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American Maritime Documents, 1776-1860 - Stein, Douglas L.

License (Coasting/Fishing Vessels)

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Printed document of various sizes and formats. "License"was often prominently printed near the top of the document. Signatures of customs officials are present, and there is a general absence of decorative engraving.

This License was a product of the Act of 1793 entitled, "An Act for enrolling and licensing Ships or Vessels to be employed in the Coasting Trade and Fisheries, and for regulating the same." It was issued through the Customs Service to vessels, regardless of size, authorizing them to engage in either fishing or the coastal trade for a period of one year. Any vessel licensed for these trades that exceeded 20 tons would also need to have an Enrollment Certificate. Registered vessels were not required to have a license. These documents are frequently found in maritime collections.

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