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19th Century Merchant Marine

- - - Navigation- - -

Nautical Almanac; Great Britain. Nautical Almanac Office., 1804
American impressions in which "no pains have been spared to make [them] perfectly correct by comparing with the original London editions" published in the U.S. [1802-1851] at varying locales and by various publishers. Binder's title on American editions thus appears as "Blunt's nautical almanac" or "Patten's nautical almanac."

Navigation workbook; Robinson, Joseph, ca. 1820
Navigation workbook kept by Joseph Robinson of Ellenborough, England. Contains rules and problems for plane, traverse, Mercator's current and middle latitude sailing, instructions for keeping a journal, description and use of Hadley's quadrant, use of log line and half-minute glass, rules for correcting dead reckoning, illustration, and sketches.

New and Complete Epitome of Practical Navigation; Norie, J. W., 1828
Containing all necessary instruction for keeping a ship's reckoning at sea ... to which is added a new and correct set of tables.

Oriental Navigator; , 1794
New directions for sailing to and from the East Indies : Also for the use of the country ships, trading in the Indian and China seas; to New Holland, &c &c. Collected from the manuscripts, journals, memoirs, and observations of the Hon. East India company's service, and from the last edition of the French Neptune Oriental

The Navigation of the Pacific Ocean, China Seas, etc.; Labrosse, F., 1875