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G. W. Blunt White Library

George C.Bugbee Collection Bugbee Collection, 1866-1917

Papers, 1866-1869, 1916-1917

Box Folder
1 1 Three letters between George C. Bugbee and his parents, Mr. And Mrs. James R. Bugbee of Boston, and sundry handwritten poem, notes, and sketches, 1866-1869
2 Clippings of Bubee's poems from various newspapers and other miscellaneous clippings, 1916-1917, and undated

Volumes, 1865-1916

1 Journal by George Bugbee of his voyage as an ordinary seaman aboard the Bark LOCH LAMAR, Jaremiah Grant, master (ends at Simonstown, South Africa), 1868-1869
2 Manuscript volume of poems by George Bugbee, evidently written while on a voyage in the Ship PREMIER. Volume also includes an abstract of the voyage from Boston to San Francisco and back to Baltimore, and what seems to be some school lesson exercises. Volume is titled: "Forcastle Rhymes and Jingles written Just for Phun", 1866-1867
3 Manuscript volume of poems by George Bugbee, written while on voyages in the Ship PREMIER and the Bark LOCH LAMAR. Volume is titled: Forcastle Stories told in Rhyme - A Collection of Whymsical Sea Jingles - which if they have no other merit have that of Originality and are based on Facts", 1866-1869
4 Manuscript volume of poems written by George Bugbee, ca. 1916

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