, Thomas 34   Newport
Stafford Co., Virginia Jackson, Samuel 18   Salem
Stratford, Virginia Carrica, John 58   Salem
Suffolk, Virginia Walker, James 25   Fall River
Suffolk, Virginia Walker, James 21   Fall River
Tappahanock, Virginia Thompson, John 26 Light New London
Virginia, Virginia Jones, William 28 Light New London
Westmoreland, Virginia Bluntall(?), Reuben 17 Lightish Gloucester
Westmoreland, Virginia Michael, Carr 29   Salem
Westmoreland Co., Virginia Massey, Henry 34   Salem
Westmoreland Co., Virginia Muhornay, Thomas W. 33   Newport
Williamsburg, Virginia Coke, Samuel 36   Salem
Williamsburgh, Virginia Timson, Levi 17   Newport
Winchester, Virginia Thompson, Francis 25   Salem
Yorktown, Virginia Goorley, Samuel B 19 Darkish New London
Yorktown, Virginia Mackie, Andrew 31 Light Gloucester