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19th Century Merchant Marine

- - - Maritime documents- - -

Affidavit; Providence (Ship), 1807-1808
Affidavit, 1807-1808, of Notary Public, Philadelphia, plus attached sheet of sworn statements, relative to the loss of a cargo of coffee with the foundering at sea of the Ship PROVIDENCE, Holbrook, Master. Vessel was bound for Bremen, and document swears that no revenue is due customs.

American ship-master's guide, and commercial assistant; Clarke, Francis Gedney, 1838
Being an enlargement of the Seaman's Manual

An Act Concerning Letters of Marque, and Prizes; Monroe, James, 1812
"An Act Concerning Letters of Marque, Prizes & Prize Goods"; attached with a printed form "Instructions for the Private Armed Vessels of the United States", which has autograph signature of James Monroe, Sec. of State. This act details the creation & conduct of U.S. Privateers during the War of 1812.

Articles of agreement; Revenge (Sloop), 1778
Articles of agreement, 1778, for a six week privateering voyage by the Sloop REVENGE, New London. Articles established the amount or shares of any potential profits realised during the cruise, that would be proportioned to the owners, officers, and crew members. The document, however, was never executed, since no signatures appear in the space provided.

Bill of lading; Olive Branch (Sloop), 1802 Sep 24

Bill of sale; Lautarro (Ship), 1814, Nov. 15
For one-sixth part of the ship LAUTARRO, executed by Samuel B. Redfield and conveyed to Timothy Southenayd, both of Middletown, Conn.

Bill of sale; Snow, Benjamin, 1811 Feb 22
Bill of sale for one eighth part of the sloop ANN & SARAH and appurtenances, from Benjamin Snow to Giles L'Hommedieu, both of Norwich, Conn.

Bond; Quantibaycook (Brig), 1799 Mar 25

Bond; Crary, Joseph, 1812

Catalogue of Library; New England Navigation Company, ca. 1920
Printed by the New England Navigation Company for patrons aboard Fall River Line Steamer COMMONWEALTH. Contains 254 book titles broken down under 12 subjects. Photograph of COMMONWEALTH appears on back cover.

Certificate; White, William P., 1878
Certificate of graduation for William P. White from the United States Naval Academy.

Certificate; Durant, John W., 1823
Certificate, 1823, giving an account of the services of John W. Durant as Inspector for the Port of Philadelphia from April through June, 1823. Document includes a receipt for $273.00. Durant's wages for the quarter. Payment was received through the Customs Collector, John Steele.

Certificate; Morning Star (Brig), 1856
Boston, issued by the Amercan Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, showing that Vernilia Lewis contributed $.10 (1 share) to the missionary packet MORNING STAR. Certificate contains illustration of a brig along island shore.

Certificate of Classification; American Lloyds, 1831-1865
Certificates of Survey and Classification for the schooner E. ARCULERIOS, Y. Jackson, master, issued by American Lloyds Register of Shipping; the schooner AMARANTH, Robert Gay, master, issued by the surveyors at the Port of Charleston, South Carolina; and the ship GERMANIA, Charles H. Townsend, master, issued by Universal Lloyd, and American Lloyd's.

Certificate of Membership; Wheaton, William, 1771 May 17
Membership certificate of William Weaton for the New York Marine Society.

Certificate of registry; Hawke (Schooner), 1784 Apr. 29
Certificate of registry for the Schooner Hawke, Samuel Stone, master, issued in Salem, Massachusetts. Contains seal and carries signature of John Hancock, governor of Massachusetts.

Certificates; United States Consul, 1834
Owners/manufactures oaths,1834, indicating that their goods were properly loaded, shipped and consigned. Documents were issued through customs at Manchester, England, and St. Croix. Includes U.S. Consuls certificates and invoice of cargo. Consulate seal is present on both documents.

Certificates; District and Port of New York, 1829, 1841
On the Exportation of Goods, from a District other than the District of original importation.

Charter party; Tom Paine (Brig), 1847 Nov 10
Between Peter Clinton and Charles P. Williams for passage from Bucksville, South Carolina to Mystic and Stonington, Connecticut. Clinton was owner of Brig TOM PAINE. Cargo consisted of approximately sixty thousand board feet of lumber.

Clearance; Hound (Ship), 1958, Oct. 5
Clearance issued by the District and Port Of San Francisco, Calif., to the ship HOUND, L.D.(Lorenzo Dow) Baker, master, outbound to Hong Kong, China.

Clearance Papers; Baker, Hiram, 1845-1851
Clearance papers issued to Hiram Baker, master of the brigs HARRIET and OSCEOLA, for the ports of Mobile, Malaga, and Canarias.

Coasting permit and cargo manifest; Polly & Nancy, 1809 Apr 8
Coasting permit and cargo manifest issued for the sloop POLLY & NANCY of Egg Harbour to New York and Philadelphia with a cargo of sheathing, lath and sea stores.

