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19th Century Merchant Marine

- - - Insurance, Marine- - -

Insurance policy; Morning Star (Schooner), 1810, May 24
Issued by the Washington Insurance Co. to Richmond & Andrews for Stephen Hathaway, William Babbit, and Peter B. Richmond, for property aboard the Schooner MORNING STAR, bound from Providence, R.I., to the West Indies, in the amount of $1,500, and signed b

Insurance Policy; Pythagoras (Sloop), Sept. 22, 1810
Insurance policy issued by the Washington Insurance Co., to Jonathan Congdon, and Perrin & Capron, for property aboard the sloop PYTHAGORAS, bound from Boston Mass., to Providence, R.I., in the amount of $1,800, and signed by Richard Jackson.

Insurance Policy; Success (Ship), 1789, April 21
Insurance policy issued by Stewart & Nesbitt for the Ship SUCCESS, John Cadenhead, master, for 450 pounds, on a passage from Philadelphia to Madeira, Portugal.

Papers; Hoyt, George A., 1860-1865
Papers of George A. Hoyt of Stamford, Conn., and New York, N.Y., including insurance policies on the steamboat DUNCAN S. MAGEE, receipts for payment of insurance premiums, and a letter regarding payment of the premiums by Capt. D.P. Dey. The DUNCAN S. MAGEE operated on Seneca Lake, N.Y.

Photocopy of Insurance Policy; Hannah (Sloop), 1756, Dec. 28
Photocopy of insurance policy issued by Timothy Kimbat of Hartford, Conn., for the sloop HANNAH, Asias Goodwin, master, for 100 pounds, on a passage from New London, Conn., to Barbados, W.I.

Protest; Liberty (Ship), 1808
Protest, April 25, 1808, of Isaac Hand, master of the Ship LIBERTY, given to George W. Strong, Notary Public of New York, and Pertaining to damages suffered by the ship in gales on March 18, 19, and 25, in addition to April 10 and 14, 1808, while on passa

Records of the Warren Insurance Company; Warren Insurance Company, 1801-1846
Business papers, ship's papers (arranged alphabetically by vessel) insurance policies, check stubbs, correspondence, and other records of this marine insurance company chartered in Warren, RI. Vessels represented include schooner MAGNOLIA, ZEPHYR, and HARRIET and ship JASON.

Special Survey; Dauntless (Ship), 1870, Jan. 5
By Register Veritan for Certificate of Classification on the Ship DAUNTLESS, R. P. Wilbur, Master, J.D. Fish & others, owners, built at Mystic, Conn., and valid for nine years.