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19th Century Merchant Marine

- - - International trade- - -

A view of the commerce between the United States; Baker, John M., 1838

Abstract log; Whirlwind (Ship), 1855, March 28,
Abstract log of the ship WHIRLWIND, John N. Giet , Commander, on a passage from N.Y. towards Melbourne, Australia.

Certificate; Baker, L. D., nd
Certificate of recognition, undated, issued by the citizens of Kingston, Jamaica to L. D. Baker for efforts in promoting the banana trade.

Collection of Howard A. Krumwiede; Krumwiede, Howard A., ca. 1800-1953

Crew list; Regulator (Schooner), April 26, 1826
Crew list for the Schooner REGULATOR of Saco, Maine, Robert Paterson, master, for an outbound passage to Antigua, West Indies.

George W. Dow Papers; Dow, George W., 1847-1863

Henry Wadsworth Fletcher Collection; Fletcher, Henry Wadsworth, 1775-1890

Isaiah Larabee Collection; Larabee, Isaiah, 1845-1940
Chiefly business papers, correspondence, and documents relating to Larabee's maritime career and the vessels he commanded, including bills, receipts, cargo invoices, charter-parties, articles of agreement, bills of lading, and crew lists; documents regarding the Alabama claims case filed by Larabee and the owners of bark AMANDA; seamen's protection certificates (21 items, 1845-1861), including seven issued to black seamen; and family papers, including insurance policies, estate papers, tax receipts, and miscellany of Larabee's descendants in the 1900s. ‚b Trading ports represented include Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Cardiff, London, Kingston, Messina, and Genoa, Italy. Family members represented include his wife, Mary (d. 1878) and children Mary E., Alice, and Isaiah L. Larabee.

James Lowell Papers; Lowell, James, 1817-1855

John F. Harden Collection; Harden, John F., 1831-1888
Chiefly personal, business, and family letters (1849-1877) to Harden. Also includes ship-related bills, accounts, receipts, consular certificates, and general clearances. Topics include Harden's activities as a commander of coasting vessels; his transportation of a locomotive to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; maritime trade; and cargoes, generally lumber. Correspondents include shipowners who engaged Harden as a captain, fellow shipmasters, and business owners.

John H. Brower Papers; Brower, John Hamil, 1838-1926

John Palmer Papers; Palmer, John, 1775-1839
Included in this collection are letters to John Palmer at Newport during 1776 from family and friends. Two diaries kept by John Palmer between 1775 and 1777 provide insights into the Revolutionary Period, as do the 2 sea journals from the Privateer REVENGE. Present also are logs and journals for the Snow BLACK PRINCESS, Schooner LITTLE REBECCA, Sloop COUNT D'ESTAINGE, Brig BETSEY, and the Ship READYMONEY. Most of the material after 1800 (about 10% of the total) involves other members of the Palmer family.

John Turner Collection; Turner, John, 1797-1804

Joseph King Papers; King, Joseph, 1782 -1806

Joseph Williams Collection; Williams, Joseph, 1779-1899

Journal; Cicero (Brig), 1826 April 6-1827 January 12
Journal kept by Ebenezer Nye, master, of the brig CICERO for a trading voyage from New York, New York to Maracaibo, Venezuela and Bordeaux, France. Mentions shipboard activity, navigational information nad activity in ports visited.

Journal; Cicero (Brig), 1827 June 1-July 20
Journal kept by Ebenezer Nye, master, of the brig Cicero for a trading voyage from New York to Maracaibo, Venezuela. Mentions shipboard routine, and navigational information. Cicero was driven ashore and wrecked while approaching Maracaibo. The crew fought off Indians and salvaged part of the cargo. (Nye then spent 4 months in Bogata, returing to Maracaibo in November 1827.)

Journal; Economy (Schooner), 1827-1828
Journal kept by Ebenezer Nye, master of the schooner ECONOMY, for a South American trading voyage from Maracaibo, Venezula to Philadelphia. Vessel was chased by a suspected pirate schooner, carried cargo of dyewookd, hides and skins, coffee, and beeswax.

Journal; Charles (Ship), 1840-1851
Journal kept on board the ship CHARLES, Thomas Andrews, master for an Oriental and Trans-Pacific trading voyage. Mentions wives and children at sea, and carried cargos of passengers, bricks, cement, wine, sugar, cigars, cotton, opium, sandalwood, shark fins, gum tea, and silk. Made 9 ports-of-call, and spoke 8 vessels.