Collection of Louis F. Middlebrook; Middlebrook, Louis F., ca 1812

Consular certificate; Juno (?), 1801 Nov 3
Stating that the vessel JUNO of Bristol (R. I.?), John Kindrich, master, "in consequence of additions since her arrival... is now armed with Ten Carriage Guns." and signed by James Maury, Consul.

Crew List Certificate; Dragon (Bark), 1834
Crew list certificate for the bark DRAGON of New Bedford, Mass., Enos Pope, master.

Customs papers; Ceres (Brig), 1913 July 17-28

Customs papers; Susan (Brig), 1804, May 5-18

Declaration; Stanwood, Winthrop, 1795 Dec 9
Sworn to by Winthrop Stanwood of Gloucester, Mass., that his "boat" LUCY will not be employed in trade to defraud the United States of Revenue.

Discharge certificates; United States Consular Agency, 1844-1893
Discharge certificates for various merchant mariners and six different vessels, primarily in the Pacific Ocean area.

Documents; Fish, Walter Sands, 1923
Documents of Walter Sands Fish, including commission as ensign in U.S. Coast Guard, and certificate of completion of course at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.

Drawback forms and certificates; United States Customs, 1802-1848
Printed forms & certificates,1802-1848, relative to drawbacks and issued by the Customs Administration at various American ports. These documents were required for drawback payments of duties on foreign goods re-shipped out of the U.S. They usually carried the signatures of the Port Collector and Naval Officer. Cargos included nankeens, linen, silk, camphor, tea, Russia sheetings, olive oil, crepe shawls, Linseed oil, and raisins.

Drawback forms and certificates; Port authority (Penn.), 1807, 1826
Printed drawback forms relative to cargo aboard the Ship PILGRIM (April 6, 1807), Brig JAMES COULTER (April 27, 1826), and Brig STEPHIN GIRARD (April 26, 1826), through the Port of Philadelphia. These forms were required for drawback of duties on foreign merchandise re-shipped out of the U.S. Cargo included raisins, wine, and barrels of makeral.

Engineers Licenses; Steamboat Inspection Service, 1896-1927

Hillman, Owen; Pilot's certificate, 1828 Jan 15
Pilots certificate of Owen Hillman, New Bedford, Mass., for the harbors of New Bedford and Fairhaven, Mass.

Letter agency; Robin Hood (Ship), 1782
Letter agency by the officers and seamen of the ship ROBIN HOOD, appointing William Parsons of Boston, Mass., as lawyer and agent for disposal of prizes.

Manifests and entry papers; Caroline (Brig), 1796 Mar
Relative to cargo of Brig CAROLINE, Elihu Cotton, Master, on her return to Middletown, Connecticut from a voyage to Jamaica. Cargo consisted of rum and sugar.

Mediterranean passports; , 1823-1841
Documents, authorizing the safe passage of said vessels and crew "without any hinderance, seisure, or molistation" over the seas. Under the U.S. seal and with the signature of the Secretary of State and the President of the United States, documents for the Brig NEPTUNE, Seth Barton, master; Ship GALEN, Luther M. Bourder; Ship ANNE, Gouslove; Brig AMERICA, Benjamin Lake; Ship MARNET, George F. Usher; Ship ASPASIA, M. Bennett; Ship GOVERNOR FENNER, Stephen Martin; Ship CANTON PACKET, Benjamin W. Bradford; Barque SARAH LEE, William Weeks; Ship JANE, John L. Clark; Ship AVERICK, Thomas Michell; Brig O. C. RAYMOND, Samuel Dennison; and Ship MARCIA, Edward P. Mosher, master., are present.

Membership certificate; New York Marine Society, 1838 Jan 9

Notarized sworn statement; Niagara (Brig), 1809
Notarized sworn statement, July 25, 1808, by the owner, master, and mate of Brig NIAGARA of Philadelphia, that the vessel did not violate its Bond during her voyage from Philadelphia to Havana and back.

Passport; Iselin, Charles Oliver, Jan. 28, 1898
Passport of Charles Oliver Iselin and his wife, issued by the United State Department of State, and signed by John Sherman bearing Serial No, 1490.

Port papers; New Bedford Customs District, 1819-1860
For the customs district of New Bedford, Mass., including a declaration of no interest in the ship FRANCES, a warehouse bond for champagne, and entry manifests for the brigs BULL, EMILY, and RESOLUTION.

Protection certificate; Shaw, Ceasar, 1795
Seaman's Protection Certificate, Dec. 30, 1795 issued to Caesar Shaw "a free Negro Mariner," at New London, Ct. Document indicates that Shaw was about to sail aboard the Sloop BETSEY, John Webb, master, for a voyage from New London to the West Indies. Signed by Lyman Law, Public Notary, and Richard Law, Mayor of New London.

