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19th Century Merchant Marine

- - - Passenger ships- - -

Colonization or Deportation; Drake, Kelly S., 1999
Article outlining the maritime logistics of emigration of Black Americans to Liberia as carried out by the African Colonization Society

Information Booklet for Passengers; Hamburg-American Line, nd

Journal; Waterman, Lucius A., 1869, Jan. 19 - March 23
Journal kept by Lucius A. Waterman during voyages on the Pacific Mail Steamship Company's Ships CHINA, CONSTITUTION, and OCEAN QUEEN, from Hong Kong to New York. Contains illustrations, photographs, menus; mentions death at sea.

Menu; Baltic (Steamship), 1905 Sep 10

Pamphlet; North German Lloyd Steamship, nd

Passenger list; George Washington (Steamship), 1913

Passenger Logbook; Lusitania (Steamship), 1909

Passenger Logbook; Lusitania (Steamship), ca. 1910

Passenger Ship Pamphlets; , ca. 1920

Postcard; Merion (Steamship), 1904

Program; Parisian (Steamship), 1906 Sep 21

Sailing Schedule; Clyde's Steamship Lines, 1894

Specifications; Providence and Stonington Steamship Co., 1887
Specification for the machinery of a side wheel passenger steamer for the Providence & Stonington S.S. Co. The specifications are said to be for the steamship CONNECTICUT.

The Cunard Passenger's log-book; Cunard Steamship Company, ltd, 1895