Journal; Indramayoe (Brig), 1823
Journal kept on board the brig INDRAMAYOE of Batavia (Jakarta), Java, Barker, master, for an East Indies trading voyage. Carried cargos of planks, arrack and rice. Made 1 port-of-call. (Log book contains constitution and laws of the Cicerocian Society.)

Kermit family collection; Kermit family, 1790-1860
Manuscripts relating to the business and domestic activities of shipmaster Capt. Henry Kermit, who also owned a store and wharf in New York, and members of the Kermit family, including letters, bills, accounts, receipts, and documents from seaports in England, Europe, and the United States relating to the shipping activities of Capt. Kermit and his merchant shipowner sons Henry and Robert; items relating to family/house expenses, running a retail store, property rentals, and the settlement of estates; correspondence from shipmasters, agents, and commercial firms in European and American ports relating to ships' business, market conditions, voyages, and political and social news; ships' papers relating to purchase, outfitting, voyages, etc.; and estate papers of shipmaster Thomas Orange.

Letter copybook; Blake, Joshua, 1819-1822
Letter copybook of Joshua Blake, merchant and shipping agent of Boston, Mass., involved in trans-Atlantic trade.

Letters; Wood, Aaron H., 1873-1895
Letters, primarily written by shipmaster Aaron H. Wood and his wife, Isabel during trading voyages from N.Y. to Liverpool, San Francisco, and other ports, aboard the Ships SAGAMORE & SOVERIGN OF THE SEAS II. All letters were to George & Hattie Wood in Warren, R.I., including the four written by John B. Wood. Isabel & son, Oscar, traveled aboard ship with Aaron. Letters detail shipping and domestic activities. We are now at the Birkenhead dock (across a ferry from Liverpool) where we are to discharge our cargo I wrote you Wed. 27th. We took pilot aboard nine that evening, and anchored in the river yesterday morning, just a year from the day we sailed from Eng. This morning we came to dock. Aaron went on shore yesterday as soon as the anchor was down, and last night, brought off about thirty friendly letters, and several business letters. You have all been so very good, we were quite overjoyed, and so thankful to hear, (on the whole) good news, all seem as well as usual &c. We read letters (rather I read, for Aarons eye was very bad, so he could read none of them. he always likes to do his share of reading them aloud)

Logbook; Challenge (Ship), 1853
Logbook, 1849-1850, of the ship CHALLENGE for a voyage from Hong Kong to London. The CHALLENGE leaks considerably on the voyage to London, pumps are manned constantly and forces the ship to put into Fayal for repairs where the entries end.

Logbook; Mary and Louisa (Bark), 1858-1859

Logbook; Cicero (Brig), 1827 January 13-May 16
Journal kept by Ebenezer Nye, master of the brig Cicero, for a trading voyage from N.Y. to Maracaibo, Venezuela. Mentions shipboard routine, navigational information, and port activities. Spoke 5 vessels and mentioned several others.

Lord family collection; Lord family, 1800-1880
Business and personal correspondence, accounts, bills, receipts, shipping and cargo records, marine insurance policies, articles of agreement, charter parties, bills of lading, and other documents, chiefly relating to the shipping activities of Daniel Walker Lord (1800-1880) and other family members, including William Jefferds (1753-1820), Nathaniel Lord (1776-1815), Lt. Tobias Lord (1748-1808), and Tobias Lord (1778-1854), the family's shipping agent in New York City. ‚b Includes published freight circulars and market reports (1810-1867) for various ports; and miscellaneous information concerning the Lord family domestic activities.

Mallory Family Collection; Mallory Family, 1808-1958
Includes records (1886-1908) of the New York & Texas Steamship Company which operated between New York and Galveston, Tex.; materials on the Charles H. Mallory and Elihu Spicer trust funds; genealogical notes on the Pynchon family; unpublished family history by Carl C. Cutler; and correspondence of Clifford D. Mallory with Julius F. Mallory and Carl C. Cutler (ca. 1920-1940) regarding family history and genealogy, William P. Stephens relating to yachting, William U. Swan on racing records of family yachts, and members of the Campbell family in Great Britain (ca. 1939-1942) concerning family matters and the war situation. Vessels represented include clipper Charles Mallory, ships Annie M. Smull, Blackstone, Hound, and Haze, yachts Bonnie Dundee and Mallory, and whaleships Robin Hood, Aeronaut, and Coriolanus. Correspondents include Clara Barton, Henry Ward Beecher, Herbert Hoover, Edward N. Hurley, Frank C. Munson, and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Mediterranean passport; Sally Ann (Schooner), July 3, 1810
Proclamation to pass without hinderance or molestation for the Schooner SALLY ANN, Semion Hayley, Master, issued at Richmond, Virginia, and signed by President James Madison.

