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City, State or Country of BirthNameAgeComplexionPort Issued
Maine Leach, Rufus 24 Light New London
Acworth, Maine Lawrence, Joseph F. 23 Light Gloucester
Albion, Maine Higgins, Benson 24   Newport
Alna, Maine Bragdon, Lyman 36 Light Gloucester
Alna, Maine Rines, Samuel 14   New Haven
Andover, Maine Stevens, Osgood 25   Salem
Arundel, Maine Wheelor, Jos. H. 14   Salem
Augusta, Maine Bell, William 24   Salem
Augusta, Maine Jones, Benjamin 21   Fall River
Augusta, Maine Sargent, Enoch P. 22 Light Gloucester
Augusta, Maine Sargent, Enoch R. 24 Light Gloucester
Augusta, Maine Springer, Giles 19   New Haven
Augusta, Maine Trask, Joseph R. 19   Newport
Augusta, Maine Wallace, Joseph 22   New Haven
Bangor, Maine Cloutman, Charles 24   Newport
Bangor, Maine Cly, Henry 27   Newport
Bangor, Maine Foster, Joseph 24   Fall River
Bangor, Maine Gould, Edwin R. 13   Newport
Bangor, Maine Lansil, Asa 24   Newport
Bangor, Maine McNutt, George 22 Light Gloucester
Bangor, Maine Newman, Horace 23   Fall River
Bangor, Maine Purney, Thomas 15 Light Gloucester
Bangor, Maine Roberts, Alexander 43 Light Gloucester
Bangor, Maine Rogers, Charles 19 Light Gloucester
Bangor, Maine Rogers, Charles 13 Light Gloucester
Bangor, Maine Washington, George 19 Light New London
Bath, Maine Adams, John 20   Fall River
Bath, Maine Adams, John 20   Fall River
Bath, Maine Bellamy, John 20   Newport
Bath, Maine Bennett, William S. 28   Fall River
Bath, Maine Bishop, James 28   Newport
Bath, Maine Blair, Henry R. 23   New Haven
Bath, Maine Brown, John 23   New Haven
Bath, Maine Cowen, Spofford W. 43 Dark Gloucester
Bath, Maine Cresey, Alonzo H. 20 Light New London
Bath, Maine Crooker, William A. 37 Dark New London
Bath, Maine Curtis, James H. 15 Light Gloucester
Bath, Maine Devit, James 26   Newport
Bath, Maine Drummoner, Cha's 17   Salem
Bath, Maine Foster, William 28   Newport
Bath, Maine French, Albert S. 21 Dark Gloucester
Bath, Maine Gorr, Alphens 18 Light Gloucester
Bath, Maine McDonell, James 22 Light Gloucester
Bath, Maine McQuinn, Daniel 36 Dark Gloucester
Bath, Maine Noyes, Henry T. 23 Light Gloucester
Bath, Maine Patterson, Richard 19   Newport
Belfast, Maine Blackston, John W. 20   Salem
Belfast, Maine Brown, Joseph F. 30   Newport
Belfast, Maine Brown, Willard O. 25 Light Gloucester
Belfast, Maine Carnell, John 24 Light Gloucester
Belfast, Maine Elwell, Moses W. 29 Light Gloucester
Belfast, Maine Jackson, Isaac 39   Newport
Belfast, Maine Kenney, Daniel 24   Newport
Belfast, Maine Lucas, James 25 Light Gloucester
Belfast, Maine Martin(?), John 20   Salem
Belfast, Maine Moore, John 22   New Haven
Belfast, Maine Patterson, Franklin 19   Newport
Belfast, Maine Rich, Francis 23   New Haven
Belfast, Maine Ryan, Edward 21   Salem
Belfast, Maine Ryan, Edward 21   Salem
Belfast, Maine Webster, Benjamin D. 28   Fall River
Belmont, Maine Fuller, Benjamin 49   Salem
Berwick, Maine Fogg, Joseph 24   Salem
Berwick, Maine Guptinu, Eben'r 19   Salem
Berwick, Maine Hear, Daniel 19   Salem
Berwick, Maine Hodsdon, Silvanius 27   Salem
Berwick, Maine Savage, Sam'l P. 19   Salem
Berwick, Maine Savage, Sam'l P. 24   Salem
Berwick, Maine Scates, Joseph 30   Salem
Bethel, Maine Goss, Wesley N. 21 Light Gloucester
Biddeford, Maine Emery, Amaziah 17   New Haven
Biddeford, Maine Falker, N. H. 45   Newport
Biddeford, Maine Goldwaite, Andrew 24   Newport
Biddeford, Maine Hill, James P. 21   New Haven
Biddeford, Maine Proctor, Oliver 26 Light Gloucester
Biddeford, Maine Shepherd, Israel 20   New Haven
Bluehill, Maine Parker, Marble, jr. 22   Salem
Booth Bay, Maine Alley, William H. 18   Newport
Booth Bay, Maine Hodgdon, James F. 22   Newport
Booth Bay, Maine McClintock, William 42   Newport
Booth Bay, Maine Tibbetts, Ichabod 23 Light Gloucester
Boothbaay, Maine Lewis, Alonzo 22 Light Gloucester
Boothbay, Maine Creamer, George 35   Salem
Boothbay, Maine Farmer, Samuel 25   New Haven
Boothbay, Maine Farmer, Samuel 24   New Haven
Boothbay, Maine Foster, John 25 Dark Gloucester
Boothbay, Maine Gitchell, Elbridge 23 Light Gloucester
