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Forty-Niners Round the Horn
19th Century American Merchant Marine Digital Library

19th Century Merchant Marine

- - - Seafaring life- - -

A Forty-Niner Fourth of July; Schultz, Charles R.,

A Landlubber's Log of His Voyage Around Cape Horn; MacMichael, Morton, 1883
A journal kept during a four months' voyage on an American merchatman, bound from Philadelphia to San Francisco

Diary; Minor, James, 1849 March 24-June 5
Minor's narrative describes his passage, and that of other members of the New Haven Mining Association aboard the bark ANN SMITH on a voyage to California. Includes description of fellow passengers and crew, shipboard life, and his two week stay at Rio de Janeiro. Drinking passengers he called the 'liquor party"; crossing the line ceremony detailed; music and songs; opinions regarding ship's captain and his officer, etc., last entry at sea towards Cape Horn.

George Blunt Wendell Collection; Wendell, George Blunt,

George C.Bugbee Collection Bugbee Collection; Bugbee, George C., 1866-1917
Chiefly papers (1866-1869) from Bugbee's voyages as an ordinary seaman aboard the ship PREMIER, of Bangor, Me., and the bark LOCH LAMAR, including journal, 3 vols. of his poetry,3 letters between Bugbee and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. James R. Bugbee, of Boston, and miscellaneous notes and sketches; together with clippings of Bugbee's poems printed in newspapers (1916-1917). ‚b Bugbee's journal describes life at sea and at port and social condition in cities visited, including Calcutta, India, Pernambuco, Brazil, and Simonstown, South Africa.

John E. Barstow Collection; Barstow, John E., 1870-1890
Reminiscences (1 v.) by Barstow of his command of the merchant ship CELESTIAL EMPIRE, 1874-1876, containing illustrations; vol. of sketches, original poems, navigation computation, and clippings; and transcripts (typewritten) of Barstow's sea stories and sketches, many of them watercolor.

Joseph J. Fuller collection; Fuller, Joseph J., 1880-1920
Memoirs containing descriptions of the sea elephant industry (principally in the Indian Ocean) and the year Fuller spent shipwrecked with the crew of the schooner PILOT'S BRIDE in the Kerguelen Islands; together with a scrapbook of clippings relating to Fuller and other subjects of maritime interest in the New London area.

Journal; Houqua (Ship), 1846 April 4-Dec. 6
Journal kept by Thomas Benedict III on board ship Houqua of New York, N.Y., Nathaniel Brown Palmer, master, for a trading voyage to China. Details homesick greenhand's experiences on board ship, daily routine at sea and in port, ceremony upon crossing the

Journal.; Vesper (Ship), 1846 September 15 -1849 June.
Journal, Sept. 15, 1846-June 1849, kept by Alfred Terry aboard the ship VESPER of New London, William W. Clark, master, for a whaling voyage to the North Pacific Ocean, and California coast.

Journal.; Odd Fellow (Schooner), 1849
Journal, 1849, kept on board the Schooner ODD FELLOW, Captain Daniel Stoddard, by crew member Orlando Stoddard. Stoddard's daily entries list shipboard activities including brief mention of conversations regarding California gold, tent making, and religi

Life by land and sea; Mulford, Prentice, 1889

Logbook; Rialto (Schooner), 1849
Logbook kept on board the schooner RIALTO bound from Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts to San Francisco, California. Logbook kept by George Denham a minister traveling to California with a company of gold seekers. Denham comments extensively on life aboard

Logbook; Amelia (Brig), 1849 Nov. 12 -1850 May 3

Logbook.; Sarah (Bark), 1849-1850
Logbook kept on board the Bark SARAH bound from Edgartown, Mass. to San Francisco, California. Logbook kept by William Pent traveling to California in company with other gold seekers. Journal includes land profiles and drawings of whales and porpoises.

Narrative of Capt. Jeremiah Holmes of Mystic Bridge, Conn; Denison, Frederic, 1859
Biographical sketch, entitled "Narrative of Capt. Jeremiah Holmes of Mystic Bridge, Conn., as told to Frederick Denison.

Poem; Marchant, Abiah, 1849, Feb. - July
Poem written by Abiah Marchant, describing her experiences on board the Ship MAGNOLIA on a passage to California. The diary mentions illness and death at sea, food conditions, storm damage to the vessel, stops at Rio de Janiero and Talcahuano Bay (Chile), and the California gold rush. Also mentions the SOO CHOO (Boston) bound for Valparaiso and San Francisco.

Round Cape Horn; Lamson, Joseph, 1878
Voyage of the passenger-ship James W. Paige, from Maine to California in the year 1852

Sailors' Valentines; Johnson, Jennifer Sheperd, Winter, 1992

The Log of an Ancient Mariner; Wakeman, Edgar, 1878

Voyages and commercial enterprises; Cleveland, Richard J., 1855