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G. W. Blunt White Library

Connecticut Ship Database, 1789-1939

How to Use this Database

Vessel Search:
To find information on Vessel names only enter the search terms in the box under "Search vessels" choose the rig type, and search criteria from the drop down menu.

People Search:
To find information for People enter the last name of the person, or the company name you are looking for in the box under "Search people" and choose the search criteria from the drop down menu.

Advanced Search:
Search criteria can be combined in the Advanced Search. The "Keyword" field searches all text. The other search options search only the selected fields in the database. For instance figures entered in the "Tonnage" option will only search the "Tonnage" field in the database.

When a vessel name is retrieved, it contains not only information about the vessel, but also all the people associated with that vessel, whether a captain, an owner, a Builder or surveyor, depending upon who was listed on the original records. Clicking on the links to each individual will give you all the other relationships that individual has with other vessels in the database, and therefore all the other people associated with those vessels also. This can be a very powerful tool in understanding the complex business workings of an important industry.