Boothbay, Maine Gorman, Peter 32 Dark Gloucester
Boothbay, Maine Huskins, James 17 Light Gloucester
Boothbay, Maine Hutchins, Abner 28 Dark Gloucester
Boothbay, Maine Linekin, Archibald 26 Light Gloucester
Boothbay, Maine Mathews, James F. 24 Light Gloucester
Boothbay, Maine McKeller, James 25 Dark Gloucester
Boothbay, Maine McKowen, 24 Brown New London
Boothbay, Maine McLellan, Randall 19 Light Gloucester
Boothbay, Maine McRinsey, John 26   Fall River
Boothbay, Maine Pinkham, William 20 Light Gloucester
Boothbay, Maine Pinkham, William 21 Light Gloucester
Boothbay, Maine Plinkham, John, jr. 18   Fall River
Boothbay, Maine Randell, George 26   Salem
Boothbay, Maine Reed, Franklin 21 Light Gloucester
Boothbay, Maine Wheeler, Andrew 19   Salem
Boothbay, Maine Wiley, Parker 19   New Haven
Boothbay, Maine Wylie, Benjn. F. 24 Dark Gloucester
Bordenham, Maine Curtis, Andrew 23   Fall River
Bordenham, Maine Millee, Kingslay N. 29   Fall River
Bordenham, Maine Simpson, William S. 22   Fall River
Bordingham, Maine Grant, Willard 25   New Haven
Bowdoin, Maine Fruman, Martin 24   New Haven
Bowdoin, Maine Hogan, John 47   Newport
Brewer, Maine Rogers, A. D. 27   Newport
Bristol, Maine Flury, Robert 20   Salem
Bristol, Maine Foster, Amos 37   Newport
Bristol, Maine Grundlow, Alexander 41   New Haven
Bristol, Maine Hamden, Geo. 23   Salem
Bristol, Maine Lincoln, James 17   Salem
Bristol, Maine Martin, John 22   Salem
Bristol, Maine Rodgers, John 28 Dark Gloucester
Bristol, Maine Rogers, Charles 23 Dark Gloucester
Bristol, Maine Rogers, John A. 33 Dark Gloucester
Bristol, Maine Thompson, John 52   New Haven
Bristol, Maine Wentworth, Arnold 25 Light Gloucester
Bristol, Maine Yates, Warwick 26   New Haven
Bristol District, Maine Hopkins, Peter 25   Salem
Brooklyn, Maine Ober, Worly T. 16   Newport
Brookville, Maine Webber, John H. 27   Fall River
Brunswick, Maine Bennett, Cyrus 21   Fall River
Brunswick, Maine Stuart, Jacob 27   New Haven
Brunswick, Maine Stuart, Jacob 35   New Haven
Brunswick, Maine Tingley, Calvin 18 Light Gloucester
Bucksport, Maine Clemens, Thomas 30   Salem
Bucksport, Maine Colson, Columbus 23   Salem
Bucksport, Maine Colson, Sylvanus 34 Light Gloucester
Bucksport, Maine Seelye, Charles H. 19 Light Gloucester
Buckstown, Maine Marshall, Dan 19   Salem
Burlington, Maine Orcutt, Lewis 18 Light Gloucester
Burwick, Maine Fogg, Thomas 25   Newport
Buxton, Maine Marshall, Daniel 21   Salem
Calais, Maine Basford, Ruben 17   Fall River
Calais, Maine Bedford, Henry 20   Newport
Calais, Maine Gillis, Donald 22 Light Gloucester
Calais, Maine Grant, Benjamin R. 23   Newport
Calais, Maine Hinkley, Benjamin 22   Fall River
Calais, Maine Hinkley, Jacob 26   Fall River
Calais, Maine Kirk, John 22   Newport
Calais, Maine McNeil, Roderick 28 Light Gloucester
Calais, Maine Munro, William C. 25   Newport
Calais, Maine O'Brien, Michael 21   Newport
Calais, Maine O'Brien, Michael 20   Newport
Calais, Maine Paine, Stephen 19   Newport
Calais, Maine Thompson, Alexander 25   Newport
Calais, Maine Thompson, William 19   Newport
Calis, Maine Armstrong, James 27 Light New London
Callis, Maine Sweet, Henry Allen 23   Fall River
Camden, Maine Dolhan, Nelson B. 22   Newport
Camden, Maine Reed, James 20 Light Gloucester
Camden, Maine Reed, Roland 19 Light Gloucester
Camden, Maine Robinson, William 20 Light Gloucester
Camden, Maine Start, Gilman 35 Light Gloucester
Camden, Maine Thompson, John 18   Newport
Cape Elizabeth, Maine Ford, Jacob B. 25   Salem
Cape Elizabeth, Maine Hanscom, Solomon 50   Newport
Cape Elizabeth, Maine Johnson, John 20 Dark Gloucester
Castine, Maine Bryant, Francis H. 21 Light Gloucester
Castine, Maine Curtis, Winslow 21   Salem
Castine, Maine Erwin, Isaac G. 38   New Haven
Castine, Maine Gray, Philip M. 27 Dark Gloucester
Castine, Maine Miller, Wm. 27   Salem
Castine, Maine Walton(?), James 24   Salem
Cherryfield, Maine Ray, George F. 24   Fall River
China, Maine Barlow, Warren 35   Newport
China, Maine Wilson, Frank 21 Light Gloucester
Clinton, Maine Cain, Arthur 20 Light Gloucester
