Charles W. Morgan Crew arranged by:

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Positions on board the Charles W. Morgan

  (1st Mate)   (2nd Mate)   (3rd Mate)   [1st Mate]   [2nd Mate]   [3rd Mate]   [4th Mate]   1st Mate   1st Officer   2nd Mate   2st Mate[1st Mate]   3rd Boatheader   3rd Mate   3rd Mate[2nd Mate]   4th Boatheader/Watch Leader   4th Mate   4th Mate/Boatheader   5th Mate   5th Mate, B.S.   Able Seaman   Assistant Navigator [Master's wife]   Asst. Carpenter/Engineer   Asst. Navigator [Master's wife]   Blacksmith   Blacksmith/Greenhand   Blacksmith/Seaman   Blacksmith/Seaman/Asst. Carpenter   Boatheader   Boatheader [2nd Mate]   Boatheader/Watch Leader if wanted   Boatsteerer   Boy   Cabin Boy   Cabin Boy/Seaman   Captain   Carpenter   Carpenter/Asst. Cooper   Carpenter/Blacksmith   Carpenter/Engineer   Carpenter/Seaman   Carpenter/Seaman/Donkey Driver   Cook   Cooper   Cooper/Carpenter   Cooper/Carpenter/Shipkeeper   Engineer   Engineer/Blacksmith   Engineer/Carpenter   Engineer/Seaman   Engineer/Shipkeeper   Greenhand   Greenhand/2nd Cooper   Greenhand/Blacksmith   Greenhand/Engineer   Greenhand/Seaman   Master   Mate   Ordinary Seaman   Prev. B.S./Asst. Engineer   Prev. Boatsteerer   Prev. Boatsteerer/Seaman   Sailmaker   Seaman   Seaman/ Sailmaker   Seaman/Asst. Cooper and Carpenter   Seaman/Asst. Engineer   Seaman/Prev. Boatsteerer   Seaman/Sailmaker   Steerage Boy   Steerage Boy/Seaman   Steward  

Boatheader: The man who steers the boat in going on a whale, and afterwards kills it. Generally a mate, but sometimes an experience whaleman with no ship duties save masthead and cutting-stage, whose only title is boat-header.

Boatsteerer: Harponeer. The man who pulls the harpoon oar, darts the iron inot the whale, and then steers while the mater or boat-hander lances him.

Greenhand: Inexperienced man on his first whaling voyage.

Preventer Boatsteerer: A substitute boatsteerer. The foremast hand who is next in line for promotion. He pulls bow oar.

Shipkeeper: Usually the cooper, who acts as sailing master while the boats are away.