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19th Century Merchant Marine

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Edward Lupton Papers; Lupton, Edward, 1862-1917
Correspondence, contracts, accounts, legal documents, specifications, and other papers, relating to Lupton's claims against the U.S. Navy Dept. for cost overruns during the building of the gunboat LENAPEE during the Civil War. The claims were continued by his estate.

Letter; Johnston, William F.,, 1849 Dec 14
Letter from Pennsylvania Governor William F. Johnston to Secretary of the Navy William B. Preston, Washington, D.C., regarding restoring the rank of midshipman in the United States Navy to James Bredin who resigned his rank in San Francisco, California, p

Roderick Stephens Collection; Stephens, Roderick, 1931-1990
Logs, navigator's notebooks, scrapbooks, guest registers, notes, correspondence, newspaper and magazine articles, and other papers, chiefly relating to Stephen's activities as navigator and/or captain of various vessels in long distance racing, but also reflecting his and his brother, Olin Stephens' personal and business affairs. Includes materials relating to the yawls DORADE and STORMY WEATHER, winners of the Transatlantic and Fastnet races, and races aboard his personal sloop MUSTANG; his assistance in the design and sailing of America's Cup defenders, sloops COLUMBIA and CONSTELLATION; receipt of a U.S. Medal of Freedom for his role in the design of the DUKW, an amphibious Army vehicle during World War II; and presidency of the yacht design firm Sparkman & Stephens.

Silas Talbot Collection; Talbot, Silas, 1767-1867
Correspondence, accounts, account books, bills, receipts, genealogical notes, and printed material reflecting Talbot's career, especially his command of the U.S.S. CONSTITUTION (1798-1801). Other subjects include the impressment of American sailors by the British Navy; activities as U. S. agent in the West Indies assisting American seamen; captain of the privateer ship GENERAL WASHINGTON (1780), and his supervision of the outfitting of the sloop HAWK (1778), the U.S.S. CONSTITUTION (1798, 1800), and the ship GEORGE WASHINGTON (1798) which was purchased by the U.S. Navy and under the Talbot's authority converted into a sloop which was used during the quasi-war with France (1797-1801). Printed materials include a preliminary printing of "Rules for the Regulation of the Navy of the United Colonies", thought to be a draft version of the rules adopted by the Continental Congress (1775 Nov. 18) and two broadsides relating to uniforms for the U.S. Navy (1797, 1798). Correspondents include Benjamin Bourne, Isaac Hull, Timothy Pickering, Robert Morris, Benjamin Stoddert, George Washington Talbot, and Stephen Higginson & Co.