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19th Century Merchant Marine

- - - Shipmasters- - -

Samuel Watts Collection; Watts, Samuel, 1840-1970
Correspondence, customs declarations, accounts for outfitting and cargoes, bills, ledgers, scrapbook, dividend books, and other records, formed around each of ca. 100 vessels built and managed by Watts (and his brother Capt. Alfred Watts, with whom he was associated); together with other business and personal correspondence, business records, prints of vessels, and photos. ‚b Includes research and notes (ca. 1940-1970) by Watts's grandson, Samuel W. Lewis and his nephew, C. Winslow Lewis, Jr.

Timothy M. Benson Collection; Benson, Timothy M., 1865-1911
Correspondence (2 boxes), chiefly between Benson and merchant shipowners Charles Brewer (Charles Brewer & Co.) , discussing cargoes, provisions, repairs and other business matters involving the MARTHA DAVIS, including some letters between Benson's wife, Rebecca W. Benson, and the company regarding his estate and financial matters; shipping papers for the VIKING (1865-1869) and MARTHA DAVIS (1873-1877); stamped and addressed envelopes (ca. 1876-1888) of the MARTHA DAVIS; and miscellaneous materials, including a few domestic bills, land deeds, and several issues of The Friend, a newspaper from Honolulu. ‚b Papers written by his daughter, Clara Benson are also included in the collection. The Bensons visited ports such as Hong Kong, Honolulu, and Boston.