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Steamship Line: White Star Line Built: Hawthorn, Leslie & Co., Newcastle, England Year Built: 1902
Routes: Liverpool-Boston; Genoa-Naples-NY; Genoa-Naples-Boston; Genoa-Naples-Boston-NY; Liverpool-NY
Passengers:1st class: 260; 2nd class: 250; 3rd class: 1,000
History:Built as HANNOVERIAN for Leyland. Sailed as MAYFLOWER for Dominion. First voyage for White Star as CRETIC Nov. 1903. Renamed DEVONIAN (1923 - Leyland). Chartered to Red Star for Antwerp-NY. Broken up for scrap 1930.
Machinery:Twin-screw, 16 knots
Masts and funnels:4 masts, 1 funnel