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Mystic Seaport Num: 1958.931.47

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Mystic Seaport Num: 1993.123.43

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Steamship Line: North German Lloyd Built: Fairfield Shipbuilding & Engineering Co., Glasgow, Scotland Year Built: 1886
Routes: Bremen-Southampton-NY
Passengers:1st class: 150; 2nd class: 90; 3rd class: 1,000
History:Reduced to two masts in 1895. Involved in tragic North German Lloyd dock fire in NY, June 30, 1900. She caught fire and was severely damaged. One hundred nine lives were lost. Sold to Luckenbach Line, rebuilt as a freighter. Subsequently renamed PRINCESS
Machinery:Single-screw, 18 knots
Masts and funnels:4 masts, 2 funnels