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Mystic Seaport Num: 1987.62.69

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Steamship Line: Anchor Line Built: Wm. Beardmore & Co., Glasgow, Scotland Year Built: 1920
Routes: Glasgow-Liverpool-NY
Passengers:1st class: 265; 2nd class: 370; 3rd class: 1,100
History:Carried 186,770 passengers from maiden voyage to August 1939. Troopship in WWII. Torpedoed Dec. 1942, but made port and resumed war service in 1943. Reconditioned for Australian immigrant service in 1948. Renamed EMPIRE CLYDE (1953). Scrapped 1958.
Machinery:Twin-screw, 15.5 knots
Masts and funnels:2 masts, 1 funnel