Provisioning List; , c. 1870
Blank copy of list of provisions and stores in both Arabic and English. [marked on back- Mystic River, Conn., Thomas C. Forsyth]

Quarantine rules; Bogota (Brig), 1826, 1828
Quarantine rules for New York, New York, issued by John T. Harrison, Health Official. Rules apparently given to John Somers of the brig BOGOTA. Clearance certificate, March 31, 1828, given to James P. Sheffield, master of the brig BOGOTA bound from New York to Gibralter with a general cargo including tobacco, cocoa, flour, and rice.

Receipt; Emily Morgan (Ship), 1857, Oct. 26
Receipt issued to the ship EMILY MORGAN of New Bedford, Mass., Prince W. Ewer, master, from Thomas W. Everett, deputy sheriff, Lahaina, Hawaiian Islands, for arrest and detention of deserted seaman.

Records of Lawrence & Co.; Lawrence & Co., 1822-1904
Whaling, sealing, and shipping firm (trading on the Atlantic Coast, South American, and European ports); began operations under the personal management of Joseph Lawrence (1788-1872) using the same name; after his retirement, operated by sons Francis Watson Lawrence and Sebastian Duffy Lawrence and associate Sidney Miner under the name Miner, Lawrence & Co.; after Miner's retirement in 1833 business carried on by the Lawrence brothers under the name Lawrence & Co. Correspondence, accounts, bills, receipts, freight lists, freight receipts, bills of lading, whalemen's shipping lists, outfitting and labor account books for individual vessels, insurance policies, agreements between shipmasters to work together, cashbooks, general store daybooks, salesbooks, inventory book, invoice books, ledgers, check stub books, slops account books, miscellaneous account books, logbooks, and other materials, reflecting all aspects of the firm's activities. includes daybooks and ledgers of Joseph Lawrence; and late letters to Sebastian D. Lawrence, chiefly regarding railroad securities held in his own name and by the estate to Francis W. Lawrence. Vessels represented include the ships ATLANTIC, AVIS, BENJAMIN MORGAN, BOSTON, CATAWBA, HELVETIA, ISAAC HICKS, JEFFERSON, NEW ENGLAND, PEMBROKE, PHEONIX, and WEBSTER; the barks CLEMENT, LYDIA, TENEDOS, and WHITE OAK; the brigs DAMERS COVE and LOUISA BEATON; the schooners ANN HOWARD, BETWEY CHARLES COLGATE, DANIEL WEBSTER, FLORENCE P. HALL, FLYING FISH, FRANKLIN, GOLDEN WEST, JOSEPH LAWRENCE, MARY E. HIGGINS, MARY POWELL, MARY PRICE, PACIFIC, RED EAGLE, SOMERSET, and TRINITY.

Scattered papers; Morning Glory (Ship), 1855-1860
Papers of ship MORNING GLORY, of Portsmouth, N.H. Hiram H. Hobbs master, including correspondence, disbursements, charters, Lloyd's inspection, bottomry bonds, repair bill, bills of lading, average bond, and loss inventory

Shipmaster's license; Post, Charles, 1861 Nov 20
Shipmaster's license for Charles Post issued by the American Shipmasters' Association in New York.. Certificate is illustrated with four engravings of ships at sea, and figures of a woman and sailor.

Shipping articles; , 1873-1878
Shipping articles of vessels from Honolulu, Hawaii, including the schooners FAIRY QUEEN, SEAHE, and HALEAKALA

Shipping articles; , 1800-1860
Shipping articles relative to the following vessels: Bark ABBOT LORD (1841-'42), Bark AUSTIN (1851-'53), Brig COM. PREBLE (1825-'32), Bark DANA (1846), Brig FEROX (1819), Ship GEN. BERRY (c. 1845), Sloop GEORGE (c. 1820), Ship HAMLIN (1860-'63), Ship HARVEST (1860), Ship LINCOLN (1861), Brig MERCHANT (1805), Brig SUTTON (1849), Brig TRAVELLER (1805-'07), Brig UNION (1823-'31), Brig VENGEANCE (1802), and Brig WILLIAM (c. 1805).

Shipping articles; Tenedos (Bark), 1808
Shipping articles for the bark TENEDOS of New London, Conn., King, master, signed at the port of Lahaina, Maui, H.I., Lawrence & Co., owners.

Shipping Articles; Kamehameha V (Bark), 1863
Hawaiian Shipping Articles for a whaling voyage to the California coast. Contains names of crew and mentions previous vessel name as being Bark Zoe.

Shipping papers; Chelsea (Ship), 1828
For Ship CHELSEA, of New York, Acors Barns (1774-1862), master, for voyage from New York to London. Includes N.Y. General Clearance certificate, U.S. Consulate's bill, victualling bill, cargo manifest, passenger manifest, passenger list, and several bills of lading.

Ships' papers; Loan (Ship), 1838
For ship Loan of Edgartown, Massachusetts, issued at Port of Edgartown & signed by John P. Norton, collector. Documents contain vessel's specifications and description, owners' names and master, Henry H. Merchant.

Statement; Splendid (Ship), 1824 Aug. 10

Stock Certificate; Black Star Line, Inc., 1920