Clinton, Maine Cain, Arthur 23 Light Gloucester
Clinton, Maine Cain, Sumner 23 Light Gloucester
Cranberry Isle, Maine Bunker, Altee P. 18   Fall River
Cumberland, Maine Rive(?), Seth 52   Salem
Cumberland, Maine Winch, Benjamin M. 19 Light Gloucester
Cutler, Maine Ackley, George T. 17 Dark Gloucester
Cutler, Maine Campbell, Thomas 17   Fall River
Cutler, Maine Cates, Lafayett 16   Newport
Cutler, Maine Dennison, Lemuel 26   Newport
Cutler, Maine Huntley, Charles 18 Light Gloucester
Cutler, Maine McGuire, Nathaniel 21   Newport
Cutler, Maine Randall, William H. 21   Newport
Cutler, Maine Shrader, John 21 Light Gloucester
Damariscotta, Maine Wallace, William 21 Light Gloucester
Damariscotta, Maine Welsh, Wm. P. 15   Salem
Dear Island, Maine Barter, Polletiah 22 Light Gloucester
Deer Island, Maine Barter, Noah 29 Light Gloucester
Deer Island, Maine Coombs, Amasa 20 Light Gloucester
Deer Island, Maine Haskell, Caleb W. 19 Light Gloucester
Deer Island, Maine Kempton, Charles 20 Light Gloucester
Deer Island, Maine Marchant, Hubad(?) 19 Light Gloucester
Deer Island, Maine White, David A. 17 Light Gloucester
Deer Isle, Maine Howard, Oliver F. 32 Light Gloucester
Deer Isle, Maine Johnson, John 25   Newport
Deer Isle, Maine Pickering, Frederick F. 22 Light Gloucester
Deer Isle, Maine Rich, Haram(?) 26 Light Gloucester
Deer Isle, Maine Sadler, Geo. W. 21 Light Gloucester
Deer Isle, Maine Saunders, Joseph L. 22   Fall River
Deer Isle, Maine Small, Hiram 41 Light Gloucester
Deer Isle, Maine Small, John 26 Light Gloucester
Deer Isle, Maine Stimson, Gideon H. 32 Light Gloucester
Denmark, Maine Poor, Leander 20 Light Gloucester
Dennysville, Maine Lawton, Allen 22   Newport
Dexter, Maine Beals, John C. 19   Fall River
Dixfield, Maine Foster, Jonathan J. 20 Light Gloucester
Dixfield, Maine Gardner, John A. 27   Newport
Dixfield, Maine Gardner, Laban 36   Newport
Dresden, Maine Blair, Wellington 24 Light Gloucester
Dresden, Maine Stilphen, John 37   Salem
E. Machias, Maine Marshall, Eben 19 Light Gloucester
E. Machias, Maine Simpson, Wm. A. 21   Salem
Eaastport, Maine Harris, John 26   Newport
East Port, Maine Burns?, William 18 Fair New London
East Port, Maine Kelley, John 22 Light New London
East Port, Maine O'Conner, William 21 Light New London
East Port, Maine Smith, James 25   New Haven
Eastham, Maine Knowles, Thomas S. 19 Dark Gloucester
Eastport, Maine Bailey, William 37   Newport
Eastport, Maine Campbell, Arthur 21   Fall River
Eastport, Maine Campbell, John 44   Newport
Eastport, Maine Carvell, James 21   Fall River
Eastport, Maine Charters, Tim'o 18   Salem
Eastport, Maine Chisholm, Roderic 21   Fall River
Eastport, Maine Cook, Thomas 25 Dark Gloucester
Eastport, Maine Davis, William 19   Newport
Eastport, Maine Dixon, Benjamin 19   Fall River
Eastport, Maine Dow, Joseph 23   Fall River
Eastport, Maine Goodwin, Nelson 23 Light Gloucester
Eastport, Maine Horton, Heyman 19   Salem
Eastport, Maine Johnson, John 19 Light Gloucester
Eastport, Maine Johnson, Edward 14   Newport
Eastport, Maine Letley, Peter 25   Newport
Eastport, Maine Locker, William 22 Light Gloucester
Eastport, Maine Maddock, John 16   Newport
Eastport, Maine McLean, William 24   Fall River
Eastport, Maine Miles, Charles H. 28 Light Gloucester
Eastport, Maine Milligen, David 21   Fall River
Eastport, Maine Moullin, Richard 21   Newport
Eastport, Maine Nickerson, Moses 20 Dark Gloucester
Eastport, Maine Pierce, William 27 Light Gloucester
Eastport, Maine Pyne, William 22 Light Gloucester
Eastport, Maine Randall, Moses W. 17   Newport
Eastport, Maine Ross, David 20   Newport
Eastport, Maine Sears, Isaac 31 Light Gloucester
Eastport, Maine Smith, Simeon Y. 40 Light Gloucester
Eastport, Maine Thompson, John 19   Newport
Eastport, Maine Thomson, James 24 Light Gloucester
Eastport, Maine Wortland, Rich'd 28   Salem
Eden, Maine Cousins, Joseph N. 25   Fall River
Eden, Maine Hadley, John A. 28 Dark Gloucester
Eden, Maine Leland, Leonard 20   Fall River
Eden, Maine Richardson, Nich's 19   Salem
Eden, Maine Richardson, Amos 34   New Haven
Eden, Maine Rogers, George B. 15   Newport
