Charles W. Morgan Crew arranged by:

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Seaman/Prev. Boatsteerers on board on the Charles W. Morgan

(Ordered by voyage)

VoyageNameAgeBirth PlaceResidenceCountry
14 Pender, George  26 England San Francisco England
15 Vincent, Joseph  23 Guam San Francisco Spain
17 Chaco, Enos  23 Guam San Francisco Spain
17 Ross, J.[John] S. 26 Cape de Verde San Francisco Portugal
19 Ross, John S. 27 Cape de Verde San Francisco Portugal
20 Kluge, H. [Harry] A. 25 Germany San Francisco USA
22 Olson, Henry  30 Germany San Francisco USA
24 Gomes, Henry  22 Cape de Verde San Francisco Portugal
24 Webber, Frank  42 Austria San Francisco Austria
24 McGregor, James  29 Scotland San Francisco England
32 Rosa, Enaas         

Boatheader: The man who steers the boat in going on a whale, and afterwards kills it. Generally a mate, but sometimes an experience whaleman with no ship duties save masthead and cutting-stage, whose only title is boatheader.

Boatsteerer: Harpooner. The man who pulls the harpoon oar, darts the iron into the whale, and then steers while the mate or boat-hander lances him.

Greenhand: Inexperienced man on his first whaling voyage.

Preventer Boatsteerer: A substitute boatsteerer. The foremast hand who is next in line for promotion. He pulls bow oar.

Shipkeeper: Usually the cooper, who acts as sailing master while the boats are away.