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19th Century Merchant Marine

- - - Whaling- - -

Account book.; Morrison (Ship), 1844-1846.
Account book kept by Samuel Green, Jr., shipmaster of Ship MORRISON of New London, Conn. (Havens & Smith agents) during a voyage to the Pacific Ocean whaling grounds. Contains crew list and accounts of accounts with other ships, ship's stores, expenses an

George Dunn Gilderdale papers; Gilderdale, George Dunn, 1831-1890
Correspondence, accounts, logbooks, notebooks, shipping documents, home remedies for ailments and diseases, etc. ‚b Topics include Gilderdale's command of the bark PERU on a whaling and sealing voyage to the South Shetland Islands, the steamships EUTERPE and GENERAL SEDGEWICK, and the ship MARY AND SUSAN; his Civil War service in the U.S. Navy on board the U.S.S. ADOLPH HUGEL, ARLETTA, COMMODORE READ, and YANKEE; and flags and signals.

George H. Newton collection; Newton, George H., 1880-1884
Correspondence, bills, clippings, advertisements, tickets, and other materials, relating to Newton's whale show which featured the carcass of a 60' right whale, weighting 40 tons, which was transported on a railroad flatcar to Chicago, Ill., for the exhibition. ‚b After its arrival in Chicago, the exhibit was managed by Fred J. Engelhardt who purchased half interest in the show, entering into a partnership with Newton known as Pioneer Inland Whaling Association. The whaling exhibition toured the midwest and other parts of the U.S., but in Sept. 1882, the partnership was dissolved in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., due to insolvency.

Journal; Atlantic (Ship), 1835-1837
Journal kept by Theodore Lewis, M.D., on board the ship Atlantic of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Hunting Cooper, master, for a voyage to the Atlantic and Indian Ocean whaling grounds. Contains illustrations (pencil sketch), mentions death at sea, native contacts, shipboard life. Made 6 ports-of-call and spoke 53 vessels. Contains detailed descriptions of species of whales, whaleboats and whaling gear, cutting and boiling; also the history, government, people, customs and religion of the Falkland Islands; Azores; Tristan da Cunha; Inaccessible Island; Capetown, South Africa; Sandy Island (Rodrigues Island) (off Madagascar); Saint Paul Island (Ile St. Paul); Amsterdam Island; Saint Helena and Ascension Island.

Journal; Weir, Robert, 1855 Aug 18-1858 May 5
Journal kept by Robert Weir on board the bark CLARA BELL of Mattapoisett, Massachusetts, Charles H. Robbins, master, for a voyage to the Atlantic and Indian Ocean whaling grounds.

Journal; Tahmaroo (Ship), 1852 -1856
Log kept by George F. Neil, master, on board the ship TAHMAROO of Fairhaven, Mass., for a Pacific Ocean whaling voyage. Contains ship's accounts, whale stamps, and mentions wives and children at sea, injury at sea and death at sea.

Journal; Victoria (Brig), 1858, April 20 - October 5
Log kept on board the Honolulu brig VICTORIA, Milton Fish, master, for a whaling and trading voyage to the Arctic Ocean. The VICTORIA traded with Arctic natives for sable skins, otter skins, mink skins, fox skins, ivory, and whalebones, while hunting for whales. Logbook records required navigational data, Captain Fish's philosophical musings, details regarding the loss of French ship NAPOLEON III in the Arctic Ice, a crew list and the rescue of the two sole survivors from INDIAN CHIEF which was lost the previous year.

Journal; Morrison (Ship), 1844-1846
Journal kept by Rev. Thomas Douglass on board the ship MORRISON of New London, Conn., Samuel Green, Jr., master, for a voyage to the Indian and Pacific Ocean whaling grounds. Journal details shipboard life including a death at sea (Richard Francis, seaman), the religious affairs of sailors and captains, gams with other whaling vessels, whaling in general, descriptions of ports visited, problems with the food and an attempted mutiny. Also contains whale stamps.