Eden, Maine Salisbury, Kendale 20   Newport
Edgecomb, Maine Gore, Robert L. 24 Light Gloucester
Edgecomb, Maine Gore, Robert L. 21 Light Gloucester
Edgwcomb, Maine Gove, Levi 29 Dark Gloucester
Elliot, Maine Brown, George W. 25 Light Gloucester
Elliot, Maine Rogers, John S. 15 Light Gloucester
Ellsworth, Maine Monarch, William D. 27   New Haven
Ellsworth, Maine Morton, Henry 32   Newport
Elsworth, Maine Anderson, George 25   Fall River
Enbden, Maine Saggett, William M. 30 Light Gloucester
Enfield, Maine Urguhart, Alexander 24 Light Gloucester
Enfield, Maine Urguhart, Alexander 23 Light Gloucester
Exeter, Maine Gray, Charles S. 18   Newport
Fairfax, Maine Gilman, Joseph 28   Salem
Falmouth, Maine Merrill, John 25   Newport
Farmington, Maine French, Winthrop G. 26 Light Gloucester
Farmington, Maine Hobbs, William G. 22   Newport
Farmington, Maine Spooner, Nathan 40   Fall River
Fort Cante, Maine Sutherland, Augustus 25   Fall River
Fox Islands, Maine Sadler, Willard S. 16 Light Gloucester
Frankfort, Maine Clarke, William 21   New Haven
Franklin, Maine Dunifer, Thomas 25   Fall River
Freedom, Maine Coffin, Luther S. 27 Light New London
Freedom, Maine King, Nathan 19   Newport
Freeport, Maine Bibber, Thomas F. 20 Light Gloucester
Freeport, Maine Johnson, Robert 28   Fall River
Freeport, Maine Jordon, Albion L. 16   Fall River
Freeport, Maine Mann, John B. 42 Light Gloucester
Freeport, Maine Pratt, Charles L. 21   New Haven
Friendship, Maine Bradford, Henry 22   New Haven
Friendship, Maine Lowry, Samuel 22 Light Gloucester
Friendship, Maine Miller, William 21   New Haven
Friendship, Maine Morton, Silas 21   New Haven
Fryeburg, Maine Nichols, Phineas 19   Salem
Gardiner, Maine Grant, John 22 Light Gloucester
Gardiner, Maine Johnson, John 18   Newport
Gardiner, Maine McKinnon, James 23 Light Gloucester
Gardiner, Maine Roberts, Charles 22   New Haven
Gardner, Maine Farley, Edward 23   Salem
Georgetown, Maine Gott, John 32 Light Gloucester
Georgetown, Maine Harrington, Joseph W. 24 Light Gloucester
Georgetown, Maine Harrington, Elias T. 21 Light Gloucester
Georgetown, Maine Oliver, Scott 19 Light Gloucester
Georgetown, Maine Spinney, Silas C. 22 Light Gloucester
Georgetown, Maine Williams, Benj. E. 24 Light Gloucester
Georgetown, Maine Williams, George 33 Light Gloucester
Georgetown, Maine Williams, George 34 Light Gloucester
Georgetown, Maine York, Samuel 38   Newport
Ghapleigh(?), Maine Abbot, Rufus 21   Salem
Goldsboro, Maine Perry, Thomas 21   Fall River
Goldsboro, Maine Pettee, Asa 33 Light Gloucester
Goldsborough, Maine Decker, John C. 21   Newport
Goreham, Maine Paine, Freeman 24   Newport
Gorham, Maine Lord, Geo. W. 23   Salem
Gorham, Maine Smith, William 30   New Haven
Gouldsboro, Maine Bourgett, Ambrose 31 Dark Gloucester
Gouldsboro, Maine Jay, Freeman 23 Light Gloucester
Gouldsboro, Maine Moon, Ambrose 19 Light Gloucester
Grey, Maine Webster, James 20 Light New London
Hallowell, Maine Fortis, Daniel 26   Salem
Hallowell, Maine Fortus, Dan'l 26   Salem
Hallowell, Maine Green, Wm. 19   Salem
Hallowell, Maine Hall, John 19   Newport
Hallowell, Maine Hampton, Dan'l H. 26   Salem
Hallowell, Maine Husse, Sherburn(?) 22   Salem
Hallowell, Maine Keene, Philander 21   Newport
Hallowell, Maine Pickard, Asa R. 18   Newport
Hallowell, Maine Sullivan, William 16   Newport
Hallowell, Maine Warren, John 20   Salem
Hamden, Maine Doane, Wm. 23   Salem
Hamden, Maine Miller, Samuel A. 23 Light Gloucester
Hampden, Maine Hopkins, James 38   Newport
Hampden, Maine Hopkins, Sewall 20   Newport
Hampden, Maine Sanger, Increase S. 23   Newport
Hampden, Maine Smith, Ivan 30   Fall River
Hancock, Maine Dodge, Israel 27   Salem
Hancock, Maine Lancaster, Silas 53   Newport
Hancock, Maine Pomroy, Nathaniel 18   Newport
Hancock, Maine Wooster, Henry 17   Newport
Harpswell, Maine Curtis, Clement S. 12 Light Gloucester
Harpswell, Maine Humphreys, Daniel 18   Newport
Harpswell, Maine Stapleton, James 18 Light Gloucester
Harrington, Maine Brown, David 19   New Haven
Harrington, Maine Douglass, James 22 Light New London
