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19th Century Merchant Marine

- - - Nineteenth century life- - -

Fish Family Letters; Fish Family, 1849-1894
Chiefly letters written to Simeon G. Fish (son of shipbuilder Nathan G. Fish, owner of Maxon, Fish & Co.), containing descriptions of social life and daily activities in Mystic during the mid-19th century. Includes letter from Simeon's aunt, Phebe Denison Miner, announcing the birth of his younger brother on Jan. 10, 1839; correspondence from brothers and sisters while on board the ship B.F. HOXIE (1857) and serving with the 26th Connecticut Regiment during the Civil War, detailing ships built in Mystic, social life, and daily events; letters fom a brother in Wisconsin, reflecting life in a small lumber town and homesickness for his family; and two letters from Robert H. Clift describing fighting at Belmont, Miss. (Nov. 1861) and Murphysboro, Ill. (Jan. 1862). Other persons represented include members of the Miner and Randall families.

James W. Egleston Papers; Egleston, James W., 1832-1891