The Magnificent Morgan - Bray, Maynard

Log of Mystic Seaport, Vol 26, No.1.(Spring, 1974): 2-16.

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lovely northwest weather. Finally, at Bob Holbrook's suggestion, we decided to do some more digging - this time undermining her port side while holding her upright by lines run out to starboard from the mastheads. To be sure, this was more risky than our previous actions; but now with the approach of winter there was more risk in waiting. The river could ice in as it sometimes has, aborting the move until next spring. Although the vessel had appeared very stiff even with minimal support aft, this was not a good place to leave her for any length of time. Clearly it was a case of lowering the vessel by digging the sand out from under her or risk damaging her where she was. But, as Holbrook said about this scheme, "once we start we've got to keep going." True, because no longer could she be held down with water in her. She would have to be pumped out to be stable in case she suddenly shifted position. But with the water out her stern floated with each high tide making her vulnerable to a strong wind. However, the forecast was for good weather and the entire process took less than a week.

A line was run out from the heads of her fore and mainmasts and taken up with tackles on an adjacent dock. As the lighter dug, the Morgan shifted to port and settled lower. We helped by washing along her keel with a water jet, as in Fig. 2. She was

Charles W. Morgan.

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