Hollis, Maine Hale, Moses 24   Salem
Hollis, Maine Locke, Joshua 19   New Haven
Hope, Maine Pendleton, Ambros     New Haven
Isle au Haut, Maine Dunbar, William 19 Light Gloucester
Isleboro, Maine Dodge, Noah Benson 24 Dark Gloucester
Isleborough, Maine Dodge, Abraham 27   Salem
Islesboro, Maine Coombs, Wm. R. 30   Salem
Islesboro, Maine Dodge, Abram 27   Salem
Jackson, Maine Furbee, Albert 18 Light Gloucester
Jefferon, Maine Gee, Samuel 31   New Haven
Jomes Port, Maine Donnovan, James 22   Newport
Jonesboro, Maine Hall, Tobias 21   Salem
Jonesport, Maine Driser, Jeremiah 22   Fall River
Kenebunik, Maine Fairfield, Joseph 19   Salem
Kennebeck, Maine Deforest, Ephraim B. 19   Salem
Kennebunk, Maine Cleaver, Ivory 25   Newport
Kennebunk, Maine Cox, Abraham 53 Black Gloucester
Kennebunk, Maine Fidler, Hurcules(?) 19   Salem
Kennebunk, Maine Fisher, John 22   Salem
Kennebunk, Maine Lewis, Peter 24   Salem
Kennebunk, Maine Peavey, Jno. 20   Salem
Kennebunk, Maine Ross, George 29 Dark Gloucester
Kennebunk, Maine William, Jason 26 Light Gloucester
Kennebunkport, Maine Littlefield, William H. 24 Light Gloucester
Kittery, Maine Frisbee, James, Jr. 15 Light Gloucester
Kittery, Maine Moore, Benning 25 Light Gloucester
Kittery, Maine Wolf, Samuel 26 Dark Gloucester
Kittery Point, Maine Blake, Moses A. 19 Light Gloucester
Kittery Point, Maine Tobey, John E., Jr. 22 Light Gloucester
Lanstown, Maine Farr, Seth, jr. 26   Salem
Lebanon, Maine Kenney, Othnirt(?) 21   Salem
Lebeck, Maine Young, William L. 21   Newport
Ledgewick, Maine Trusseu(?), Joel P. 17   Salem
Leubeck, Maine Green, William 20 Light New London
Lew Island, Maine Rich, Daniel 19 Dark Gloucester
Lewisbrough, Maine Avery, Ephraim S 27 Light New London
Lewiston Falls, Maine Finley, Frandis 21   Fall River
Limerick, Maine Eaton, Cha's T. 24   Salem
Limington, Maine Joy, Rufus 29   New Haven
Lincolnville, Maine Mathews, John 20   Newport
Lingwich, Maine Herrick, Richard 24   New Haven
Linon Co., Maine Bilbonile, Joseph 30 Dark Gloucester
Linsonville, Maine Stone, Zadock 22 Light Gloucester
Lisbon, Maine Batchelder, L. M. 17   New Haven
Lisbon, Maine Langdon, James 28   Salem
Lisbon, Maine McCollouch, George 23   Fall River
Litchfield, Maine Williams, William 24 Light New London
Littlefield, Maine Basset, Alfred 21   Fall River
Livemore, Maine Shaw, Adomrain L. 29   Fall River
Livermor, Maine Shaw, Leonard A. 18   Fall River
Livermore, Maine Carver, George W. 18   Fall River
Lubec, Maine Haverty, Peter 18   New Haven
Lubec, Maine Marshall, Robert 18   New Haven
Lubec, Maine McDuffey, William 21   New Haven
Lubeck, Maine Lang, John 25 Sandy New London
Lubic, Maine Guptil, John 19   New Haven
Lubic, Maine Thompson, James 43   New Haven
Machias, Maine Mellus, Wm., jr. 15   Salem
Machias, Maine Small, Frederick A. 19 Light Gloucester
Machias Port, Maine Higgins, Alexander 28 Light Gloucester
Machias. ME, Maine Rand, Amasa 26 Dark New London
Milbridge, Maine Mclemens, James 24   Fall River
Milbridge, Maine Storer, Simeon D. 16   Fall River
Millbridge, Maine Stevens, Charles N. 24   Newport
Millbudge, Maine Small, Orville 25   Fall River
Minot, Maine Marotan, Samuel 22   Newport
Monhegan Island, Maine Abrams, Richard 24   New Haven
Monmouth, Maine Clark, Isaac H. 19   Newport
Monmouth, Maine Pierce, Elias D. 19   Newport
Montville, Maine Whidden, Horatio 43 Light Gloucester
Moose Island, Maine Whitman, Rich'a 22   Salem
Moose Island, Maine Wortman, Rich'a 23   Salem
Mount Desert, Maine Curtis, Winslow 19   Salem
Mount Desert, Maine Davis, Elias 34   Newport
Mount Desert, Maine Dix, David 18   Salem
Mount Desert, Maine Nutter, Benjamin 17   New Haven
Mount Desert, Maine Qumby, Benjamin F. 25 Light Gloucester
Mount Desert, Maine Roberts, Wm. 22   Salem
Mount Desert, Maine Salsbury, Amos 46   Salem
Mt. Deaser, Maine Wasgatt, Cornelius 28   Salem
Mt. Desert, Maine Brown, Amos S. 22 Dark Gloucester
Mt. Desert, Maine Kent, James 23   Salem
Mt. Desert, Maine Ober, Isaac 22   Newport
Mt. Desert, Maine Young, Elisha, Jr. 21 Light Gloucester
Munroe, Maine Putnam, Benjamin C. 14   Newport
