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About the Crewlists of the Charles W. Morgan

The Charles W. Morgan completed 37 whaling voyages during which time over 1600 men lived and sailed aboard her. The following names of crew and officers have been compiled from customs documents kept by the National Archives; Records of the Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation. These documents include outgoing Crewlists, discharge certificates, crewlist certifications, and consular documents. Copies of these reside at the G. W. Blunt White Library. Unfortuantely not all the records of these voyages have been preserved. Voyages 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, and 37 for the years 1901-1906 and 1920 and 1921 are missing. Crew information for the 'missing' voyages was supplied from John Leavitt's book, "The Charles W. Morgan".

Transcription notes:

The process of transcribing historical documents has often been refered to an art as much as a science. Documents were kept by hand and handwriting then, as now, is often hard to read. In addition, spelling is not consistant. Often individuals had no idea how their own names were spelled and document keepers guessed. In addition the spelling of names has changed over time and what appears incorrect now would have been correct at the time the documents were official. Foreign names added additional complexities.

All possible attempts were made in the process of transcribing these crewlists to record the correct name. Guesses, however have been made. When available, additional documents were consulted including the crew lists transcribed by the New Bedford Public Library and those recorded in John Leavitt's book, "The Charles W. Morgan".


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