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G. W. Blunt White Library

Edward P. Stinson collection, 1828-1869

Papers, 1828-1869

Box Folder
1 1 Letters from Edward P. Stinson to his wife Emily T. Stinson of Bath, Maine, 1856-1862 and undated
2 Letters from Emily T. Stinson to her husband Edward P. Stinson, undated
3 Miscellaneous letters mostly to Captain Stinson on various subjects dealing with shipping business, 1828-1861, and undated
4 Receipts pertaining to the household of Edward P. Stinson, including express, insurance, dry goods, grocery, furniture, chandlery, and taxes, 1855-1863
5 Receipts from various merchants of Liverpool, England for purchases by Edward P. Sti, 1855-1863, and undated
6 Receipts and accounts for Edward P. Stinson, including freights, promissory, outfitting, pilotage, rooming house, consular, and provisionng, 1851-1869, and undated
7 Account, for expenditures incurred by the ship ANNIE RICHMOND, Edward P. Stinson, master, 1861 Sep 13-Oct 28
8 Papers pertaining to the ship ARIEL, including crew wage receipts, commerical draft receipts, crew list, and a letter, 1855 Mar 15-Jun 19
9 Papers pertaining to the ship GEORGE F. PATTEN, Edward P. Stinson, master, including insurance receipts, ship's accounts, charter parties, freight receipts, bills of lading, and provisioning accounts, 1850-1859, and undated
10 Papers pertaining to the ship OMAR PASHA, including receipts and ship's accounts, 1854-1855
11 Papers pertaining to the ship TEMPEST, including receipts, ship's accounts, and commercial draft receipts, 1856-1857
12 Papers pertaining to the ship THALATTA, Edward P. Stinson, including ship's accounts, receipts, commerical draft receipts, insurance receipts, charter parties, letters, freight lists, Custom House receipts, and manifests, 1858, 1893, and undated

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