Munroe, Maine Walker, Josiah 23   Fall River
N. Yarmouth, Maine Daley, George B. 36   Newport
N. Haven, Maine Sadler, William 23 Light Gloucester
N. Yaemouth, Maine Browne, Joseph 39   Salem
N. Yarmouth, Maine Brown, Jos. 32   Salem
N. Yarmouth, Maine Field, James 31 Dark Gloucester
N. Yarmouth, Maine Moxey, Ezra 21   New Haven
N. Yarmouth, Maine Ring, Samuel D. 22   New Haven
N. Yarmouth, Maine Winslow, Benjamin F. 22   New Haven
New Castle, Maine Amayeen(?), Benj'a 17   Salem
New Castle, Maine Brewster, Edward 33   Newport
New Castle, Maine Dudley, Franklin E. 19   Newport
New Gloucester, Maine Haskell, Nathaniel 27 Light Gloucester
New Gloucester, Maine McDonald, Emerson 21   Salem
New Gloucester, Maine Smith, John 41   Salem
New Sharon, Maine Gray, William 28   Salem
Newburyport, Maine Randall, James M. 15 Light Gloucester
Newport, Maine Shearman, James L. 22   Salem
Newry, Maine Black, David 18 Light Gloucester
Norridgewock, Maine Pearl, Hosea N. 22   Fall River
North Port, Maine Hodgdon, Daniel W. 23   Newport
Northport, Maine Patterson, Samuel 22   Salem
Oreno, Maine Norcross, Jonathan 23   Newport
Orland, Maine Herriman, George A. 21   Salem
Orland, Maine Swett, David 19   New Haven
Orrington, Maine Clemor, Bartholomew 22   Newport
Orrington, Maine McArthur, Samuel 30   New Haven
Orrington, Maine Rogers, Zinas 15   Salem
Palerma, Maine Turner, Jewett 32 Light Gloucester
Palmyra, Maine Seco, James 23   Salem
Parsonsfield, Maine Wentworth, Joseph 9   Salem
Penobscot, Maine Leach, Obed 23   Newport
Penobscot, Maine Pendelton, Stephen 25   Salem
Perry, Maine Frost, John 21   Salem
Philipsburg, Maine McKenney, John L. 20   New Haven
Phippsburg, Maine Lyons, James 24   Fall River
Phippsburg, Maine Percy, David J. 22   Fall River
Phippsburg, Maine Pooler, Charles F. 17   Fall River
Phippsburgh, Maine Perkins, William 19   Newport
Phipsburg, Maine Spinney, Lorenzo 24 Dark New London
Pittston, Maine Philbrick, David E. 18   Newport
Port(?), Maine Spinney(?), Samuel S. 38 Light Gloucester
Portland, Maine Allen, Stephen 24 Light Gloucester
Portland, Maine Anderson, Richard 27 Dark Gloucester
Portland, Maine Bell, Benjamin 23   Newport
Portland, Maine Bethel, David 25   New Haven
Portland, Maine Bohana, John 22   Newport
Portland, Maine Buckman, James 22 Dark Gloucester
Portland, Maine Burns, Matthias 37   Newport
Portland, Maine Collins, Edward 17   Fall River
Portland, Maine Collins, George 25   Salem
Portland, Maine Collins, George 27   Salem
Portland, Maine Craig, David N. 41   Newport
Portland, Maine Dalrymple, Simon 14   Salem
Portland, Maine Davis, James W. 24   Newport
Portland, Maine Dean, John Henry 23   Newport
Portland, Maine Delany, John 29 Light Gloucester
Portland, Maine Drew, Samuel P. 22   Newport
Portland, Maine Dunham, Rufus 22   Salem
Portland, Maine Elwell, William 23 Light Gloucester
Portland, Maine Fowler, Thomas 21   New Haven
Portland, Maine George, Daniel 18   New Haven
Portland, Maine Glover, Farancis A. 26 Fair New London
Portland, Maine Goold, Nathaniel 26   New Haven
Portland, Maine Harrington, Jeremiah 22   Fall River
Portland, Maine Hearman, Charles B. 20   Newport
Portland, Maine Higgins, William 22   Fall River
Portland, Maine King, Joseph 24   Newport
Portland, Maine Kroger, James P. 21   Newport
Portland, Maine LcLean, Daniel 21 Light Gloucester
Portland, Maine Little, Wm. 19   Salem
Portland, Maine McClellan, Charles 22   New Haven
Portland, Maine McDonnell, James 23 Light Gloucester
Portland, Maine McEshern, Hugh 25 Light Gloucester
Portland, Maine McGregor, William 25   New Haven
Portland, Maine Mills, William 32   Newport
Portland, Maine Mofet, WIlliam 26   Newport
Portland, Maine Morrissey, James 26 Light Gloucester
Portland, Maine Mussey, John 19   Salem
Portland, Maine Mussey(?), John 18   Salem
Portland, Maine Nichols, Peter 26   Newport
Portland, Maine Norton, Peter 26 Light Gloucester
Portland, Maine Pierce, Ebenezer 22 Light Gloucester
Portland, Maine Powell, Jesse 22   Salem
Portland, Maine Quin, Daniel 19   Newport
Portland, Maine Reynolds, William 22   Newport
