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G. W. Blunt White Library

George Blunt Wendell Collection,

Personal Correspondence, 1845-1965

Box Folder
1 1 Family correspondence, 1845
2 Family correspondence, 1846
3 Family correspondence, 1847
4 Family correspondence, 1848
5 Family correspondence, 1849
6 Family correspondence, 1850
7 Family correspondence, 1851
8 Family correspondence, 1852
9 Family correspondence, 1853
10 Family correspondence, 1854
11 Family correspondence and correspondence with friends, 1855
12 Family correspondence, 1856
13 Family correspondence, 1857
14 Family correspondence, 1858
15 Family correspondence, 1859
16 Family correspondence and correspondence with friends, 1860
17 Family correspondence, 1861
18 Family correspondence, 1862
19 Family correspondence, 1863
20 Family correspondence and correspondence with friends, 1864
21 Family correspondence, 1865
22 Family correspondence, undated

Business Correspondence, 1853-1862

Box Folder
2 1 Business correspondence, 1853
2 Business correspondence, 1854
3 Business correspondence, 1855
4 Business correspondence, 1856
5 Business correspondence, 1857
6 Business correspondence, 1858
7 Business correspondence, 1859
8 Business correspondence, 1860
9 Business correspondence, 1861
10 Business correspondence, 1862

Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1856-1881

11 Miscellaneous correspondence, 1856
12 Miscellaneous correspondence, 1859-1865
13 Miscellaneous correspondence, 1866-1881
14 Miscellaneous correspondence, undated

Bills, accounts, photos, genealogy, etc., ca. 1815-1900

Box Folder
3 1 Bill of sale, Sloop GOLD COINER, 1815
2 Photos of ship paintings; CLARISSA, BENARES, GALATEA, GANGES, 1832-1862
3 "Reminiscences of New Orleans, and Journey up the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers" (typed copy), by Geroge B. Wendell, 1847
4 Seamen's Protection Certificates issued to G. B. Wendell; Certificate of Membership issued to G. B. Wendell by the Portsmouth (N.H.) Marine Society, 1847, 1851, 1859
5 Ship's disbursements and accounts, 1847-1863
6 Invoices and receipts against George B. Wendell, 1848-1863
7 Miscellaneous accounts concerning Jacob, Jacob Jr., and George B. Wendell, 1849-1865
8 Notices of Houses of Refuge and Pilot Stations and Sailing Directions, 1851
9 Miscellaneous advertisements, 182-1860
11 Photo of a painting of Ship PISCATAQUA of Boston signalling for a pilot off Sand Head ("painted by a sailor on board"), 1854
12 Photo of a painting of Ship GRANADA of Boston near Cape of Good Hope ("painted by a sailor on board"), 1855
13 Memorandum of Calcutta goods, Ship GRANADA (G. B. Wendell, master), 1855
14 Seamen's Protection Certificates, 1855
15 Stores and chandlery lists for Ships BENARES, GALATEA and GANGES, 1855-1862
16 Invoices and receipts against vessels under G. B. Wendell's command, 1855-1863
17 Envelopes, 1855-1936
18 Statements of General Average for Ship BENARES and for Ship GANGES, 1856-1857
19 Certificate of Apprenticeship: Henry S. Ellis to George B. Wendell, Capt. of Ship BENARES, 1857
20 Instructions for "Ready About", written by George B. Wendell to Willie G. Shackford, ca. 1857-1858
21 Excerpts from the private logbook of Frederic Hinckley (serving under G. W. Wendell), 1858
22 Papers relating to a suit brought against George B. Wendell, 1859
23 Song, "Galatea", written by George B. Wendell, with typed copy and letter to the New York Times, written by Arthur R. Wendell, ca. 1860; 1923 Jan 22
24 Bills of lading, Ship GALATEA, 1862
25 Shipping paper and crew list, Ship GALATEA, 1862
26 Advertising card, Wells Fargo & Co., Issued of the New Hampshire Gazette, 1863 Jan 31
27 "Early Recollections of Portsmouth, New Hampshire", by Barney Gatz (typed copy), 1897
28 Rates and charges, the Hoogley Dock, Calcutta, India (printed form), undated
29 Notebook containing navigation problems, undated
30 Miscellaneous navigation notes and problems, undated and some 1899
31 Wendell family pictures, mostly George B. Wendell,
32 Miscellaneous photos, undated
33 Photos of ship models: GALATEA, GANGES, and unidentified,
34 Miscellaneous pencil sketches, probably by George B. Wendell, undated
35 Miscellaneous, memorabilia, undated
36 Obituary notices of George Blunt Wendell, including the Nautical Gazette (N.Y.) and typed copies from other newspapers and periodicals, 1881 Oct
37 Wendell family genealogy,

Letters, clippings, research, etc. of F. Hinckley, A. Wendell, C. Cutler, and others, re. G. B. Wendell, 1900-1949

