Introduction Acknowledgments Abstract Log Articles of Agreement Bill of Health Bill of Lading Bill of Sale (1856) Bond for Duties (1825) Bonds for Foreign Voyages Charter Party Classification Certificate (1863) Clearance Certificate Coasting Permit (1809) Consular Certificates (Miscellaneous) Contribution Certificate "Morning Star" (1856) Convoy Instructions (ca. 1800) Crew List Customs Certificates and Forms (Miscellaneous) Drawback Forms and Certificates Enrolment Certificate Freight Circular (1857) Freight List (1857) Letter of Marque/Privateer Commission License (Coasting/Fishing Vessels) Logbook (1828) Manifest Marine Insurance Marine Society Membership Certificate (1839) Master Carpenter's Certificate/Measurement Certificate (1853) Master's Certificate (1861) Mediterranean Passport/Sea Letter Oaths and Affirmations Passenger List Pilot's License Port Rules and Regulations Portage Bill (1852) Receipts (Miscellaneous) Registry Certificate/Ship's Register Sailing Card (ca. 1860) Sailing Orders (1830) Seamen's Protection Certificate Shipbuilding Agreements and Contracts Steamboat Regulatory Documents Whalemen's Shipping Paper (1840) Appendix Selected Bibliography

American Maritime Documents, 1776-1860 - Stein, Douglas L.


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1831 Chapter XCVIII, Sections 1 through 4. Act to regulate the foreign and coasting trade on the northern, north-eastern and north-western frontiers of the United States.

1831 Chapter CXV. Act concerning vessels employed in the whale fishery concerning register or enrolment and license.

1837 Chapter XXII. Act concerning employment of pilots.

1838 Chapter CXCI, Sections 1 through 13. Act to provide for the security of the lives of passengers on board steam-propelled vessels, and inspection of these vessels.

1840 Chapter VI, Sections 1 through 3. Act to cancel the bonds to secure duties upon vessels and their cargoes, employed in the whale fishery, and to make registers lawful papers.

1840 Chapter XLVIII. Act regulating the shipment and discharge of seamen, and the duties of consuls.

1843 Chapter XLIX. Act amending the act for the relief of sick and disabled seamen to be extended to masters, owners and seamen of vessels in the coasting trade.

1843 Chapter XCIV, Sections 1 through 6. Act to modify the Act of 1838, Chapter CXXI, to provide for the better security of the lives of passengers on board steam vessels.

1848 Chapter CXLI, Sections 1 through 3. Act to authorize the Secretary of the Navy to license yachts used as pleasure vessels.

1850 Chapter XXVII, Sections 1 through 8, Act to provide for recoding conveyances and sales of vessels.

1851 Chapter XLIII, Sections 1 through 7. Act to limit liability of ship owners, and to make charterers of vessels liable in same manner as owners.

1852 Chapter CVI, Sections 1 through 44. Act to amend the act to provide for the better security of the lives of passengers on board steam vessels, regulating inspection, safety measures and licensing of such vessels.

1852 Chapter CXIII, Section 5, Act regulating delivery of U.S. mail carried on ships.

1852 Chapter IV. Act authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury to issue registers in certain cases.

1855 Chapter CXXXIII, Sections 15 through 20. Act to remodel the diplomatic and consular systems of the United States.

1855 Chapter CCXIII, Sections 1 through 19. Act to regulate the carriage of passengers in steamships and other vessels, including those employed by the American Colonization Society, or such society of any state, to transport colored emigrants to the coast of Africa.

1856 Chapter CXXVII, Sections 20, 25 through 28. Act supplementary to the Act of 1803, concerning Consuls and Vice-Consuls and for the further protection of American seamen, and to provide for discharge and desertion of seamen.

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