Logbook; Sheffield (Ship), 1849-1850
Logbook, 1849-1850, kept by Isaac M. Jessup on board the ship SHEFFIELD of Cold Spring Harbor N.Y., Thomas M. Roys, master, for a voyage to the Pacific Ocean whaling grounds. Contains personal accounts, mentions death at sea (Justin Pratt, seaman), attempted mutiny, resulting discipline, carried cargo of lumber and wheels, made 5 ports-of-call.

Logbook; Stonington (Ship), 1843, Aug. 17 - 1845, April.
Logbook kept on board the ship STONINGTON of New London, Conn., by George W. Hamley, master, for a whaling voyage to the Indian, Pacific, and South Atlantic Ocean whaling grounds. Contains whale stamps. Made 17 ports-of-call and spoke 25 vessels.

Logbook; Stonington (Ship), 1846, Febuary 28 -1847, September 29
Logbook kept by Abanson Fournier on board the ship STONINGTON of New London, Conn., George W. Hamley, master, for a voyage from Tasmania to the Pacific Ocean whaling grounds and during the time the ship was commandeered at San Diego, Calif., for Mexican war service. Capt. Hamley was captured at San Blas, Mexico, and Alanson Fournier took command for the passage home. Contains whale stamps.

Logbook; Janet (Bark), 1887-1879
Logbook kept by Henry M. King, third mate, on board bark Janet of New Bedford, Massachusetts. Peter Gartland, master for a voyage to the Atlantic Ocean whaling grounds. Contains whale stamps, crew list, mentions death at sea and injury at sea. Made 10 ports-of-call and spoke 50 vessels. King discharged on October 20, 1879 and returned home on bark Veronica of New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Logbook; Hibernia (Ship), 1866 May-1869 Nov 26.
Journal kept by Wilson Andrews on board the whaling ship Hibernia of New Bedford, MA, Jeremiah Ludlow, master, on a voyage to the Pacific Ocean whaling grounds. Contains whale oil and whale bone inventories, ship's accounts, boat caught record, and mentions scrimshaw.

Logbook; George Howland (Bark), 1869-1870
Journal kept by Wilson Andrews on board the bark George Howland of New Bedford, Mass. James H. Knowles was master on a return passage from the Pacific Ocean whaling grounds.

Logbook; Halcyon (Bark), 1843-1844
Logbook of the bark Halcyon for an Indian Ocean whaling voyage. William Bailey commanded the voyage which ended in Geographe Bay, Australia when the Halcyon broke her third anchor chain and wrecked on the beach. The crew and 500 barrels of oil were transfered to the ship Charles Henry of New London.

Logbook; Bingham (Ship), 1839-1840
Logbook for the ship Bingham on a whaling voyage in the Atlantic Ocean. Ezra G. Bailey commanded the voyage, William Bailey served as first mate and log keeper. Entries include a detailed description of a fight between crew members, a stopover in the Azores, and a knockdown. William Bailey became ill and left the ship at St. Helena.

Logbook; Helen Mar (Bark), 1871-1873
Copy of a logbook kept by J. J. O'Donnell on board the bark Helen Mar of New Bedford, Massachusetts. William H. Koon, master, for a voyage to the Arctic Ocean whaling grounds. Mentions injury at sea, native contacts, and women at sea. Made 9 ports-of-call and spoke 33 vessels. Mentions shipwrecks in Arctic of whalers caught in the ice in 1871.

Logbook; Sea Breeze (Bark), 1873-1874
Copy of a logbook kept by J. J. O'Donnell on board the bark Sea Breeze of New Bedford, Massachusetts. R. D. Wicks, master, for a voyage to the Pacific Ocean and Arctic Ocean whaling grounds. Mentions death at sea, injury at sea. Made 10 ports-of-call and spoke 9 vessels.

