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Mystic Seaport Num: 1999.175.542
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Mystic Seaport Num: 1999.175.543
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Kronprinz Wilhelm

Steamship Line: North German Lloyd Built: "Vulkan", Stettin, Germany Year Built: 1901
Routes: Bremen-Southampton-NY
Passengers:1st class: 593; 2nd class: 363; 3rd class: 696
History:Broke transatlantic speed record on her maiden voyage, Sept. 1901. Armed commerce raider during WWI. Interned at Newport News, Va. 1915, escorted to Philadelphia 1916. Seized 1917 by US at Philadelphia, became VON STEUBEN (troopship). Same name for US Shi
Machinery:Twin-screw, 23 knots
Masts and funnels:2 masts, 4 funnels