Charles W. Morgan Crew arranged by:

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List of Charles W. Morgan Crew by Country

  Ascension   Austria   Belgium   Bravo   Cape de Verde   Chile   Denmark   England   Eypanol   Fayal   Flores   France   Germany   Graisons ?   Great Britain   Guam   Hawai   Holland   Honolulu   Hope Isle   Island   Jamica   Japan   Kanaka   Mahi   Manilla   Mexico   N.I.   N.Y.   Navigation Island   New Granada   New Zealand   Norway   Panama   Peru   Pico   Pleasant Isld   Portugal   Raratonga   Rotoma   Russia   Sandwich Islands   Society Islands   South?   Spain   St. Helena   St. Mary   St. Miguel   St. Paul   Sweden   Switzerland   US Columbia   USA   West Indies  
Pleasant Isld Pleasant, John    Age: 20
Height: 5'11"
Hair: Black
Complexion: Tawny