Shultz, Charles R., Forty-niners Round the Horn: Bibliography

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Yeatman, Anna M. D. Unknown to History Being the Cruise of the Good Ship Glenmore from Hampton Roads to San Francisco, California, Telling of the Adventures of the Virginia Argonauts to the Gold Fields in 1849. Photocopy of typescript. California State Library, Sacramento, California. Account of the voyage based upon the journal of Dr. James W. Claiborne and a narrative by Captain Charles Edward Yeatman. The Yeatman narrative apparently was written long after the voyage. William P. Poythress was in command of the vessel. Passengers were members of the Madison Mining and Trading Company.

Young, George W. Journal, May 15-October 31, 1849, of a voyage from Boston, Massachusetts to San Francisco, California in the bark Helen Augusta under the command of Captain Frederick W. Myrick. California Historical Society, San Francisco, California. Has some good descriptions but main focus of the journal seems to be weather and the direction they were sailing. Young was a member of the Massachusetts Mining Company.