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19th Century Merchant Marine

- - - Official documents- - -

Certificates; Stillman, Charles Kirtland, 1904, 1907
Certificates, 1904 and 1907, issued to Charles Kirtland Stillman; a Doctor of Medicine Diploma, 1904, from Columbia University and a certification of completion of internship, Jan. 1 1907, issued by the Trustees of the Bellevue Hospital, New York ,N.Y.

Commission; Harwood, P. LeRoy., June 6, 1917
P. LeRoy Harwood as adjutant of Connecticut Home Guard, with the rank of Captain.

Deed; Williams, Joseph S., 1850, Oct. 18
Deed executed by Joseph S. Williams of Stonington, Conn., conveying a tract of land to the trustees, George Greenman, Clark Greenman, and Ellery Maxson, and to their successors in office, for the Seventh Day Baptist Church of Mystic Bridge, Conn.

Deed; Burrows, Nathan,, 1805 Apr 3.
Deed from Nathan Burrows of Groton, Conn. to Amos Clift of Stonington, Conn. for a tract of land in Groton, Conn; witnessed by Starr Chester and Elisha Packer.

Memorials; Blunt, George W., 1878
Issued by the Board of Commissioners of Pilots, the Union League Club, the Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York, and the New York and Sandy Hook Pilots Association, upon the death of George W. Blunt.

Resolution; Congregational Church (Stonington, Conn.), 1937 Nov 21.
Resolution of the Congregational Church of Stonington, Conn., also known as the Road Church, regarding accepting the sword of James Noyes, first minister of the church, from Mrs. Esther Cornwall of Mystic, Conn., signed by Seth N. Williams, clerk.

Testimonial; Republican Central Campaign Club, (The), 1860, June 21
Issued by the Republican Central Campaign Club of New York, N.Y., upon the announcement of the death of Joseph Blunt.

Warrant (photocopy); Charles I, King of England, 1648
Photocopy of warrant for the findings and judgings of Charles Stuart before the High Court of Justice, and warrant of execution.