Portland, Maine Robinson, John, jr. 27   Fall River
Portland, Maine Shaw, William 30 Dark Gloucester
Portland, Maine Simonton, William A. 22 Light Gloucester
Portland, Maine Stewart, James 22 Light Gloucester
Portland, Maine Stimson, Wm. B. 25   Salem
Portland, Maine Stowell, John C. 24   Newport
Portland, Maine Stowell, John C. 32   Newport
Portland, Maine Sutton, John 19   New Haven
Portland, Maine Thomas, Henry 28   Salem
Portland, Maine Thompson, Samuel S. 18   Fall River
Portland, Maine Thompson, William 20   Newport
Portland, Maine Thrasher, Daniel G. 27   Newport
Portland, Maine Thurston, James 19   New Haven
Portland, Maine Tinkham, Edw'd H. 22   Salem
Portland, Maine Wallace, William 21   Fall River
Portland, Maine Warren, Michael 18   Fall River
Portland, Maine Webb, Porter 21   Salem
Portland, Maine Wilson, Samuel 29   Newport
Portland, Maine York, William 18   Salem
Portsmouth, Maine Bass, Herman 19 Light Gloucester
Prospect, Maine Cousins, John 18   Salem
Prospect, Maine Crocker, Charles 28   Newport
Prospect, Maine French, Bela 24   Fall River
Prospect, Maine Killman, Thomas W. 19   Newport
Prospect, Maine Lambert, John 16   Fall River
Prospect, Maine Mudgett, Rufus L. 26   Newport
Prospect, Maine Rollins, Albert 17   Newport
Richmond, Maine Pa?, James H. 21 Fair New London
Richmond, Maine Smith, Jas. A. 22 Light Gloucester
Robinstown, Maine Marple, John(?) 19   Salem
Rockland, Maine Bishop, Nelson 31   Newport
Rockland, Maine Bishop, Norman 28   Newport
Rockland, Maine Delfose, Edward 20   Newport
Rockland, Maine Duncan, Franklin H. 19   Newport
Rockland, Maine Hume, John 24 Light Gloucester
Rockland, Maine Lesley, Alexander 22 Light Gloucester
Rockland, Maine Lesley, Gamalial(?) 28 Light Gloucester
Rockland, Maine Metcalf, Joseph 19   Newport
Sabago, Maine Brown, Sylas B. 17 Light Gloucester
Saco, Maine Bryant, John 23 Dark New London
Saco, Maine Goldthwait, Philip 30 Light Gloucester
Saco, Maine Johnson, Charles C. P. 21   Newport
Saco, Maine Wilson, Charles 20   Salem
Salmon Falls, Maine Pierce, Joseph 17 Light Gloucester
Sandford, Maine Paul, John 22   Newport
Sandford, Maine Quint, Orvin 19   Fall River
Sanford, Maine Coffin, Simeon, Jr. 25 Light Gloucester
Scarborough, Maine Prout, Joseph 27   Salem
Seaborg, Maine Saucie, Augustus F. 24   Fall River
Searsmont, Maine Bennet, Henry Paul 28   Newport
Seaville, Maine Bartlett, Isaac, 2nd 30 Light Gloucester
Seaville, Maine Galley, John H. 24 Dark Gloucester
Sedgewick, Maine Allen, John 24   Newport
Sedgewick, Maine Black, Samuel 23   Salem
Sedgewick, Maine Clossin, Barzillius 17   New Haven
Sedgewick, Maine Dagle, Henry 16   Salem
Sedgewick, Maine Flower, William 19   Salem
Sedgewick, Maine Linsey, James 23   Salem
Sedgwick, Maine Cousins, Brook 19   New Haven
Sedgwick, Maine Jackson, Augustus W. 19 Light Gloucester
Sedgwick, Maine Linzey, James 19   Salem
Somerset Co., Maine Sanford, George 26   New Haven
Southburwick, Maine Pierce, Oliver 20   Salem
Southport, Maine Carr, Frederick 21 Dark Gloucester
Southport, Maine Crouse, William 23 Light Gloucester
Southport, Maine Crouse, William 26 Light Gloucester
Southport, Maine Grover, Freeman, Jr. 18 Light Gloucester
Southport, Maine Holland, James 21 Light Gloucester
Southport, Maine Johnson, John G. 27 Light Gloucester
Southport, Maine McDonell, John 24 Light Gloucester
Southport, Maine Nelson, Plummer 20 Dark Gloucester
Southport, Maine Roach, John 23 Dark Gloucester
Southport, Maine Smith, William 22 Light Gloucester
Southport, Maine Sweeney, William 22 Light Gloucester
Springfield, Maine Cameron, Hugh S. 28 Dark Gloucester
St. George, Maine Cook, Samuel 30   Newport
St. George, Maine Cook, Stephen 14   Newport
St. George, Maine Hall, Andrew J. 20   Fall River
St. George, Maine Marshall, Freeman 35   Newport
St. George, Maine Meloney, Adam 40   Newport
St. George, Maine Pierson, Eli P. 16   Newport
St. George, Maine Seavey, James 37   Newport
Steuben, Maine Green, Sam'l 18   Salem
Steuben, Maine Wallace, Josiah 26   Salem
Stockton, Maine Randall, Freeman 16   Fall River
