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19th Century Merchant Marine

- - - Diplomatic and consular service- - -

Fulwar Skipwith Papers; Skipwith, Fulwar, 1793-1807

Henry W.B. Willis collection; Willis, Henry W. B., 1846-1865
Chiefly correspondence, including many love letters, between Willis and his wife, Sarah (Freeman) Willis, before and after their marriage and between members of the Willis and Freeman families, reflecting family relationships and domestic activities for two middle class New York/New Jersey families; together with articles of agreement, two ships logs, and other documents relating to the SUNNY SOUTH, mastered by Willis, including a consular document (1857) issued at Rio de Janeiro listing crew members discharged, shipped, and deserted form the ship at that port. ‚b Subjects include San Francisco, Calif., and other ports-of-call; Willis' duties as a young seaman on the ships EXCHANGE and ENTERPRISE; and his work at the railroad freight office in New York, N.Y., after retirement from the sea.

Letter; Fessenden. C.B.H., 1854, July 26
Letter from C.B.H. Fessenden at the customs house in New Bedford, Ma., to W. Belcher. Letter concerns consulate at Hawaii, stating unsavory reputation, and political influences of same.