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19th Century Merchant Marine

- - - Shipbuilding- - -

Articles of Agreement; , May 29, 1703
Articles of Agreement concluded in Boston, County of Suffolk, Province of Massachusetts, between John Parker and John Wakefield, shipwrights, and Thomas Palmer, Esq., and Benjamin Edmonds, merchants of Boston, for the construction of a vessel, and witness

Invitation; U.S.S. Connecticut (Battleship), 1904, Sept. 29
Papers issued by the Secretary of the Navy to attend the lauching of the U.S.S. CONNECTICUT.

Joseph Holmes collection; Holmes, Joseph, 1797-1887
Correspondence, accounts and financial papers, insurance policies, charter-parties, deeds, writs, wills, vessel bills of sale, and other papers, concerning shipbuilding, shipowning, and the affairs of a merchant family of the 19th century. ‚b Includes materials relating to Holmes' sons, Alexander, Edward, Horace, and Paraclete; his sea captains and business agents; the family's interest in the Alabama claims, and West Indian, coastwise and trans-Atlantic trade; and vessel accounts, disbursements, etc., for various Holmes' vessels, including brig TRIDENT (built in Bridgewater), ships LUCY, NATHAN HANNAU, BRUNETT, JOSEPH HOLMES, and RARITAN, and schooners NOVEMBER and RISK.

Records of the Holmes' Shipyard; Holmes Shipyard, 1820-1886

Treatise on Marine and Naval Architecture; Griffiths, John Willis, 1856
Theory and practice blended in ship building.