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19th Century Merchant Marine

- - - Coastwise shipping- - -

Beebe Family Collection; Beebe family, 1761-1904
Letters, personal accounts, and other papers, of Silas Beebe (1782-1863), shipmaster from Groton, Conn., and other members of the family; together with ship's papers for the coastal schooner LAGRANGE, out of Mystic, Conn.

Edward P. Stinson collection; Stinson, Edward P., 1828-1869
Correspondence, accounts, receipts, commercial drafts, notes, crew lists, bills of lading, freight lists, charter-parties, and clearance papers, reflecting Stinson's activities as master of the ships ANNIE RICHMOND, GEORGE F. PATTEN, MARY SAWYER, OMAR PASHA, TEMPEST, and THALATTA. Includes correspondence between Stinson and his wife, Emily T. Stinson.

Journal; Francis Ester (Schooner), 1847 Aug. 3-26
Journal kept on board the schooner Francis Ester by Thomas Benedict III, Cunningham, master, during a coastal trading voyage from New York to Virginia. Various notes regarding voyage: mate's poor navigation skills, captain's lack of judgement and differen

Logbook; James Monroe (Brig), 1815 April 23-June 8
Logbook kept on board the brig James Monroe of New York, N.Y., Joseph Skinner, master, for a coastwise shipping voyage.

Logbook; James Monroe (Brig), 1815 July 25-September 6
Logbook kept on board the brig James Monroe of New York, N.Y., Joseph Skinner, master, for a coastwise shipping voyage.

Papers; Charles S. Pennell (Ship), 1858-1865
Of the ship Charles S. Pennell of Bath, Maine, Robert Giveen, master, including receipts, bills accounts, letters, custom house records, certificate of measurement, and some italian bills. Also contains insurance policy for bark

Papers; Harden, John F., 1849-1893

Wakeman Family Papers; Wakeman family, 1799-1892
Papers relating to the New York shipping interests and western land speculation of the Wakeman family, including Jesup Wakeman and his sons Maurice and Zalmon. ‚b Chiefly papers relating to the economics of 30 voyages between New York, Savannah, Ga., and Galveston, Tex., by Zalmon's bark TEXAS, 1848-1852, including Zalmon's daybook for every voyage; freight lists, bills of lading, and disbursements for nearly every voyage; and a representative sample of articles of agreement, marine insurance policies, accounts, and other miscellaneous receipts, bills, etc., as well as smaller amount of similar material for Zalmon's brig EMPIRE, 1847-1852. Also includes land deeds and transfers (ca. 1810) for property in Ohio and Illinois involving Jesup, Maurice, and Zalmon.