Sullivan, Maine Ashley, Samuel 20   Newport
Sullivan, Maine Ashly, John 19   Newport
Sullivan, Maine Wooster, Lewis 25   Newport
Swanville, Maine Staples, Charles C. 26 Light Gloucester
Temple, Maine Crane, John 17 Dark Gloucester
Thomaston, Maine Bagley, Thomas C. 26   Newport
Thomaston, Maine Friend, James 30 Light Gloucester
Thomaston, Maine Gay, Horace A. 23   Newport
Thomaston, Maine Holmes, George 43   Fall River
Thomaston, Maine Jurton, Lebulon 39   New Haven
Thomaston, Maine Phillips, William H. 13   Newport
Thomaston, Maine Pillsbury, John 17   Newport
Thomaston, Maine Rebbins, Rufus 37   Fall River
Topsham, Maine Pumington, Abel 22 Dark Gloucester
Townsend, Maine Smith, John P. 23 Light Gloucester
Townsend, Maine Smith, Daniel 21 Light Gloucester
Tremont, Maine Nutter, Daniel 25   Fall River
Tremont, Maine Nutter, Daniel 36   Newport
Trenton, Maine Gillpatrick, Jeremiah 24   Salem
Trenton, Maine Harley, Richard H. 27   Newport
Trenton, Maine Hodgkins, Nathaniel N. 27   Newport
Trenton, Maine Simmons, Benjamin 20   Newport
Trenton, Maine Whitmore, John S. 20 Light Gloucester
Vasselboro, Maine Simonton, Nathan U. 24   Fall River
Vinal Haven, Maine Arey, Philip 37   Newport
Vinalhaven, Maine Bowen, John G. 20   Salem
Vinalhaven, Maine Saddler, Henry 23 Dark Gloucester
Vinalhaven, Maine Sadler, Henry 21 Light Gloucester
Vinalhaven, Maine Virill)?), David P. 19   Salem
Warren, Maine Buxton, George 19 Dark Gloucester
Warren, Maine Peters, Jacob 39   Salem
Waterboro, Maine Bradeen, Joseph H. 40   Fall River
Waterboro, Maine Guptil, William 32   Fall River
Waterford, Maine Smith, William 33   Salem
Webster, Maine Boolier, Rufus 25   Fall River
Wellfleet, Maine Dyer, David Y. Jr. 30   Newport
Wells, Maine Allen, Gorden 20   Newport
Wells, Maine Goodwin, Geo. 17   Salem
Wells, Maine Littlefield, Samuel A. 29 Light Gloucester
Wells, Maine Littlefield, Isaiah 36 Light Gloucester
Wells, Maine Littlefield, Josiah 31 Light Gloucester
Wells, Maine Perkins, Jacob 22 Light Gloucester
Wells, Maine Perkins, John 24 Dark Gloucester
Wells, Maine Perkins, John 21 Light Gloucester
Wells, Maine Perkins, William 24 Light Gloucester
Wells, Maine Perkins, William 23 Light Gloucester
Wells, Maine Perkins, David 37 Light Gloucester
Wells, Maine Perkins, David 20 Light Gloucester
Wells, Maine Stevens, William S. 21 Light Gloucester
Wells, Maine Webber, James 47   Fall River
Wells, Maine Webber, Aaron 35   Salem
Wescasset, Maine Chisholm, Angus 22   Fall River
West Fenton, Maine Pumroy, Henry G. 22   Newport
West Fenton, Maine Pumroy, William Jr. 20   Newport
Westbrook, Maine Kinney, Elbridge W. 21 Light Gloucester
Wicasset, Maine Albec, William 32 Light Gloucester
Windham, Maine Williams, Lyman 20   Newport
Windsor, Maine McKay, Henry 21 Light Gloucester
Wiscasset, Maine Heard, Loammi 23 Light Gloucester
Woolage, Maine Brookins, Edmund 25 Light Gloucester
Woolwich, Maine Fullerton, David O. 21   Newport
Woolwich, Maine Stinson, George H. 38 Dark Gloucester
Woolwich, Maine Trott, James H. 25   Newport
Woolwich, Maine Wade, Jacob S. 19   Newport
Woolwich, Maine Wade, Lebulon 46   Newport
Woolwick, Maine Goldsmith, Joseph 22   Newport
Yarmouth, Maine Batcheller, Wiliam B. 20   Fall River
Yarmouth, Maine Pratt, Edward C. 26 Dark Gloucester
York, Maine Bowden, Henry 17 Light Gloucester
York, Maine Bowden, Oliver 16 Light Gloucester
York, Maine Brooks, Nathaniel 19 Light Gloucester
York, Maine Douglass, George 26 Light Gloucester
York, Maine Faulkner, Joseph M. 19 Light Gloucester
York, Maine Littlefield, Jotham 29 Light Gloucester
York, Maine Littlefield, Jothom 19 Light Gloucester
York, Maine Littlefield, Sam’l 21 Light Gloucester
York, Maine Moulton, Samuel 17 Light Gloucester
York, Maine Parsons, Reuben 24 Dark New London
York, Maine Perkins, Elias 21 Light Gloucester
York, Maine Perkins, Hiram 21 Light Gloucester
York, Maine Perkins, Alcut 27 Light Gloucester
York, Maine Sevey, Jotham 18 Light Gloucester
York, Maine Thompson, George P 24 Light New London
York, Maine Weare, David 25 Light Gloucester
York, Maine Weare, Peter 22 Dark Gloucester