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City, State or Country of BirthNameAgeComplexionPort Issued
Vermont Benson, Branch? David 21 Light New London
Vermont Buel, William 32 Light New London
Vermont Martin, Rufus 22 Light New London
Bennington, Vermont Hill, John N. 16   Fall River
Bennington, Vermont Rogers, Caleb L. 22   New Haven
Bennington, Vermont Smith, Robert 28   New Haven
Benningtown, Vermont Scott, Martin 31 Light New London
Benningtown, Vermont Wait, Thomas G. 16 Light New London
Brattleboro, Vermont Cranny, John 22 Dark New London
Brattleborough, Vermont Eaton, Joel 22 Light New London
Brattleborough, Vermont Field, Bennet 23   New Haven
Brattleborough, Vermont Rice, Joshua 22   New Haven
Bridport, Vermont Moor, Lorenzo 22   Newport
Brownington, Vermont Henshaw, John 24   Salem
Brownington, Vermont Nicholas, William 22   Salem
Burlington, Vermont Henshaw, John 40   Salem
Burlington, Vermont Pomeroy, Thomas A. 20 Light New London
Burlington, Vermont Rolfe, Joseph 21   Newport
Burlington, Vermont Tousey, Charles G. 28   Newport
Burlinton, Vermont Thomson, John 23 of Color New London
Cabot, Vermont Hall, Harry R. 23   Newport
Cabot, Vermont Scales, John C. 19 Light New London
Castleton, Vermont Tomlinson, Ransom 19   New Haven
Castleton, Vermont Tomlinson, Ransom 17   New Haven
Castleton, Vermont Williams, Ambrus 28   New Haven
Cavendish, Vermont Atherton, Stedman 17   Salem
Cavendish, Vermont Williams, Leonard 18   Salem
Charlotte, Vermont Martin, Wait 22   Newport
Chester, Vermont Barton, John W. 15   Salem
Clarendon, Vermont Smith, Thomas 20 Dark New London
Concord, Vermont May, Henry E. 26   New Haven
Corinth, Vermont Morris, John 22   Salem
Corinth, Vermont Norris, John 20   Salem
Corinth, Vermont Powess, Alden 22   New Haven
Danville, Vermont Howe, Nath'l E. 17   Salem
Danville, Vermont Russel, Eben'er 20   Salem
Derby, Vermont Ralph, James 25   Newport
Dorset, Vermont Hanks, Alfred 21   Fall River
Dorset, Vermont Hills, Arnold 29 Light New London
Dumerston, Vermont Shaw, Alanson 16 Light New London
Dummerston, Vermont Rhoades, Charles F. H. 25   Salem
Dummerston, Vermont Rhoades, John 18   Salem
Dummerston, Vermont Rhodes, Charles 20   Salem
Dummerstown, Vermont Knowles, John 24   New Haven
Earlington, Vermont Hill, Gideon H. 21   Salem
Farlee, Vermont Woodward, Joseph F 23 Light New London
Franklin, Vermont Marvin, Francis H. 27   Newport
Gifford, Vermont Davis, Eli Smith 24   Salem
Glover, Vermont Wright, Elisha 22 Light New London
Great Barrington, Vermont Davis, Isaac 20 Dark New London
Guildhall, Vermont Sampson, Charles 19   New Haven
Guilford, Vermont Barns, Samuel 25 Dark New London
Guilford, Vermont Hicks, Cyrus 18 Light New London
Hallifax, Vermont Paul, Joseph 18 Light New London
Hallifax, Vermont Whitney, Chauncey 23 Light New London
Hartford, Vermont Bennett, Almon L? 18 Light New London
Hartland, Vermont Medford, Joseph 23   Salem
Hartland, Vermont Remington, James 22 Dark Marblehead
Hartland, Vermont Water?, Charles 28 Light Sandy New London
Hinesburgh (near Burlington), Vermont Russell, John R. 24 Dark New London
Lebanon, Vermont Brightman, Anson F. 19   Fall River
Lindon, Vermont Vinton, William C. 24   Fall River
MAnchester, Vermont Ellis, William M. 20   New Haven
Marlborough, Vermont Simonds, Daniel, jr. 20   Salem
Marlborough, Vermont Simonds, John 20   Salem
Marlborough, Vermont Simonds, John 25   Salem
Middleboro, Vermont Mathews, Eben'r 21   Salem
Middleborough, Vermont McCaul, John 24   Newport
Middlebury, Vermont Hooker, Samuel 35   New Haven