Logbook; Jireh Perry (Ship), 1874-1875
Copy of a logbook kept by J. J. O'Donnell on board the ship Jireh Perry of New Bedford, Massachusetts. Leander C. Owen, master, for a voyage to the Pacific Ocean whaling grounds. Mentions native contacts. Made 3 ports-of-call and spoke 8 vessels.

Logbook page; Aeronaut (Ship), 1833, 1839, or 1850, Feb. 20-25,
Logbook page, 1833, 1839, or 1850, kept on board the whaling ship Aeronaut of Mystic, Conn., on a voyage to the South Atlantic whaling grounds. Contains 3 whale stamps.

Marine Mammals of the North-western Coast of North America; Scammon, Charles Melville, 1874
The marine mammals of the north-western coast of North America : described and illustrated, together with an account of the American whale-fishery

Memo book; Dering, Charles T., 1839-1851
Memo book,1839-1851, containing records of provisions and outfits for whaling vessels of Sag Harbor, N.Y., Charles T. Dering, Agent. Vessels mentioned include Ships CAMILLUS, NIMROD, HAMILTON, HELEN, SABINA, NIANTIC, NOBLE and ITALY, Barks FRANKLIN and B

More Decency and Order; Druett, Joan,

Papers; Anne (Ship), 1843
Papers of Ship ANNE, including memorandum of oil & bone delivered from voyage no. 3, June 16, 1831, whaleman's shipping paper out of Bristol, R.I., Francis Moore, master, and portage bills by consulate of the U.S., Society Islands, March 31, 1843, and Bay of Islands, New Zealand, Dec. 8-25, 1843.

Papers; Pacific (Ship), 1849-1851
Papers of ship PACIFIC. Asa Hoxie, master, including Whalemen's Shipping Paper, U.S. consulate certification of crew members signed aboard and deserters at the port of Callao, Peru, and U. S. Consular agency certification of crew members signed aboard and

Photocopy of crew list.; Clara Bell (Bark), undated
Photocopy of crew list for the Bark CLARA BELL of Mattapoisett, Mass., Charles H. Robbins, master, signed at New Bedford, Mass., for an Atlantic Ocean Passage. Robert Weir sailed on this voyage.

Records of the Sea Queen (Bark); Sea Queen (Bark), 1884-1888

Robert Bruce Strout collection; Strout, Robert Bruce, 1855-1880
Sea journals, diary, account book, obituaries, and related papers. ‚b Includes journal describing Pacific whaling voyages (1855-1862), out of New Bedford, Mass., by ship ALICE MANDELL and barks CLEONE, MARTHA, and SALAMANDRE; diary detailing voyage of the CLEONE, chiefly an indictment against the master and first mate; and ships accounts (1868-1871) of the brig CAMILLE, engaged in West Indian trade. Persons represented include Strout's wife, Jane F. Strout.

Scenes in Honolulu - No. 9 Sad Accident; Twain, Mark,
Article written by Twain as a correspondent for the "Sacramento Daily Union" describing the peculiarities of whaling and seafaring life. Twain was born Samuel Longhorn Clemens.

Whalemen's Shipping Paper; Martha (Ship), May 12, 1848.
Whalemen's Shipping Paper for the whaling Ship MARTHA of Fairhaven, Mass., Heman N. Stewart, master, on a voyage to the Pacific and Indian Oceans whaling grounds, Atkins Adams, agent, including a certification attesting a true copy issued by James Truman,

Whaling contract; Atlantic (Ship), 1845, Jul 29
Whaling contract for the ship ATLANTIC of New London, Connecticut, Lawrence Miner, master, and William Jones of New York, New York, shipping agent.

Whaling Contract; Atlantic (Ship), July 31, 1845
For the ship ATLANTIC of New London, Conn., Miner, Lawrence & Co., owners, executed by John Smith, carpenter; Thomas Jones, Ordinary seaman; William (Irvin?), blacksmith, at New York, N.Y. by William Jones, agent, and witnessed by George Bradley.