Box Folder
4 1 Newspaper and periodical clippings re. Capt Frederic Hinckley, including an account of the shipwreck of Ship LIVING AGE (on which Hinckley was second mate), 1905-1907
2 Correspondence between Frederic Hinckley (who was first mate under Capt. G. B. Wendell) and Arthur R. Wendell (son of G. B. Wendell), including several extracts from G. B. Wendell's journals and logbooks, 1901-1938
3 Letter to Arthur R. Wendell, from James R. Stanwood (cousin), 1901
4 Letter to Arthur Wendell from Sailors' Snug Harbor, 1902
5 Letter to Arthur Wendell, 1906
6 Letter to Arthur Wendell, from George B. Wendell Jr., 1912
7 Correspondence between Arthur Wendell and the Charles F. Biele & Sons Co., 1915
8 Letters from Arthur R. Wendell to the Marine Research Society, 1926
9 Correspondence between Arthur R. Wendell and Edward L. Tinker; and Arthur R. Wendell and C. G. Davis, 1929
10 Correspondence between Arthur R. Wendell and Pauline A. Pinckney; and Arthur R. Wendell and the Mariners Museum, 1940-1941
11 Correspondence between Arthur R. Wendell and Caroline H. and Edith G. Fabens (daughters of Capt. S. A. Fabens, master of Ship GANGES), 1943
12 Correspondence between Arthur R. Wendell and Carl C. Cutler (secretary of the Marine Historical Association) regarding publication of the book, George Blunt Wendell, Clipper Ship Master, 1946-1949
13 Typed copies of manuscript for the book, George Blunt Wendell, Clipper Ship Master (Marine Historical Ass'n Publication No. 20),
14 Typed copies of manuscript related to above mentioned book,

Volumes, 1853-1878

1 The Chronometer's Companion, by J. Griffin (London, James Imray, 1837?); used by Geroge Wendell on Ship PISCATAQUA and Ship GRANADA, 1853-1854
2 Notebook, "Ship BENARES, George B. Wendell", containing miscellaneous accounts and notes, ca. 1859
3 Notebook containing scattered notes, sketches, dimensions, memo of Calcutta goods, 1855
4 Copies of letters and accounts, kept by George B. Wendell, 1854-1862
5 Smith's Pocket Almanac and Diary for 1858 (London, Ths. J. & J. Smith, 1857?) Contains accounts and miscellaneous memoranda of George B. Wendell, Ship GALATEA, 1860
6 "Rate Book of Ship GALATEA, Chronometers No's 1704 (GBW) and 1105 (Ships)", 1860 Feb-1861 Jan
7 Notebook, "Ship GALATEA" containing miscellaneous accounts (both personal and re. ship), notes, prescriptions, verse, etc., 1861-1862
8 "Officers & Crews Accounts, Ship BENARES, … Ship GALATEA", George B. Wendell, master, 1861
9 "Statement of General Average… Ship BENARES", Frederic Hinckley, master, 1863
10 "Ship GALATEA Rate Book" containing record of ship's chronometer, 1862 Dec-1863 Jun
11 "Abstract Log, wind and current charts, GALATEA" (nothing written in this volume),
12 Memoir of Jacob Wendell, of Portsmouth, N.H., by Rev. Elias Nason (Boston, David Clapp & Son, 1868),
13 Wendell Family (genealogy), ed. by Alexander Du Bin (Philadelphia, Historiacal Pub'n Society, 1939) (with additions, probably by Arthur R. Wendell),
14 Abstract log, Ship BENARES (George B. Wendell, master, 1857-1858
15 Abstract log, Ship GALATEA (George B. Wendell, master, 1861-1862
16 Journal kept on board Ship PISCATAQUA by George B. Wendell, master, 1853-1854
17 Journal kept on board Ship GRANADA by George B. Wendell, master, 1854-1855
18 Journal kept on board Ship GANGES by George B. Wendell, master, 1855-1857
19 Journal kept on board Ship BENARES by George B. Wendell, master, 1857-1859
20 Journal kept on board Ship BENARES by Frederic Hinckleyl, master, 1858-1859
21 Journal kept on board Ship GALATEA by George B. Wendell, master, 1860-1861
22 Manuscript copy of above volume,
23 Typed copy of Volume 22 (incomplete- personal remarks edited out),
24 Journal kept on board Ship BENARES by Frederic Hinckleyl, master, 1861-1862
25 Journal kept on board Ship GALATEA by George B. Wendell, master, 1861-1862
26 Journal kept on board Ship GALATEA by George B. Wendell, master, 1862-1863
27 Letter copybook, containing letters from George B. Wendell, representing Mitchell, Wendell & Co. (Granite quarry), Quincy, Massachusetts, 1877 Jan-1878 Jul
28 Holy Bible (New York, American Bible Society, 1851), Flyleaf inscribed: "George B. Wendell from his friend Charles B. Wilson, October 29th, 1852, New Orleans",
29 German Lyrics, by Charles T. Brooks (Boston, Ticknor, Reed & Fields, 1853), Flyleave inscribed: "G. B. Wendell from Rev. Chas. T. Brooks, a passenger on PISCATAQUA… 1853",
30 Three Tales, by the Countess D'Arbouville (London, Clarke, Beeton & Co., N.D.), Flyleaf inscribed: "George B. Wendell, 1858, GANGES",

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