Middlebury, Vermont Watson, John 28   Fall River
Montpelier, Vermont Guilman, Dudley 24   Salem
Montpelier, Vermont White, William 21   Fall River
Newbury, Vermont Oans, John 38   Salem
Newbury, Vermont Scagell(?), William 15   Salem
Newbury, Vermont White, John 21   Salem
Newbury, Vermont White, Wm. 18   Salem
North Adams, Vermont Burlingam, Franklin 20   Newport
Norwich, Vermont Partridge, Samuel 22   Newport
Orwell, Vermont Lee, William 23   New Haven
Orwell, Vermont Smith, Isaac 27 Light New London
Otter Crest, Vermont Verry, Elijah 37   Newport
Phatfort, Vermont Truesdal(?), Jasper 26   Salem
Pownal, Vermont Betts, William 20   New Haven
Pownal, Vermont Wittman, James 21   New Haven
Pownel, Vermont Smart, Franklin 19   Fall River
Putney, Vermont Black, George 34 Light New London
Putney, Vermont Black, George 22 Light New London
Putney, Vermont Booble?, Thomas 21 Light New London
Putney, Vermont Clay, Daniel 24 Light New London
Royalton, Vermont Freeman, Edmund 16 Light New London
Rupert, Vermont Buell, William 18   New Haven
Rupert, Vermont Buell, William 22   New Haven
Rutland, Vermont Beaman, Samuel 21   New Haven
Rutland, Vermont Knight, Eben'r W. 21   Salem
Ryegate, Vermont Anderson, Alexander 25 Light New London
Ryegate, Vermont Anderson, Alexander 46 Light New London
Ryegate, Vermont Brown, William 14 Light New London
Ryfield, Vermont Pattee, John 31   Salem
S?, Vermont Herrington?, William 17 Light New London
Salisbury, Vermont Hand, Jehial 17   Salem
Salisbury, Vermont Hard, Ichial 16   Salem
Salisbury, Vermont Hasol(?), Jehiah 21   Salem
Salisbury, Vermont Noyes, Lucien 32 Light Gloucester
Salisbury, Vermont Noyes, Lucien 35 Light Gloucester
SandGate, Vermont Prindle, Derrick 24 Light New London
SandGate, Vermont Prindle, Sherman 19 Dark New London
Sharon, Vermont Ritchie, William 19   Fall River
Shelburn, Vermont Harrington, Edward F. 20 Light New London
Shelburne, Vermont Gray, Thomas 21   Newport
Springfield, Vermont Stow, Amos 19   Salem
Stow, Vermont Warren, William 17 Light New London
Strafford, Vermont Giles, John 21   Salem
Strafford, Vermont Pinnick, Solomon 23 Light New London
Swanton, Vermont Freeman, Willard 22   Newport
Thatford, Vermont Brown, Abijah C. 34   New Haven
Thesdale, Vermont Truesdel, Gaspar 26   Salem
Thetford, Vermont Chamberlin, Charles S 26 Dark New London
Thetford, Vermont Morse, Sumner 25   Newport
Thetford, Vermont Thursdell(?), Jasper 29   Salem
Tinmouth, Vermont Ormsbee, John 19 Light New London
Tinmouth, Vermont Ormsbee, Jesse 10 Light New London
Troy, Vermont Stoughton, Joseph 25 Light Gloucester
Tunbridge, Vermont Ballou, William H. 21   Newport
Vergennes, Vermont Cary, Bartholomew J. 22   Fall River
Vernon, Vermont Streeter(?), Eleazer 35   Salem
W. Haven, Vermont Martin, Frederick Stanley 20   Newport
Wardsberry(?), Vermont Crownshield, Herman, jr. 20   Salem
Waterbury, Vermont Wright, William W. 22   Fall River
Weathersfield, Vermont Stow, Cyrus 17   Salem
Weathersfield, Vermont Stow, Cyrus 18   Salem
Weathersfield, Vermont Stow, Cyrus 21   Salem
Westminster, Vermont Hotton, Thomas 29   New Haven
Wethersfield, Vermont Carter, Asa 20   Salem
Weybridge, Vermont Williams, John 29   Newport
Williston, Vermont Williams, John 47 Light New London
Wilmington, Vermont Codding, Hosea P. 23 Dark New London
Windsor, Vermont Bell, Philips W. 28   Salem
Windsor, Vermont Johnson, John 28   Newport
Windsor, Vermont Palmer, Andrew W 27 Light New London
Windsor, Vermont Willis, Jn' Ch's 21   Salem
Winsor, Vermont Ball, Phillips W. 23   Salem