Mediterranean passport; William Rotch (Ship), 1819
Mediterranean passport, Nov. 8, 1819, issued to the ship William Rotch of New Bedford, Lewis Tobey, master. Document signed by President James Monroe.

Orne-Cushing-Baldwin-Tappan Family Collection; Orne-Cushing-Family, 1723-1889
Business and personal papers of four related families, of Salem, Duxbury, Roxbury, and other locations in the Boston, Mass., area, principally engaged in the maritime trades, although members of the Orne and Cushing families operated a brickworks in Salem in the early 1800s. Personal papers reflect domestic life and include letters from Elizabeth Orne to her daughter "Peg" (Margaret (Peggy) Orne) detailing social life and customs in 18th century Salem. Persons represented include Capt. Timothy Orne (1683-1752), merchant and landowner; his son, Timothy Orne (1717-1767), merchant; and grandson, Timothy (d. 1789), Salem merchant involved in coastal and international trade, and his wife, Elizabeth Sewall (Pynchon) Orne (1752-1822), daughter of Salem attorney William Pynchon (d. 1789), who after the death of her husband and father, continued to live in Salem, managing both business and domestic affairs, operating a brickyard with her son-in-law Col. Thomas Cushing (d. 1808), son of Hon. Thomas Cushing (1725-1788) and husband of Catherine Orne. Other family members represented include Catherine (Orne) Cushing, who married Elisha Mack after Thomas Cushing's death; the children of Catherine and Thomas Cushing: Capt. Timothy Orne Cushing (merchant who often worked with stepfather Elisha Mack and brother-in-law Luke Baldwin), and Catherine Orne (Cushing) Baldwin; Luke Baldwin, Jr., also a Boston merchant; and Catherine Orne (Baldwin) Tappan and her husband John Tappan.

Peter Strickland Collection; Strickland, Peter, 1864-1920
Letter books (1883-1922) and diaries (6 v., 1894-1920, chiefly after 1907), with information of Strickland's daily life in Africa and business, political and social conditions there; journal logs (1864-1870) of the schooner INDIAN QUEEN; brig ROBERT WING, and barks RAPID and ZINGARELLA of which Strickland was shipmaster; business ledger; 1883 consular report; and published grammar of the Wolof language (1878) and book entitled Trading Monopolies in West Africa (1901).

Records of William R. Bowers & Co.; William R. Bowers & Co., 1818-1837
Correspondence, accounts, bills, receipts, and other papers of Providence, R.I., merchant shipowners and agents. The papers relate to the ships MARY ANN, PANTHER, PROVIDENCE, and TRUMBULL, and the brigs AGENORIA, DIAMOND, and SMYRNA, which carried cotton, flour, coffee, rice, rum, and wine, and traded in the ports of Amsterdam, Netherlands, Cadiz, Spain, Java, Malava, Batavia (now Jakarta, Indonesia), Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia), Canton, China, Lime, Peru, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Turks and Caicos Islands, West Indies, New York City, New Orleans, La., and Mobile, Ala. Names represented include William C. Boardman, Lloyd Bowers, Cyrus Butler, Edward Carrington, Josiah Chafee, Benjamin Fish, George H.Hoppin, Thomas C. Hoppin, William J. Hoppin, Nathaniel Lightbourne, William J. McCutcheon, John L. Perry, and Wetmore, Hoppin & Co.

Samuel Thompson's Nephew & Co. collection; Samuel Thompson's Nephew & Co., 1827-1965
Chiefly records of the company's business as conducted by partner John W. Mason (1820-1903), including correspondence, accounts, bills, and insurance policies, relating to particular vessels; general business accounts, bills, receipts, letters, and documents; and Mason's letter copybooks, ledgers, personal accounts, and memorandum books; together with 2 cashbooks of Samuel Thompson; 4 ledgers and a letter copybook kept by Jeremiah Thompson (1782- 1855), including plans for the establishment of the Black Ball Line of packets between New York and Liverpool; materials concerning the wire rope and cordage business established by Mason in association with the company; a small amount of information relating to personal property and investments by John W. and William P. Mason (the latter being one of the last officers of the company in the early 20th century); and journal (1863-1864) of a voyage by the ship LUCY THOMPSON. ‚b Vessels represented include the ships ARGO, CALEB GRIMSHAW, CHARLES H. MARSHALL, CITY OF NEW YORK, EXCELSIOR, JERMIAH THOMPSON, JOSEPH WALKER, LADY FRANKLIN, LUCY THOMPSON, ORIENT, SARDINIA, STAR OF THE WEST, and TWILIGHT I.